Is the V999 Stablecoin Your Way to Residual Income?

V999 Stable Coin

In our gold business, we are used to the constant technological innovation and steady drip of golden nuggets into our gold based wealth portfolios.

But until recently, the concept of a Stablecoin was unknown to us. Our advice is to do some research online but here’s a quick explanation:

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies designed to minimize the volatility of the price of the stablecoin, relative to some “stable” asset or basket of assets. A stablecoin can be pegged to a cryptocurrency, fiat (paper) money, or to exchange-traded commodities such as precious metals or industrial metals.

In our case, the V999 stablecoin is pegged to 24 karat gold.

And as part of our gold ecosystem, the V999 digital stablecoin now gives us a new way to generate a passive residual income stream – the Holy Grail of most online business.

What is the V999 stablecoin?

This story analogy will help to make it clearer.

Imagine when you were 7 years old and you got your first £5/$5 (or any equivalent currency note) as pocket money. You took it to the sweet shop. You bought some sweets. Now the sweet shop owner owns your £5. You own the sweets. You had made a transaction.

Then the sweet shop owner took the same £5 to the wholesaler to buy more sweets to put in his shop. He used the £5 you gave him to pay the wholesaler. Now the wholesaler owns the £5 you once had.

Your £5 left your hand and passed through two sets of hands. Imagine that today you are 50 years old. Imagine how many hands your £5 has passed through in those 43 years.

Now ignore the fact that new bank notes are being issued in that time. It just means your £5 looks different. It still says £5 on the new design, right? Just imagine your £5 travelled far and wide all across the globe. It changed from GBP pounds to US dollars. Then USD to YEN. Then YEN to Euros and back to pounds again.

How many transactions happened in its lifetime from 7 years old to 50 years old?

Imagine if your bank had given you a 0.02% fee every time your £5 changed hands over those 43 years. That’s a lot of fees because you earn fees for the giver and the receiver (buyer and seller).

That’s what V999 offers

Each V999 stablecoin represents a real and tangible physical 0.1 g Cashgold that you took to the sweet shop at age 7. And every time the digital version of that Cashgold (V999) changed hands on the blockchain (digital transactions/shops), you received a fee of 0.02%. Twice. Once for the giving and once for the receiving.

The V999 stablecoin system will know who first owned the Cashgold (V999) and took it to the sweet shop (blockchain) because each V999 will be digitally stamped/coded with your identity. The system then knows who to award the fees to. Fees are paid to infinity, for the life of the blockchain as long as that original V999 stablecoin is in circulation.

You are now ‘the money supply’.

The V999 Stablecoin Makes You the Money Supply

Until now it has always been the banks. They collected those fees. They still do. That’s why your paper currency is ‘worth less’ and ‘worthless’.

The current pandemic situation is only making things worse. The central banks are currently involved in the greatest wealth transfer in history – but most of it is not coming to us everyday folks – instead it’s going to the people closest to the money supply. The banks, corporations, hedge funds and pension companies.

But now, thanks to blockchain technology, ‘people power’ is taking over. Ordinary people are realising they were cheated all those years from age 7 to age 50.

That’s why the blockchain exists. It’s decentralised finance and peer to peer transactions. No banks in the middle creating debt, poverty and hunger.

Imagine how much you would have earned just from the fee-based income from your £5 pocket money over those 43 years?

That’s what the V999 stablecoin offers.

That’s what we can set up for ourselves and our bloodline. V999 is just the digital representation of physical audited gold in a Swiss Bank. Gold you can hold if you no longer want to own V999.

V999 is an opportunity if you missed your seat for a Masternode. Each V999 is an income stream.

And all you have to do is MESSAGE US to register your interest in taking part by the deadline of 31 July 2020.
Then start stacking up on Cashgold in your gold account ready to exchange it into V999 on the partner platform.

‘Partner’ just means a business partner of our gold business who will run that project for our gold account holders only. Just like FedEx runs the delivery of our gold.The more Cashgold you own, the more fees you earn to infinity, and beyond.

I hope this helps someone to understand the power of our Cashgold, the power of gold ownership, the power of multiple income streams from just 0.1 g Cashgold, and our incredible ecosystem.

