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Hello from a wild and windswept Scottish island! 😜
We had ridiculous storms last night with power cuts and all kinds of mayhem.
But at least it blew all the rain away and I can see blue sky on the horizon, so we’re all good!  

And TODAY is a really special day anyway, as we proudly launch our new coaching program!  
3 Months To Positive Cash Flow
coaching plan

As long term 1-2-1 coaches, we know the value of mentorship and love the results our clients achieve.

But we also know that not everyone has the funds OR the confidence to sign up for expensive or long-term coaching.

You know what I mean, right?
All those ‘high ticket sales’ coaching courses that cost an arm and a leg.

We’re sick and tired of seeing people throw good m.oney after bad, month after month, year after year.

We hate the fact that 97% of online businesses fail.

We want to stop you from digging yourself deeper into a financial hole.

We know what it’s like to paint on a smile and pretend to ourselves and loved ones that our ‘internet thingy’ is actually working when we know deep down that it isn’t…

We’ve been there.

And we know it doesn’t have to be that way!

3 months coaching to cash flow
That’s exactly why we devised this short-term coaching where you get THREE COACHES for the price of one.  

Decades of experience, different perspectives, all taking you to the same place of POSITIVE CASHFLOW.  

Just you and your three coaches, every month for three months.  

With the sole purpose of building your positive cash flow machine.  

Here’s what we have in store for you from today onwards…  

Set Your Mind for Success
Allow our team of coaches to guide you away from overwhelm and onto your road map for success.
Unlock the key to positive cash flow and stop throwing money into a financial hole.
Learn exactly what to focus on to achieve the results that you have been looking for.

Build Your System
Tap into years of practical experience from up to 3 coaches who have found the success you want.
Utilize our training in mindset, skills and systems.
Find out the latest methods to accelerate cash flow income with tried and tested platforms.

Overcome Challenges
Discover what has been stopping you and learn how to confront and overcome your challenges.
Develop new skills through education and training to sharpen your axe.
Grow in confidence along with your increasing asset wealth.

Plan Your Future
Build a solid foundation for near-term cash flow and a strategy for longer-term income.
Deploy assets to produce a life-long blueprint for financial success.
Enjoy greater choices and freedom through positive cash flow.  

So, if you like the sound of that and you aren’t happy with how 2021 has panned out, then JOIN our COACHING program TODAY…! 
coaching journey starts here
Start Your Coaching Journey Today!

Coaching, Mindset & Adventure

Last week, I was lucky enough to interview one of the DBM Academy coaches, mindset specialist, Willemijn Wolters, and we had a fun-packed chat about online business, the importance of coaching, and the many passive-income opportunities afforded via the blockchain.

Oh yes, all that AND pirates too…!


So please join us for a high-spirited talk about life on the high seas and then learn about our unique collaboration with the Digital Business Masters Academy.

Find out how you could grab your discounted seat with our ‘3-month to Cashflow’ Coaching Program where you’ll benefit from the wisdom of up to FOUR different coaches for the price of one.

Imagine how powerful it would be to have the combined wisdom and experience of 4 successful blockchain entrepreneurs who have walked the walk and are happy to share their knowledge so as to help others escape from the current broken financial system.

3 month coaching to cashflow

The brainchild of Willemijn Wolters, our 3-month course is designed to move you into positive cashflow from the outset.

As experienced entrepreneurs, we’re sick and tired of seeing people throwing good money after bad into a financial hole, month after month, year after year, often with no financial success at the end of the process. We understand that cashflow is critical to your ongoing business success, so we help you access simple, proven passive income generators so you are ahead of the game as soon as possible.

So, if that’s of interest to you then visit the DBM Academy HERE…!

Alternatively, if you just want to hook up with me, Robin Morton and discover more about the exciting world of defi and blockchain, then click HERE or on the image below and come over to my FB group Defiantly Digital, where things are moving FAST…!.

There’s so much scope for improving your financial position via defi and the blockchain, so whatever you do, don’t just sit on your hands, and then six months from now, wonder what the heck happened.

