Gold Standard Partners is Live!

The culmination of years of backroom development has finally produced an exciting collaboration between several leaders in the blockchain, banking, precious metals and business industries.

Forged in fire through the tumultuous year we’ve just had, this business has ironed out the usual problems with online businesses.

Find out more by booking a no-obligation webinar date HERE.

Or if time is tight, have a look at my 2-minute video on You Tube by clicking the image below.

And as we are in a ‘Soft Launch’ until December 15th there are a number of exciting promotions to entice you to register as a Partner. It costs nothing to register and you will be able to pick up some substantial AIRDROP assets and be in with a chance to win a Masternode.

What’s an Airdrop? It’s where a company will release a number of cryptocurrency assets free of charge in return for the customer taking some preferred action such as registering their interest in a project.

What’s a Masternode? A Masternode is like an ‘area manager’ on the blockchain. It helps maintain the integrity of the blockchain by verifying a certain number of transactions or blocks and in so doing, earns fees which can be quite lucrative. I own a G999 Masternode and it is like being paid a salary, 24/7 without having to go to work. Another way to think about it could be like when you own hotels on a Monopoly board. It’s the ultimate in smart passive income and you can acquire a Masternode on our GS Partners system.

Masternode: the ultimate in smart passive income

However, there are many other interesting and valuable aspects to our Gold Standard Bank and G999 ecosystem. See our post HERE.