We are creating the debt free global communities we want to see. We are part of the solution. We are the Pioneers. We are the ‘First Adopters’. We are tomorrow’s history books.

Good luck everyone 💕

To Your Success

Robin x

I have a bad feeling about this…

Do you remember the famous line, used in most, if not all, the Star Wars movies. It’s most famously associated with Han Solo but was actually first said by our favourite character C3PO. Why do we like him best? Because he’s golden of course…

But on to more serious matters.

Right now the world is in the grip of a serious economic crisis.

The enormous debt bubble that has been building for many years now, has finally been burst by the Covid pin. Check out the 25 trillion dollar US national debt if you don’t believe us.

The American government, along with the authorities in many countries, including here in the United Kingdom, has been paying the nation to stay at home.

In the States, these furlough payments, or Stimulus Checks have amounted to over $300 million.

Seems like a lot of cash to be sure.

But that’s only a tiny 5% of the money the Federal Reserve has pumped into the economy to prop up a failing system.

The rest of the SIX TRILLION has gone to the people closer to the money supply than we are. The banks, financial institutions, hedge funds, bond companies and the like. The huge corporations and of course ultimately the stock market.

Thanks to DBMWealth for this graphic

This is commonly described as THE GREATEST WEALTH TRANSFER IN HISTORY.

And rest assured, it isn’t flowing into our coffers anytime soon. Unless we do something about it, of course. More on that in a minute…

Firstly, let’s ask the question: Who is going to PAY for all of this?

We are. The bulk of the population who didn’t receive a red cent of this wealth transfer, will end up paying for it.

That means you and me, but more worryingly than that, it means our children and our grand-children will be paying for this for their entire lives.

Higher taxes, greater austerity measures, poorer social services, diminished health care, less employment opportunities and even shorter life spans in many cases.

The Death of Cash

This image above is from Australia but it’s a phenomenon that is spreading across the globe.

Banks are offering negative interest rates in many countries already. And so with little incentive to save cash in the bank, people will want to keep it closer to them. To stop people hoarding their cash under the bed, they are introducing measures to limit the uses of cash.

Why do you need cash they will say, unless you are a drug dealer…

Already in Australia, new laws forbid cash transactions above ten thousand dollars.

The Covid pandemic is only going to accelerate many of the issues mentioned above.

Then if you add into the mix these developments:

  • Increased working from home
  • Automation
  • Downsizing
  • Environmental issues

Then you can see we are looking at heady times indeed. Just check the news today of the rioting in the US.

Here in the UK we are considering a Universal Basic Income. This would be paid to every citizen, no matter if they worked or not. It wouldn’t be based on any criteria and it would benefit the entire population.

This idea is being mooted in many countries.

It would obviously take the place of several if not most state benefits which would result in a streamlined and more efficient system

Sounds good, right? Maybe not…

In our humble opinion, this is a bad idea, a very bad idea.

Fast forward into a potential dystopian future – the entire population dependent on a weekly payout from the state. Few jobs. No cash. All transactions automated and digital. Social isolation. Ultimate power in the hands of a very few people. The death of democracy.

So, what’s the solution?

The answer, or at least part of it, is to position yourself OUTSIDE the failing conventional system. Accumulate an asset that grows in value, that always holds its purchasing power and one that everyone understands – GOLD.

We are part of a community that is looking at huge gains over the last couple of years. Our gold business has just hit one million affiliates and gold is going global.

And all you need to be able to do to prosper from this is to share a video. You can do that, right?

There are so many ways to get paid with this…

So if you’re thinking about an online business with a golden future then give this some serious consideration.

My name is Robin Morton and I do not promote many opportunities nor I am a huge fan of network marketing in general. However, in the two and a bit years that I’ve been involved with this gold and technology business, I have increased my net wealth by many times that of anything I have ever been part of in the past. Not bad for a guy who was virtually homeless following a business failure just a few short years ago.

To Your Success

Robin x

What Winning Really Entails…

This post comes from a rain-lashed Scottish island and so we hope you’re having a better time of it! Apart from that we’re all fine and healthy, so stay safe and use your judgement when absorbing the tsunami of media information about this crazy situation… 

This bad weather has given me more time to think…

It’s my belief that when we struggle with our online businesses, aside from skipping the really basic fundamentals, it’s often because we are focusing too much on a particular tactic or process. We’re taking our attention off the people we serve or aspire to serve.

