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Power Lead System

You might have heard of it, right?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard it talked about a lot especially with the success of Lead Lightning.

But is it any good?

Or is it just another ‘insane‘ marketing gimmick, yet another ‘shiny object‘…?

Well, I’ve used it throughout the past year so in my Power Lead System Review, let’s take an honest look shall we?

Let’s get one thing straight before we go any further, okay?

Power Lead System is NOT an MLM nor is it a Network Marketing business!

In some ways, it’s better than that!

With an MLM you are often restricted to selling whatever the company tells you to sell.

With PLS you can use it for anything! Even your MLM!

I use PLS every day to build my Coaching marketing funnels.

I use PLS to promote my books, both fiction and non-fiction.

I use PLS to promote my award-winning fitness business.

AND of course, I promote PLS itself where I benefit from 100% commissions!

Yes! You read that right — 100%

With PLS you get the ability to make your own capture pages, sales pages, sales funnels and video letters.

You get built in auto-responders.

And if you don’t know what some of these terms mean, it’s okay! Because you also get ALL of these things DONE FOR YOU until you learn enough to do it yourself with their super-easy online tools.

Here’s a typical training and sales session to give you a better idea of how it works.


Remember I talked about 100% commissions?

Well, the unique twist on that is what makes PLS special for many of us.

With some businesses, you often have to pass up leads to an upline but with PLS you keep ALL your leads.

You also have the ability to give people a similar system called Free Leads System Forever for free. This system allows those with no budget to get started and they have to pass up 50% of their leads to you if you referred them.

That means they are building your list faster as they build up their own.

Most people upgrade eventually anyway and again you get all the commission for that too!


As I said, PLS is ideal for new marketers and if you need proof of that take a look at these leaderboards for The Super Affiliate Network and Elite Marketing Pro. I topped the lead generation tables last year after only a few weeks of working online and just recently I hit the top ten for sales and leads in The Super Affiliate Network five times in 3 weeks.

Only a short while ago, I was a complete newbie who barely knew how to access YouTube never mind webinars and the like.

Topping the lead board

If I can do this so can YOU!









So, are you starting to see the power of PLS?


What about those who shout Power Lead System Scam!?


Well… we ALL know people online who love to trash the efforts of others.

There’s even a word coined for these low-lives, ‘Trolls’. 🙁

These will be the people who buy every ‘shiny new object’ but fail to actually put any work in!

So, you have to work?

Oh yes!

Power Lead System is amazing but if you just sit on your hands and do nothing – you will make nothing!

It’s not hard to make it with PLS but it will always take some intial effort to make any kind of business.

Most of us can take the ready made PLS pages and drive traffic to them – it’s not rocket science.

It’s easy to shout scam to get more exposure to your blog but usually these people have a darker reason for trashing perfectly reasonable businesses.

You have to make up your own mind of course but I give PLS a solid 10/10.

You should try it at least with my low-cost $7 start up. Imagine making a commission in 15 minutes time? How good would that feel? And it’s ALL possible.

Just click on the image below and you’re off and running!

Lead Lightning


All the best!



P.S. Send me a message once you’re in and I’ll get you into my exclusive Facebook mastermind group!

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