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wwn 09In case you didn’t know, What’s Working Now is a monthly online magazine with all the cutting-edge marketing techniques that are working in TODAY’S market – not some re-hashed old tripe from way back in 2006 when online marketing was just a matter of turning up and BOOM!



Every contributor is an industry legend who has already proven themselves in the world of online marketing and most have made an incredible fortune from the industry.


So when people like that are giving out their tips for success, don’t you think it’s only polite to listen? And potentially lucrative!


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Here’s a taste of what you’ll get from the top leaders in the industry;


*Andrew Draughon, The Seductive Quicksand of Choice


*Tim Erway, “How To Create a Winning Online Marketing Strategy that Gets You Traffic, Builds Your List & Makes You Sales… FAST!”


*Rachel O’Brien-Eddy, “Branding for Success”: 3 Simple Steps to Create Your Irresistible Brand in 30 Days or Less


*Ty Tribble, The 4 Irrefutable Laws of Blog Comments


*Russell Brunson, DotComSecrets Labs Swipe & Deploy Conversion Tests – Part IV


*VaNessa Duplessie, Persevere And Persist ─ The Key To Making It Past The 5-Year Mark


*Bob Clarke, The Part-Time Marketer’s Guide to Creating Irresistible Content


*Rebecca Woodhead, Vampires!


*Michelle Alpha Pescosolido, The Death of “Click Baiting”


*Vitaly Grinbat, 6 Psychological Power Triggers – The Real Reason People Say YES (Part 2)





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