People are the constant…and in many ways, they’re really predictable.

They want convenience.

At the start of the 20th century, travelling by horse was a common thing. 

Trains were how we covered longer distances. But cars and airplanes quickly superseded them.

Then cars and airplanes got faster and faster. Roads turned into motorways.

Propeller planes gave way to jets. Because whatever is the latest convenience today soon becomes inconvenient…and people want more.

Did you know, the dishwasher was invented in 1886…?

So the pursuit of convenience isn’t exactly new and it’s not going away anytime soon.

People also want status and improved self-image.

Perhaps you’re familiar with John Caples…arguably the greatest copywriter of all time.
In 1925 he wrote one of the greatest headlines (and ads) ever.

“They Laughed When I Sat Down At The Piano – But When I Started To Play”

Increased status, right?

In fact, looking through my hard drive and doing a few online searches yielded dozens of ads dating back to the 1850’s for things that improved how people felt.
It became obvious to me that people have always wanted better self-esteem.

I won’t bore you with any more history lessons…but if you want to WIN in a sustainable way, you’ve got to start with the person.

So Robin, what does that mean in a practical way?

Okay, with whatever business you’re running, ask yourself, what result do your customers want?

In my humble opinion…more often than not, it’s that they want to be happy.

Maybe they think / hope that makes lots of moolah online will make them happy.

Feeling more self-confident.
Having less stress.

All of it is linked to their perception that solving the problem they feel they have will make their life better.

And yes, it might make them happier…but if that was universally the case, I’m pretty sure that fewer people would blow all their lotto winnings within a few years of getting it.

So, perhaps we need to help them be happier…today.

From my business perspective, it might even be the way that they can continue to preserve their increased income or reach whatever financial goal they have.
But, make no mistake…if people dislike the process, the likelihood of them sticking with it for years is very, very low…no matter what.

Don’t believe me?

Well, we know that compound interest is like magic…yet getting people to invest more when it’s kind of uncomfortable and might prevent them from enjoying today as much, can be tough.

In fact, I’d go as far as to say it has to be automated for most people to have any degree of ongoing, consistent success. That’s why our gold business has an auto-save facility – set and forget – so you can build wealth weekly / monthly without even noticing…!

If we reduce the friction of things, make progress or small wins more readily achievable and don’t make people feel like what they’re getting isn’t worth what they’re giving up…we’ve got a good shot at success.

So how about a few quick thoughts…
•    Make people feel important. That alone will make them happy.
•    Create situations where they feel like they win as often as possible. Accentuate the positives.
•    Provide accountability.
•    Get personal and try to solve their individual challenges…not just providing general ideas.
•    Create ways to connect your customers with each other. Like our private Facebook Group.

Think about things from their perspective.
Don’t be the cheapest in the market. You shouldn’t be in the middle. Be the BEST!
Deliver something different and better…and make sure you do it profitably.

Here’s another thing most of you don’t do…

And if you truly want to WIN moving forward, this is an area you’re going to need to excel.
Once you have someone’s attention initially, you’ve got to FOLLOW UP.

  • You have to educate them.
  • You need to motivate them.
  • You need to help them see how you’re different and how you’re better.
  • Let your message weed out the bad fits and build value with the good fits.

If the value grows high enough in the eyes of the prospect, m.oney becomes much less of an issue.
If you convince them that you can solve the problem no one else could solve, it’s far more valuable to them than any run of the mill cookie-cutter system could ever be.
But you’ve got to do the work.
Not only do you need to follow up until that person is ready…and understand that people are ready for things on their own timeline…
…but you need to be authentic.
No bland follow up.You can’t maintain someone’s attention with general content.
You need to say things that really speak to the people you want…and if it drives away the rest, oh well.
He’s a tip…unsubscribes are your friend. If you aren’t repelling anyone, you’re not attracting anyone either. We get unsubscribes every week.
Now we obviously use email newsletters to follow up, most days, but we also use:
· Podcasts
· FB posts
· Twitter posts
· Some retargeted ads with social proof
With all of them, we’re trying to not only share valuable education, but also being ourselves and sharing our approach and philosophy so that someone can decide if we’re a fit for them or not.
Then, we make offers.
We often have a wee P.S. at the end of almost every email so that when someone is ready, they can act right then and there.
Sometimes we send direct offers…short emails or multi-day launches.
But if we follow up daily and make offers frequently, those who want help will engage when they’re ready.

