Physical Gold in Digital Form

physical gold in digital form

Soon after blockchain was introduced, it became clear that money could be transferred as freely as information. That was when the team at Gold Standard Bank realised that this technology will bring about the same revolution in the financial world as the Internet made not long ago in the world at large. Physical gold in digital form. Tomorrow it will be impossible to think of something connected with money without blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Paying bills, shopping, getting salaries and wages, your savings and investments will soon all be based on blockchain technology.

But although the question “How to transfer money via the Internet?” has been answered, the question “How to ensure the value and reliability of transferred money?” still remains open. Cryptocurrencies continue to come and go and their value grows and falls dramatically. It’s this volatility which is slowing their integration into real economic relations.

Physical Gold in Digital Form becomes reality

The solution turned out to be quite obvious and reliable just as blockchain itself. Gold Standard created the KaratGold Coin project and as a part of this, it issued a cryptocurrency covered by physical gold. The main idea behind which this new KBC coin stands is very simple: money secured by gold is always better than money secured by nothing. In 2018, Physical Gold in Digital Form appeared.

The KaratGold Coin, (KBC), is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency specifically designed to be used as a generally accepted electronic payment. This coin is linked to physically deposited gold in the form of the so-called CashGold, a true gold standard. A certain number of KBC Coins can be exchanged for the corresponding amount of CashGold at any time. For example: leading up to what’s being dubbed ‘The Gold Independence Day‘ on July 4th 2019, 100 KBC is guaranteed to be exchangeable for 1 gram of real physical gold. 

Guaranteed Gold for Coins

And in case you might be sceptical about this, the deal is underwritten by the international bank HSBC and a leading insurance company.

Gold Inependence Day 4th July 2019

At the same time Gold Standard developed fully-integrated operating mechanisms that will allow owners, retailers and governments all around the Globe to use their modern blockchain-based currency fully backed by gold. The next logical step was the globalisation of these proven solutions and to create a world blockchain-based payment system based on a cryptocurrency covered by gold.

The existing global payment system, which is controlled by banks and governments, only solves the problems of financial mega-structures and the state, but not of its users. For users, it remains inefficient, fragmented, slow and expensive to maintain. In a few years, we’ll be used to making quick and cheap global transactions within the gold value payment system created by Gold Standard. It will be difficult to believe that people could have been exchanging worthless pieces of paper and taking the word of vast financial corporations secured by nothing. 

Right now, fast-moving action-takers will still be able to get this coin at a knockdown price of around a penny. Redeem them for a gram of gold, currently valued at around $40, and you do the maths. Factor in the affiliate bonuses on offer and the generous commission structure to which I can attest wholeheartedly and joining this business is a complete no-brainer.

This business goes WAY beyond the usual MLM-style, chasing commissions all the time and starting each new month from scratch. This is an opportunity to create generational wealth with something we all need – safe and secure, future-proofed assets. Physical gold in digital form that could help you accelerate your wealth to a level almost unimaginable just a year or so ago.

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