Test It! The 15 Things You Must Test Regularly

The whole point of good copywriting is to boost sales.

Even if you write copy with the objective of getting more newsletter sign-ups, the entire point is still to boost sales. But, how do you know if what you’re doing is working? You’re writing, and hiring, and writing some more – but do you even know if all the work you’re doing is paying off?

The best way to know for sure is to test, test and test again. Here’s my (non-exhaustive) list of fifteen things you need to test regularly.

1. Your Headline – How do you know if a particular headline works over another? You conduct what is called a Split Test or an A/B test. Make two slightly different headlines and send each headline to half your list. Which performs better? Click the image below for a great free resource for Headline Winning Formulas.

test headline copywriting

2. Your Offer – If you’re not sure about your offer, try testing more than one offer. Like the A/B testing above, only change something small, and send each to half your list. Or if it’s a sales page, put both up, and see which performs better. (Win With Robin Top Tip – Make sure you document what specific thing you have changed so you don’t lose track!).

3. Your Copy Format – Are you considering where the reader is reading the copy? If your audience is reading on a mobile device, is the copy format effective? How do you know? Test it. Everything you do online must be mobile responsive.

4. Snippets of Your Copy – If you have a long sales page, you can take snippets of the copy and reuse it on social media or other places to see what the response to the words are.

5. New Products – This doesn’t mean you have to create new products, but instead test out new products such as project management systems, social media marketing automation, email marketing programs and more. Stay on the cutting edge by regularly spending a small time testing new products and tools. (Win With Robin Top Tip – This does NOT mean you chase after every bright and shiny object that comes along!).

6. Graphics – Are your graphics the right graphics to use for your particular audience? If you’re not sure, conduct more A/B testing. Change nothing but the graphics and see how it affects conversion rates. Graphics are critically important with any ad online so you must get this right.

test liontest lion 2

7. Functionality – Of course, you should test how your websites function. Does the checkout process run smoothly for your customers? Is something hanging them up along the way to prevent making a purchase? Go ALL the way through your Sales Funnel. If you don’t know what a Sales Funnel is then ask me!

8. Audience Responsiveness – Are you posting your heart out on Facebook but no one is responding, even though people are reading? If you’re not sure why, ask them. Asking questions is a great way to boost engagement.

9. Accuracy – Your copy should be well studied to be accurate and honest. Don’t post false information either on purpose or by accident. Always walk in integrity. Check your sources and check your facts.

10. Complexity – You don’t want things to be too hard for your reader to understand. If you’re using too many big words, change them to small words. Speak directly to your audience, not over them. test

11. What’s in It for Me – Remember the fundamental test for effective copywriting. It doesn’t matter what platform you’re posting the copywriting on; your audience wants to know what’s in it for them. Win With Robin Top Tip – Use the 19 Word Rule

Tell them what you got

Tell them what it will do for them

Tell them what to do next

If your copy doesn’t answer that, start over!

12. Double Entendres – Sometimes double entendres can be funny and that’s great! But sometimes they can be disastrous. Knowing your Target Market helps a lot here. Test the water with something mild before you jump off the deep end. Be very careful with accidentally posting something that really means something else, especially if it’s controversial or dirty.

13. Clarity – One of the most important aspects of copywriting is to ensure that what you are trying to impart to the reader makes sense. You don’t want to accidentally offend someone with your words. Read and re-read, and have others test for clarity.

14. Above the Fold – No matter what medium you’re putting your copy on – whether it’s print, webpages, or social media, the important stuff needs to go at the top, or you need explicit directions to scroll down to read more. More important online than ever before.

15. Originality – Is the copy original? There are a lot of ways to test this out such as with Grammarly or Copyscape. You want your words to feel familiar to the reader, but you don’t want them to be copied. Here are links to two great tools:
Grammarly – http://www.grammarly.com/
Copyscape – http://www.copyscape.com/

In my humble experience ALL the top marketers spend a lot of time thinking about what to test in their businesses. They continually test everything down to the smallest tweak. They wouldn’t do it if it didn’t yield results!

For the very best resource on copywriting check out The Copywriter’s Guild.


Remember, if you don’t test a variety of factors you might be wasting valuable time and money on activities that provide no pay-off, or you might stop doing some that are paying off handsomely. Think about that.

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Keep smiling!

Robin x

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