Now I don’t know that you need to do what we do exactly, but again, people are people and they need to know why you’re better and different…or else they have no reason to choose you.  But to be a destination, you need to be special.
And people are going to decide when they’re ready…so you need to keep offers in front of them.
And if you commit to follow up, you’ll have more than enough business because your competition won’t. Fact.

As regards ads, sadly the days of running ads directly to sales offers on Facebook are not what they once were.
Do you go on Facebook to shop? Didn’t think so. But have you bought anything thru FB lately…? I have.
With that in mind, we need to treat those ads like we treat commercials on any other medium. 
See, ads are an interruption…so it seems safe to think that someone doesn’t see an ad and think to themselves: ‘I’m just going to get my credit card out and rearrange my life since I stumbled across this offer while I was scrolling and killing time.’
You need to be prepared to connect with someone and get their attention first, permission to follow up second and continued attention third.

How do you do that?
For a start, STOP trying to ask them to marry you when you first meet them.

See, online or offline…people are people and relationships are a step by step process.
The first step is giving them something valuable to get their attention and ongoing interest.
It might be your book or guide.
It could be a gift card for $100 worth of your services.
Maybe it’s a checklist or cheatsheet that they find interesting or solves a problem they have.
Ideally, they’ve give you their contact information in exchange for this item…but even if it’s just them clicking to go watch your video or download your gift, you can pixel them so you now can follow up.
But let’s back up a step.

Where do you find those nice people who might eventually become customers?
Well, think about your current customers.
Where do they live?
Where do they spend their time?
What businesses do they frequent?
What sites are they going to?

If someone wanted to reach me, yes they could run ads on FB…but you could also: 
•    Run ads on google.
•    Run ads on the various other sites I visit…Twitter and a few sports sites.
•    Ads on Amazon.
•    I listen to podcasts…someone could reach me there. If I’m not listening to that or a book on audible. Someone could run an ad there for sure.
•    Someone could certainly send me direct mail.
•    Under normal circumstances, I get my haircut, go to my bank, visit the grocery store, see my dentist, pop into the coffee shop, buy at the local deli, go to the local bookstore and visit a few other local businesses on a semi-regular basis. Someone could easily form a strategic alliance with any of those businesses.
•    And, finally, someone could get friends of mine to share things with me…so if I have a friend who is a customer, a book or a gift card could easily be passed along.
So, if you are one of these people acting as if the sky is falling when FB ads slow down or other avenues run their course…stop it. 

The people you want to reach still live in the same homes, shop at the same places and do much of the same stuff…there’s always a way to connect with them…but you need to do it in a fashion that puts you in control of the opportunity to follow up. 

Summing All This Up To Help You Win

Yes, this isn’t as sexy as marketing free stuff that isn’t free…but it’s more sustainable…and frankly, it has a hint more integrity mixed in for good measure.

But if you stop thinking about a tactic or channel and commit to:
•    Adding a set number of leads to your database every month (30+).
•    Following up in a few different ways and adding value to those contacts’ lives…all the while showing them why you’re different.
•    Consistently making offers so that when they’re ready, they can act.
•    Tracking your numbers to see what’s working and where you have the most room for improvement.
•    And delivering a dream come true result through an enjoyable experience…so your customers can help you feed the top of that funnel.

You’ll be unbeatable!

Robin x

My Gold Presentation

I was humbled to be asked by Karatbars International to become a presenter of their short overview presentation, designed for showing to people who have had no prior exposure to the entrepreneurial opportunities of saving in gold and sharing the good news with others.

So, if you want a super-honest and genuine insight into what we’re all about with our gold business, watch this simple and easy to follow video from yours truly. ✅
There’s never been a better time to get into a gold and gold-linked digital asset home business as NOW! 🙏🙏

K1 Impulse – The Smartphone That Pays You!

