Back To Basics #1


How are you all today! The sun is splitting the sky here in Scotland and I just got a season best on a downhill biking course close to my home. 44 mph might not sound fast to you guys but on a flimsy carbon-fibre racing bike it feels fast enough for me!

Okay! Lots of people have been asking me to explain the basics of selling something online like one of the affiliate products I use for example.

They said they didn’t want to go into too much detail about Clickbank accounts or Warrior forums and the like – they just wanted a one page ‘dummies’ type of article.

So, here it is!


How To Sell – The Basics

1. Find an already proven High Converting Offer – like PLS for example.

2. Drive Traffic to it.

3. Make sure you have a Capture Page in front of the offer. That means people have to give you their details (such as name and email address) BEFORE they see the offer.

This is how you Build Your List.


What Is ‘Building Your List?’

  • Most people do NOT want to buy your stuff – especially if it’s an MLM
  • So if you lead with your Primary Offer you will fail 99% of the time
  • That leads to loss of revenue, time and confidence
  • However – if you can collect leads legally, of all the people who are interested but not yet buying from you, you can continue to market to them until such time as they’re ready to buy from you.
  • What you market to them is NOT just your primary offer. Instead market tools and training to them and other resources that they can use in ANY business.


What Tools and Training?

  • Tools – I use PLS for my sales funnels, plus some great training like Facebook training. It is easy to use and completely customisable.
  • Training – Elite Marketing Pro is the one-stop-shop for all my training on all aspects of online business. I cannot recommend it highly enough.


How Do I Get Started With PLS?

1. Login

2. Click the ‘EASY’ button – You have 2 choices;

3. Choose ‘A’ for the 7 Day PLS Trial and to promote PLS

4. Choose ‘B’ to promote a business of your own

5. Grab your pre-made URL links and paste them into Facebook, your Blog etc.


That’s It!

Find PLS here –

Find EMP here –

For greater depth than this plus a strategic overview of your business or marketing to date why not consider investing in yourself and pick up my discounted Autumn Coaching package. Everyone should have a coach and mentor. I do and she’s the best!

Enjoy the rest of your day!