Make Artificial Intelligence Work for YOU!

We are used to stories about computer technology and artificial intelligence stealing our jobs, right? The robots are coming and all of that….

artificial intelligence

And there is no doubt that the spectre of automation plus the global shift towards a digital economy is costing us human jobs on a wholesale basis.

But we don’t have to let the robots have it all their own way.

And if we box clever, we can even use artificial intelligence to turn the advantage in our favour.

First however, allow us to introduce you to Luda Lee, who recently purported to be a female college student from South Korea.

artificial intelligence

Luda loved eating fried chicken, playing with cats, and scrolling through Instagram.

Luda was an instant hit online…

An artificial intelligence-powered chatbot, she was launched on Facebook on Dec 23 and became an instant hit with young people who raved about her cheerful disposition and ability to chat like a real person.

Her straight-talking ways attracted more than 750,000 users, with a cumulative log of nearly 70 million chats.

But just weeks later, she became mired in controversy for making offensive comments about disability and homosexuality, and sharing people’s personal information. Sadly, it became all too clear that she could quickly pick up bad habits and accurately mimic the behaviour of certain malignant elements who baited her and encouraged her to grow worse with every comment.

Luda’s creator, Seoul-based tech start-up Scatter Lab, apologised and has suspended the chatbot since Jan 11.

And across the world, robot technology is working against us mere humans every day of the week 24/7.

How can we compete?

It’s time to put the robots to work

Well, now we have a chance to use artificial intelligence systems to work for us rather than against us. Trading systems which analyse the human aspects of business and economic behaviour in addition to the mechanics of the financial and technological sectors they operate in.

Artificial intelligence algorithms which can predict human behaviour but not fall prey to copying our mistakes like Luda did. Emotionless trading that never sleeps…

artificial intelligence

What does this mean in real terms?

In a nutshell – when the market goes up, we win. When the market goes down, we win.

daisy decentralized ai system

The DAISY system from Endotech, headed by Dr Anna Becker, is a proven platform which has already been successful handling billions of dollars for high-end clients, many of whom gladly pay upwards of 5 figures for the privilege of being part of the system.

The big news here today, is that due to a crowdfunding initiative, the DAISY platform is being opened up for ordinary people to prosper with the entry ticket priced at only $100.

Watch this short video to get a better idea of what DAISY is about.

This week sees Launch 2.0 take place

The original launch in January was so successful, they broke the internet and only a handful of people managed to get onboard before the platform buckled under the deluge of traffic.

For the last two months, the platform has made deep changes to their technical teams and radically overhauled the user interface to ensure the re-launch will be bulletproof as will their other plans over the next few months.

Even small amounts invested have returned very healthy returns, consistently between 15 and 30 % and so all eyes are on the DAISY team to see exactly when they will be up and running again.

The latest intel is that the re-launch will be on or around March 19th which is next Friday.

artificial intelligence works

And the really EXCITING news for you lucky people reading this article is the incredible BONUS features about the relaunch on Friday.

This project is a crowdfunding venture. Half our stake goes into a crowdfund investment, traded by artificial intelligence programs, see image above with our initial $100. The other half goes into the payouts and there are TEN levels, or matrices. Normally, you’d have to invest big to leverage the deeper levels. Each new level costs double the one before it, Hence, $100, $200, and so tier 3 would cost $400, the next one $800 and so on.

But for the FIRST 5 DAYS there will be no qualification to EARN TEN LEVELS DEEP. This will mean there should be an opportunity to earn significant incomes from ‘spillover’ as many tens of thousands of investors jump on the DAISY platform.

Can you SEE why we are so excited about this project?

Income Disclaimer: Income is not guaranteed and past performance is not an indication of future returns.

Come and join our Facebook group Defiantly Digital this week and together we can prosper from the Blockchain Revolution!

with daisy we are creating history

Remember the Party starts on the 19th of March

People ask us for an early-bird ticket. There isn’t one…!

Imagine DAISY is like receiving an invitation to a party. You have been given a Launch Party Date (19th of March). You might even have a key to the door of the house where the party will be. You’ve been asked to arrive at a certain time; not before.