K1 Impulse

You read that right. A Mobile Phone That Pays You

Hey everyone and a HUGE WELCOME to all my new team mates! ✅

The last 2 weeks have been amazing with Karatbars and if you had told me last year
that I would be flying to places like Frankfurt, Dubai and London all expenses paid, then I would have called you crazy. 
But, seriously, I am just an ordinary guy from Scotland who didn’t have a clue about gold or gold-backed digital coins back then.
And little by little, with the help of the Karatbars system that anyone can use, I have
amassed a nice treasure trove of gold and coins.
But the GOOD NEWS is that we’re only getting started. 

Before I flew to Dubai I was already excited. But now my inbox is exploding!  

First we had gold, then we introduced gold-backed coins and NOW we have the K1 Impulse blockchain smartphone!

K1 Impulse

The new K1 Impulse smartphone is going to change everything!

Think of it like this 🤔   

How much has technology changed in the past 10 years ??  

1️⃣ In 2007, the iPhone was launched
2️⃣ Then we had the launch of Wifi hot spots
3️⃣ Social media channels appeared like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc
4️⃣ Next we had Live streaming  

🎉NOW in 2019 we have the launch of the K1 Impulse Blockchain smartphone – 
✅Unlimited Data Storage – no more extra charges
✅Zero Roaming Charges
✅100% Secure – military grade encryption makes them un-hackable

The K1 Impulse from Karatbars International

Did you know that you can get your phone as a gift when you acquire some of our KCB asset coins?

Plus, as a launch incentive, we’ll give you an extra 200% bonus coins if you take action soon. This means you will have tripled your outlay and be into massive profit from Day One!

On top of that you can be rewarded further with a VIP affiliate status, able to earn healthy commissions and get paid every Friday. I am a VIP but I had to pay to get that.

Still not sure? Let me explain a little further in this video I made for you.

K1 Impulse

So, who wants one?  
You do!
Good… now I hear you asking – Robin just HOW do I get started…?

EASY! Register HERE as a f.ree affiliate, plug in to the system and
SHARE a video.
💥BOOM!💥 That’s it!   

Sound good?  See you on the other side…✅  

And remember – I am here to help you every step of the way.  

I’m more than happy to jump onto a Skype call to explain anything or just to talk you
through the setting up details etc.  

My Skype name is riddewalker7

Robin x

Find me on Facebook

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World First Blockchain Phone

I’ll be in Dubai March 30th for the Launch of the World’s 1st Blockchain Phone

Blockchain Phone

It’s going to be an incredible event and the very first in a Gold Independence World Tour series as we roll ever closer to July 4th Golden Independence Day where you can exchange 100 KBC gold-backed asset coins for a gram of real physical gold.

What’s more, I am flying from my wee island in Scotland all the way to Dubai ‘Scot-free’ if you excuse the pun!

My super-generous gold saving business has paid ALL my travel and hotel expenses and the hotel is out of this world. It has nine restaurants!

Why did they reward me so generously? Just for helping people. That’s it!

I’ll be in London too on April 6th for the second event, a little closer to home thankfully.

The K1 IMpulse phone is going to be a real game-changer because it will work thru the Blockchain and this means it will be un-hackable and totally private.

No longer will you have to depend on broadband and wi-fi and for me in the wilds of the Scottish Highlands, that is a BIG DEAL! Think also of the continent of Africa where large parts have still to be connected to the internet – it will literally open up 21st Century technology to millions of people.

What’s more, because Blockchain is peer-to-peer decentralised technology it will be far cheaper and more reliable to operate – no pesky middlemen!

Think how popular this will be. Don’t YOU want to be one of the first people to be able to offer this to others?

Blockchain Phone

This is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and standing at over 2,700 feet it’s the tallest building in the world.

That’s not the only revolutionary new business to be launched at the Dubai event.

The Karat Merchant System will allow businesses to accept payment in cryptocurrency and gold and it will be a totally risk-less transaction medium.

Imagine being able to offer small and medium sized business owners the chance to accept payment like that and in doing so, also earn a little real gold in the process. How many coffee-shop owners do you know who work their socks off every day but don’t have any assets to show for their efforts. They rent their premises, lease their equipment and are chasing income every day. Now they can build an asset with every cup of coffee sold.

Blockchain Phone

Are you starting to see the VALUE here?

