Soccer lessons for business owners

I am almost hesitating to mention football, soccer for our US friends.

Our close neighbours England, have just qualified for the European Championship Finals on Sunday with poor Scotland failing once again to get beyond the knockout stages.

However, I believe sports like soccer, have many lessons for us online business owners.

So let’s kick off, shall we?

As we get ready for the Euro finals in a few days, I’d like to argue that the game has more relevance to the business world, especially startups, than many sports. Most competitive sports expect teamwork, commitment, endurance, and a can-do attitude.

But soccer, especially at an international level, goes way beyond that.

‘Dad, it’s football, not golf!’

My son, said this to me last night as we watched England beat Denmark in the semi-final after I had criticised the heavy tackles and, to my mind, generally loutish behaviour.

And he had a good point.

Fast-moving, constantly changing, and goal-oriented, soccer sounds very much like starting a new business venture, especially in the dynamic world of blockchain technology. And it’s the polar opposite of the uber-privileged, considered, and painfully pedestrian pace of our local golf course.

So, here are a few lessons that soccer can teach us about business

1. Keep it Simple

Defending and scoring goals is to soccer what expenses and revenues are to business. It’s fun to get creative with fancy footwork and elaborate set-pieces, but at the end of the day, it comes down to executing those two clear-cut but hard-to-achieve fundamentals.

2. Embrace the Contact

Being shy, scared of confrontation and reluctant to take risks don’t sound like great qualities in an entrepreneur. Sports like soccer, teach you to embrace the contact, being forceful if required. But also to be agile and flexible enough to work around obstacles that get in your way. Be faster than your competition and you will be more likely to win.

3. Be Flexible

A 90-minute game of soccer is a series of rapid adjustments, often it is a timely substitution that turns a game around. Like business, where we have to anticipate where things might go wrong and build strategies around those situations.

You never know what might happen to the weather during a game. It could be too hot or conversely, the heavens could open and it becomes freezing cold, especially in Scotland! So soccer teaches us that we have to be able to operate in different environments and where circumstances might not always be within our control.

4. Don’t overthink it!

This last one is a favourite of mine. Over the last few weeks, I have seen horrendous mistakes being made where soccer players have hesitated too much due to over-thinking what to do next. The teams which played best were the ones where their passing and running was fast, instinctive and relying on gut instinct.

In our online business space, we talk about ‘analysis paralysis.’ And in the fast-paced defi space, being agile and always looking six months ahead are key attributes for business success.

Right now, I am very busy helping my own team of star players build their asset-wealth passive-income positions within my inner circle group which we call our Round Table. If you’d like a seat at this table then email or message me and let’s talk okay!