Build Wealth with Defi


We are partnered with a few projects in the decentralised finance (defi) space, but the most spectacular one by far, and the most lucrative, has been the D.AI.SY AI Trading and Smart Contract platform!

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DAISY Does Dubai September 2021

Originally set up to help crowdfund a company called Endotech raise funds to go public in 2022, the Daisy project has grown and morphed into something truly special.

Our little team of pioneers has raised hundreds of thousands and we have positioned ourselves to earn passive income beyond our wildest expectations just a few short months ago.

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During some turbulent months in 2021, the DAISY artificial trading algorithms have consistently out-performed the markets and provided us with healthy returns.

In addition, the DAISY Token, which was launched to help fund their Crosschain Defi Launchpad has entered the market at substantially more than we paid to acquire the token in July. How does 10,000% ROI sound to you? [Disclaimer: at time of writing this, it may have changed since then]. Pretty crazy, right?

But we’re only getting started

Decentralized Crowd Offering

With numerous high-quality digital projects now coming to DAISY to launch their own digital offerings via our Crosschain platform, we will have the opportunity to acquire tokens from EACH of the projects at advantageous prices (like we did with the original Daisy Token launch) plus stake these tokens just like we can stake our Daisy Tokens.

Each of these DCO’s will have to pay for their launch in Daisy Tokens, which will then be burnt in a deflationary model thus pushing up the value of our tokens in the process.

Next, we go into the Forex market with a whole new round of promotions and incentives to help you prosper. Get started TODAY…!

DAISY is also the first crypto company to be fully audited by Ernst & Young, one of the Big 4 accountancy firms.