Now, obviously people ARE getting more excited about my gold business and the KBC coin in particular. When I first got involved a year ago, the original exchange prices were around half a cent. Now it’s around 12 TIMES that! Not too shabby, right?

But you’ve still got plenty time to join us and grab some first mover advantage. The KBC and KCB coins still offer enormous value and the business is throwing f.ree coins and other bonuses and incentives at affiliates in the run up to July 4th. Hence my luxury weekend in Dubai in a few days. So get started with a gold and crypto account today!

To help new affiliates make the most of the incredible offers available and to show them all the features we have to accelerate their wealth, we’re having a #100daygoldchallenge program which starts on Monday March 25th which is, you guessed it, exactly 100 days before July 4th.

So get in touch and join our program – it costs nothing – all we ask is you register as a f.ree affiliate and agree to take our advice each day, small steps, a few minutes per day, to grow your own treasure vault of real physical gold by Gold Independence Day July 4th 2019

Robin x

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PS:Thinking about a totally new and exciting business? These guys have been quietly building successfully for the past 8 years and then in 2018 they took a revolutionary step into new technology to drive the enormous success of many top online marketers and network marketers, as well as other independent company owners around the world! Their timing was perfect! JOIN US!

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How To Liquidate Your Gold?

Watch this excellent and inspiring video from a US teammate of mine in Karatbars, Mike Dalcoe, as he answers the common question: “Yeah, saving in gold sounds awesome, BUT, how do we get our money back…?”

When liquidation is the first question…

Posted by Michael El Dalcoe on Saturday, February 16, 2019

For those of you too busy to watch right now, here’s a quick summary of his video.

If you took $100k cash in 1970 and put it away safely until today, you would still have your $100k right?

But sadly, your $100k would now have around $16k purchasing power. That’s how little it would be worth – this is because of money printing leading to hidden inflation.

Instead, if in 1970 you switched your $100k into Gold, then today that would be worth $4 Million…

So, when people ask us, “How do we get our money back? How do we liquidate our gold?” we say to them, “You are asking the wrong questions!”

This question comes from our programming that paper money is real money. This video explains why everyone needs gold in their financial portfolio and why KARATBARS INTERNATIONAL is the best system of earning, keeping, growing and protecting your wealth!

Paper bills are not real money. They are currency. They are not a safe store of value.

So why would you want to be turning your gold assets back into rapidly devaluing paper money?

Of course, we ALL need some cash to live, to pay our daily living.


But the wise move, instead of thinking first about how to liquidate from gold into paper money, would be to keep your wealth in gold and just switch as little as possible back into paper.

Doesn’t it make sense to have your money working harder for you?

Stop chasing currency income that is falling in value every year and start accumulating MONEY that grows in value in year…. 

Oh and incidentally, it is as easy to liquidate some of your gold back into cash as it is to click on this link HERE to start your own f.ree Gold Account TODAY.


Robin x

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PS:Thinking about a totally new and exciting business? These guys have been quietly building successfully for the past 8 years and then in 2018 they took a revolutionary step into new technology to drive the enormous success of many top online marketers and network marketers, as well as other independent company owners around the world! Their timing was perfect! JOIN US!

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Timing – A Pure Gold Success Tip

In this post today, I want to talk about the ONE THING that can make the difference between success and disaster for your business. 🚀


In my experience, both in managing several offline businesses before founding my own successful venture, and in advising clients online as a business coach, I have found this to be critically important to get right.

I have worked as an employee too, for some diverse small businesses and also a couple of the biggest companies in the world across several continents and it’s amazing how none of them are immune to the dangers of getting their timing wrong.

And yes! I have made the mistake of not doing my due diligence and research before embarking on a project myself, thus falling flat on my face several months later!

So please watch my video and let me know if you get value from it. It helps you know!

If you haven’t found your ideal business yet then let make a suggestion – check THIS OUT and join me in a cutting-edge venture which is going to help many people rapidly accelerate their wealth over the next few years. 💥💖

Robin x

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PS:Thinking about a totally new and exciting business? These guys have been quietly building successfully for the past 8 years and then in 2018 they took a revolutionary step into new technology to drive the enormous success of many top online marketers and network marketers, as well as other independent company owners around the world! Their timing was perfect! JOIN US!