  1. You have a map to get there (Your TronLink Wallet).
  2. You know the address (
  3. You have a key, or about to receive it (the referral link)
  4. If you try to open the door before you are invited, there will be a big sign inside the door that says NOBODY HOME!!

In other words, you need to wait until the party starts. Until then, we can prepare just like we do when we are going to a party. Get ready. The fun starts soon. Meanwhile, keep an eye on our Facebook group Defiantly Digital

GSLifestyle Is Freedom

At last, the GSLifestyle Card is here!!

Many people are excited about the world of cryptocurrency. But the problem has always been how to spend it – until now!

gslifestyle is freedom

Ever wondered how to buy Cryptocurrency?

Ever wanted an easy way to turn Crypto into cash?

🔥 Our « All-in-One » solution, GSLifestyle, is now available in 100+ countries. 🔥

Fiat Wallets, Crypto buy & sell, Forex, Travel Discounts, Concierge Services, Shopping Instant Rewards, and much more…

This is a Solution the World NEEDS and WANTS! 🎯

Here are the 6 tiers of membership:

➡️ 1. Starter (no card)

➡️ 2. Basic (Plastic Card)

➡️ 3. Aluminium

➡️ 4. Stainless Steel

➡️ 5. Gold Plated

➡️ 6. Solid Gold

Anyone else EXCITED about this? 🚀

No more complicated and confusing exchanges and trading markets.

No more wondering how the heck you can actually USE your newly acquired crypto.

And this won’t just be in one or two select or expensive designer stores – you can use your GSLifestyle card anywhere that Mastercard is accepted – which is everywhere!

The GSLifestyle card is YOUR bridge to Crypto

gslifestyle card

So, just to be clear – with this new payment card you can:

  • BUY
  • SELL
  • SAVE
  • GROW
  • EARN

in crypto and swap seamlessly between paper currencies too…

There’s going to be A LOT of interest in what we have.

Mass Adoption is just around corner.

Imagine how powerful it will be to have each member of your family or your teams using a GSLifestyle card. Not only will they receive fantastic discounts on many common purchases, but you will also earn a commission from every purchase. Then if your friends, family or team members refer people to the card, then you’ll also earn from their purchases too.

Can you see the insane potential here?

Let’s chat if you’re interested in getting yourself this all-in-one Crypto card PLUS earning crypto from sharing the good news! Or find out more HERE.

To Your Success!


Build your Blockchain Factory

Are you actively building your own Blockchain Factory? 🧱

Learn how we create Assets and Income on our terms using Blockchain Technology.🚀

✅ DeFi

✅ Staking

✅ Nodes

✅ Smart Contracts

✅ Crowdfunding

✅ Real Estate…..and more!

D.AI.SY Update!

We’re still waiting excitedly for the launch of the Endotech crowdfunding and AI trading project, called DAISY and it looks like it will be early next week for the green light.

This is a good thing.

The site will be robust enough to cope with the deluge of hungry forward-looking entrepreneurs who see the vast potential in the project.

And it gives us mere mortals, more time to get our ducks in a row.

To talk with our teams. Get them set up on TronLink with their stake. How much? A lot less than you think, that’s for sure…Watch this video.

Friend request me on Facebook and I will invite you into a cool FB group where you can learn more is an encouraging and supportive community.

This is worth waiting for folks.

Wednesdays at 7pm GMT / 2pm EST password ‘crypto’

In the meantime, we continue to build our Blockchain Factory and educate others with f.ree workshops every day of the week, plus higher level paid courses too. Find out more HERE

Have a great weekend!


Education is Your Key

Education is the key to taking confident empowered action in this dynamic space.

Let us help you to unlock your digital potential.

Friday at last, right?  
And what an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G week it has been!🚀  

Earlier in the week, we broke the internet with the launch of our new crowdfunding and AI trading platform!   It was insane…!   

The good news is that it has gone offline now for a couple of days while they beef up the site and open up a fresh set of smart contracts.  

