Make Artificial Intelligence Work for YOU!

We are used to stories about computer technology and artificial intelligence stealing our jobs, right? The robots are coming and all of that….

artificial intelligence

And there is no doubt that the spectre of automation plus the global shift towards a digital economy is costing us human jobs on a wholesale basis.

But we don’t have to let the robots have it all their own way.

And if we box clever, we can even use artificial intelligence to turn the advantage in our favour.

First however, allow us to introduce you to Luda Lee, who recently purported to be a female college student from South Korea.

artificial intelligence

Luda loved eating fried chicken, playing with cats, and scrolling through Instagram.

Luda was an instant hit online…

An artificial intelligence-powered chatbot, she was launched on Facebook on Dec 23 and became an instant hit with young people who raved about her cheerful disposition and ability to chat like a real person.

Her straight-talking ways attracted more than 750,000 users, with a cumulative log of nearly 70 million chats.

But just weeks later, she became mired in controversy for making offensive comments about disability and homosexuality, and sharing people’s personal information. Sadly, it became all too clear that she could quickly pick up bad habits and accurately mimic the behaviour of certain malignant elements who baited her and encouraged her to grow worse with every comment.

Luda’s creator, Seoul-based tech start-up Scatter Lab, apologised and has suspended the chatbot since Jan 11.

And across the world, robot technology is working against us mere humans every day of the week 24/7.

How can we compete?

It’s time to put the robots to work

Well, now we have a chance to use artificial intelligence systems to work for us rather than against us. Trading systems which analyse the human aspects of business and economic behaviour in addition to the mechanics of the financial and technological sectors they operate in.

Artificial intelligence algorithms which can predict human behaviour but not fall prey to copying our mistakes like Luda did. Emotionless trading that never sleeps…

artificial intelligence

What does this mean in real terms?

In a nutshell – when the market goes up, we win. When the market goes down, we win.

daisy decentralized ai system

The DAISY system from Endotech, headed by Dr Anna Becker, is a proven platform which has already been successful handling billions of dollars for high-end clients, many of whom gladly pay upwards of 5 figures for the privilege of being part of the system.

The big news here today, is that due to a crowdfunding initiative, the DAISY platform is being opened up for ordinary people to prosper with the entry ticket priced at only $100.

Watch this short video to get a better idea of what DAISY is about.

This week sees Launch 2.0 take place

The original launch in January was so successful, they broke the internet and only a handful of people managed to get onboard before the platform buckled under the deluge of traffic.

For the last two months, the platform has made deep changes to their technical teams and radically overhauled the user interface to ensure the re-launch will be bulletproof as will their other plans over the next few months.

Even small amounts invested have returned very healthy returns, consistently between 15 and 30 % and so all eyes are on the DAISY team to see exactly when they will be up and running again.

The latest intel is that the re-launch will be on or around March 19th which is next Friday.

artificial intelligence works

And the really EXCITING news for you lucky people reading this article is the incredible BONUS features about the relaunch on Friday.

This project is a crowdfunding venture. Half our stake goes into a crowdfund investment, traded by artificial intelligence programs, see image above with our initial $100. The other half goes into the payouts and there are TEN levels, or matrices. Normally, you’d have to invest big to leverage the deeper levels. Each new level costs double the one before it, Hence, $100, $200, and so tier 3 would cost $400, the next one $800 and so on.

But for the FIRST 5 DAYS there will be no qualification to EARN TEN LEVELS DEEP. This will mean there should be an opportunity to earn significant incomes from ‘spillover’ as many tens of thousands of investors jump on the DAISY platform.

Can you SEE why we are so excited about this project?

Income Disclaimer: Income is not guaranteed and past performance is not an indication of future returns.

Come and join our Facebook group Defiantly Digital this week and together we can prosper from the Blockchain Revolution!

with daisy we are creating history

Remember the Party starts on the 19th of March

People ask us for an early-bird ticket. There isn’t one…!

Imagine DAISY is like receiving an invitation to a party. You have been given a Launch Party Date (19th of March). You might even have a key to the door of the house where the party will be. You’ve been asked to arrive at a certain time; not before.

  1. You have a map to get there (Your TronLink Wallet).
  2. You know the address (
  3. You have a key, or about to receive it (the referral link)
  4. If you try to open the door before you are invited, there will be a big sign inside the door that says NOBODY HOME!!

In other words, you need to wait until the party starts. Until then, we can prepare just like we do when we are going to a party. Get ready. The fun starts soon. Meanwhile, keep an eye on our Facebook group Defiantly Digital