Win With Robin Podcast

Have you checked out my latest Podcast Show episode yet?


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Internet 3.0 and Gold – My Interview

Last week, I was lucky enough to interview Sean Moloney of Digital Business Masters and the incredible 50k a Month Club.

We had a great chat about the importance of financial education.

Internet 3.0

Things are always changing ever faster in our world. There is no doubt that we live in uncertain times both in politics and economics. Yet gold has held it’s value for hundreds, if not thousands of years and has been proven to always be a safe haven for wealth.

Famously, people talk about being able to buy today with a certain quantity of gold, what they could have bought several generations ago with the exact same amount. This is because gold has, unlike paper money, held it’s value. It is inflation-proof.

Internet 3.0

Imagine trying to buy a brand new pickup today with just $1,000…?

Recently, however, even gold saving has witnessed massive transformations.

The advent of Internet 3.0 or the ‘Internet of Money’ has changed everything.

Do you know what that means?

Internet 1.0 was email and the early internet.

Internet 2.0 was basically smartphone technology and how the internet suddenly became mobile.

Internet 3.0 is the latest phenomenon based on the fast developing Blockchain technology.

Internet 3.0

Now is a very good time to start saving in gold as the price has never been more affordable in real terms. On top of that, with Internet 3.0 the opportunities available to massively accelerate your wealth through tokenised-assets such as the KCB and KBC gold-backed coin have allowed ordinary people to achieve financial security in a way unimaginable a decade previously.

To underline that point further, this KBC coin is guaranteed to be exchangeable at a rate of 100 KBC for a gram of real physical gold on July 4th 2019, what is being dubbed, ‘Gold Independence Day.’

Internet 3.0

Right now, these coins are still priced at a few cents and so when you consider that a gram of gold is worth around $40, you can see the potential to make a significant wealth gain.

Watch our interview and then message me when you want to find out more about Internet 3.0 and gold.

Alternatively, if you want to grab your f.ree account today and start learning more, then go HERE.

I look forward to helping you achieve financial security with Internet 3.0 and gold.

Robin x

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Internet 3.0

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Could This be the Ultimate in Smart Passive Income?

Friday at last, right?

How has your week been? We’ve had a chaotic week with below zero temperatures and an unusually heavy fall of snow, considering we’re on a tiny island!

passive income

But apart from the weather, things are hotting up fast with my gold business! 💥

Almost every week, we’re building more and more features into our business ecosystem.

My coaching clients, fellow marketers and list subscribers, are always asking me about passive income opportunities and ‘push-button’ businesses.

Normally, I would tell you that there is no such thing as a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme or an ‘overnight-success’ story.

And [normally…] I would be dead right.

But sometimes… just sometimes, you can find ‘easier’ ways to make big bucks.

They almost always involve some hard work. And they are never EVER free!

HINT: If someone offers you an easy, quick, get-rich-quick, pays-in-cash scheme, with no experience required, just be aware that you will probably be spending the next few years in prison because you’ve become a drugs mule…!

But having said all that, there ARE some good ways to earn PASSIVE INCOME online.

Normally, they pay small and they pay slow.

Which is fine in and of itself. Consistent small actions can certainly amount to a healthy sum over time.

passive income

However… every so often, a MASSIVE opportunity comes along [for a very short time].

So, if you are looking for the Ultimate in ‘set and forget’ Smart Passive Income then you’ll understand how powerful Masternode ownership can be! 💥

Never heard of Masternodes?

Ha! In the interests of transparency, that was me also until a few days ago!

passive income

Find out more about what Masternodes actually are and more importantly, what they can do for you, HERE!

Or just watch my video below…

My gold business is offering us the chance to get our hands on some of these Masternodes and start earning the equivalent of an annual salary each and every month, totally on auto-pilot.💥

So my advice would be to start working to acquire your very own Masternode through my gold business today!

But be quick! As you can imagine these things won’t hang around for long… 🚀👍

Robin x

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PS:Thinking about a totally new and exciting business? These guys have been quietly building successfully for the past 8 years and then in 2018 they took a revolutionary step into new technology to drive the enormous success of many top online marketers and network marketers, as well as other independent company owners around the world! JOIN US!

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passive income

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