In essence, they are moving from a single-track road to a seven-lane highway…  

Despite that, we had 55 000 sign-ups and many gazillions of income and that can’t be bad, right?  

Then when it opens up again, all the original launch benefits will be live for a second time!   So stay tuned for my announcement [probably Sunday or Monday] over on our Defiantly Digital FB Group and get ready to JUMP…!  

If you can’t wait that long to find out more, then check out this 2 min launch video or click on the image below, but don’t sign up until the new platform is ready and you get the go-ahead from me, okay?

And, in the meantime…. ⬇️⬇️⬇️   I have been a busy boy!!

I have started an entry-level Blockchain Basics workshop, designed to take away the fear that many people have about the crypto space.

Too many people get scammed or frightened off from getting into this dynamic space and so I wanted to cover the very basic elements of; What is the Blockchain, How to get crypto safely and securely then finally, What to do with it after that.

So, if you’re unsure about blockchain and the whole crypto space, come along next and every Wednesday at 11 am GMT / 6 am EST and also at 7 pm GMT / 2 pm EST.
Here’s the Zoom link for the 11 am and go HERE for the 7 pm and the password for both is crypto

It is quick and f.ree and the focus is on education so there’s nothing to buy etc. We have a Q & A at the end and there’s no such thing as a silly question!

To Your Success!


Take My 90 Day Action Plan

I think 2021 is going to be a pivotal year and totally MASSIVE in terms of personal and economic growth

It’s YOUR time to grow into the person you were meant to be.

My 90 Day Action Plan can help you transform your 2021

* To hold back is to never know what you are capable of.

* To fear the unknown is to live with the bitterness of regret.

* To fall victim to the misinformed opinions of others is to betray your own judgement.

* To stay in your comfort zone is to limit your life.

* To fear change and technology is to penalise future generations.

* To not embrace opportunities is to never understand your potential.

* To spend a life looking but not growing is to limit life’s chances….

I Invite You to Take My 90 Day Action Plan

As times are tough right now and most of Europe is in lockdown, I have decided to add a Bonus Personal Coaching Session to my 90 Day Action Plan offer.

You’ll never get the chance to book me for a 1-2-1 coaching session on Zoom for less than this EVER again.

This is YOUR chance to get 2021 sorted and never look back.

For half the cost of a decent bottle of champagne… which you’re going to need for your end of year success celebrations!

But… this Offer is valid for January ONLY and it will be a case of first come, first served.

So be QUICK!

To Your Success

Robin Morton

Defiantly Digital and Win With Robin

Happy Birthday, Bitcoin!

On January 3, 2009, the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto bootstrapped the Bitcoin network by mining its first ever block, block 0, which came to be known as the Genesis Block.

Earn Bitcoin in Real Time
Bitcoin is 12 years old already!

In doing so, he / they set in motion a revolution in finance.

And in the 12 years since then, Bitcoin’s meteoric success has defied the expectations of believers and doubters alike, and with a thriving market that at today’s date January 3rd, 2021, is valued at 631 Billion USD (

With several All Time Highs over the past month, 1 Bitcoin will currently cost you around 25 thousand GBP or $34 000.

Will 2021 be the year that it finally graduates from fringe interest to a global economic phenomenon? At Win With Robin, we definitely think so!

Obviously, the pandemic has played a big part in the huge rise in BTC value, along with the increasingly unsustainable debt bubble which threatens many of the world’s global economies, particularly the US and many European countries.

You only have to look at the rise of Stable Coins such as Tether to see how the ‘smart money’ is looking for a home right now and Bitcoin is starting to prove itself as a safe store of value.

Seemingly out-of-control money printing and moves towards Central Bank Digital Currencies have only fueled the fire.

What next?

At Win With Robin, we have looked closely at the other major factor in the rise of the Bitcoin value – it’s regular Halving.

It comes down to basic Supply and Demand. Reduce the supply, increase the demand – and hence the price.

Many people overlooked the last significant Halving in May 2020. Looking at what happened after the previous halvings and seeing how the price has risen since May, we confidently predict the price to rise substantially higher in 2021 and 2022.

