Piece Of Cake?

piece of cake

Online Marketing – A Piece Of Cake?

I know many of you will struggle with finding customers online. It can be extremely frustrating to spend hours on SEO and waste countless dollars on advertising that just doesn’t work.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Honestly, it doesn’t!

If you follow the principles of Attraction Marketing it can be a piece of cake!

Let me give you an example from my recent vacation.


Here I was, standing in a lengthy queue inside an old-fashioned bakery in a quaint seaside town on the West Coast of Scotland. I just wanted some healthy salad rolls to be made up and I was hungry and in a hurry.

An older man in front of me was even grumpier and when the lady served him I didn’t expect it to go well. Here is a shortened version of the story.

He ordered some goods to the value of around $9 whilst using as few words as possible.

The lady smiled and offered him a selection of beautiful cakes and pastries for free.

He gruffly declined, then said his wife had only instructed him to buy the items he now had in his hand and muttered something about his health. The lady just smiled and told him how much to pay.

But then the man asked about the price of some large strawberry cakes. The lady informed him that they were quite pricey but he could have two smaller cakes of an identical type from the free tray if he wanted.

The man said no he didn’t want the free cakes but he did order one of the larger more expensive ones. Then he changed his mind and ordered a second one also, saying that he might just eat it on the beach while his wife finished the shopping!

The lady joked as she handed him some little wooden spoons, that she doubted if the man’s wife would ever see either of the large cakes and the man relaxed into a quiet laugh. He then glanced around the store and asked the lady for a latte. She was taken aback by this and asked him to repeat what he’d said. She looked over to a far wall where a dusty old coffee machine sat, obviously just for the use of the bakery staff and said of course he could have a coffee and would a plain white coffee be enough?

They chatted for another few minutes and by the time he left, the man had spent another $25 and was in a considerably better mood than when he first went in to the bakery.

It really brought home to me how simple it could be to make your customers feel good, to provide value and all without being overly pushy.

Attraction Marketing is all about providing useful or valuable content for free in order that your prospects can have a problem solved and can establish that you are worth knowing and can be trusted.

I do this, hopefully. You can get a free book by subscribing to this blog. I also encourage people to find out the tons of other valuable resources that I can provide to help them grow their businesses fast, just like I did.

A good example is this post by the awesome people at Elite Marketing Pro. Have a read and see how easily you can boost your business without going into the red.

And did I have any of the free cakes?

Let’s just say that I was a customer of that bakery for the next three days!

Keep smiling and have a wonderful week!

Robin x

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