Factor in the macro-economic factors and you have the perfect recipe for increased growth in value.

Which makes us very happy because we currently get PAID in Bitcoin.

Click on the image below or go HERE to find out more…

Bitcoin will always remain a wild-card for several reasons and so relying on the price as a business model is akin to holding on to the tail of a wild stallion.

But it has a useful place right now and when Bitcoin does well, as the grandfather of crypto, then the entire industry benefits and the world views the industry as more mainstream.

And when you want to get involved with digital assets that you CAN control, then join our happy team of digital asset partners as we pioneer blockchain banking, payments systems and a multitude of other practical use case projects designed to build your wealth cycle.

GSP – Lightning in a bottle!

Our Launch Sequence continues and today is the Official start of our GSP Pre-Launch!

It’s very satisfying to see our two-year Gold Standard Partners (GSP) project finally come to fruition. And even better when industry professionals with decades of high-level experience describe it as “lightning in a bottle.”

You’ve heard that expression, ‘when preparation and opportunity meet then potential success follows’ right?

Well that’s what we have right here with GSP.

But there’s one important caveat. Without commitment, results will probably be zero.

And over the last two rocky years, we have shown commitment by the bucket-load.

So when we see our #G999 utility coin going live on Bitforex earlier today, it was a special moment.

And a LOT of people are taking notice!

model and crypto-enthusiast Sophia Thomalla promotes our Staking services

And with 32 000 partners in 100 countries and $4m in sales in only 2 weeks then it’s clear that with GSP we really do have something special here.

There will be new videos coming out later but this two-minute clip will give you some background.

So go and Register today and you might be fast enough to pick up a free Airdrop of 2499 G999 coins plus a host of other promotional items and benefits.

Stay tuned for news of our progress.

Hope to see you on the other side!


Gold Standard Partners G999 is in Soft Launch!

In business, nothing ever goes smoothly and 2020 has taught us plenty about that.

So we’ve learned to PIVOT, to ADAPT and to overcome the various obstacles and challenges that have been put in our way.

The Gold Standard Bank has been quietly evolving in the background for years but this December, we took the big step of launching what is effectively a brand new sales and distribution arm of the company.

A bunch of leaders with over a hundred years of online experience between them has collaborated to put together an online venture that addresses all the failings we have seen in other companies while retaining the best parts of our original projects.

For a two-minute introduction click on this link or on the image below.

Introduction to Gold Standard Partners

And right now, we are celebrating our launch with some tasty asset deals including a couple of G999 AIRDROPS. Now, who doesn’t love an airdrop right?

There are several key aspects of our project and our G999 token that make it stand out from other blockchain projects:

  • Limited Number of Masternodes
  • A ready-made, hungry and knowledgeable community of over 60,000 people pre-registered
  • A self-fulfilling Deflationary Model
  • Real World Use Case with the G999 as a Utility Token
  • Blockchain Banking Services
  • Secure Communications Services over the Blockchain
  • Open Source
  • Certificate of Copyright
  • Gold Standard Bank Merchant Services including Payment Cards

If you click on the image below, you will be able to flick through a short powerpoint presentation that gives some more of the detail of what we can do along with information about the incredible airdrops and other liited-time inducements to get you to register.

Can I just point out that you don’t have to spend a red cent to be able to register.

However if you deposit a small value of Bitcoin then you will be airdropped 4999 G999 tokens which are your to keep. You also are then entered into an exclusive prize draw to win a Masternode including all set up and hosting.

What is a Masternode? It’s like having another salary, working for you 24/7 and in our estimation it has to be the ultimate in smart passive income.

Obviously, we hope you will become engaged with our business and grow with us into the longer term. We have a multitude of wealth-creating partnerships which we guarantee will blow your mind, including smart contract assets which you can purchase in a ‘genesis’ market which you can then sell to the secondary markets but retain ownership for the life of the asset thus earning transactional fees passively.

The future is looking bright in the defi space and we hope you will join with us and together we can have a prosperous 2021.

Robin – Defiantly Digital