How To Liquidate Your Gold?

Watch this excellent and inspiring video from a US teammate of mine in Karatbars, Mike Dalcoe, as he answers the common question: “Yeah, saving in gold sounds awesome, BUT, how do we get our money back…?”

When liquidation is the first question…

Posted by Michael El Dalcoe on Saturday, February 16, 2019

For those of you too busy to watch right now, here’s a quick summary of his video.

If you took $100k cash in 1970 and put it away safely until today, you would still have your $100k right?

But sadly, your $100k would now have around $16k purchasing power. That’s how little it would be worth – this is because of money printing leading to hidden inflation.

Instead, if in 1970 you switched your $100k into Gold, then today that would be worth $4 Million…

So, when people ask us, “How do we get our money back? How do we liquidate our gold?” we say to them, “You are asking the wrong questions!”

This question comes from our programming that paper money is real money. This video explains why everyone needs gold in their financial portfolio and why KARATBARS INTERNATIONAL is the best system of earning, keeping, growing and protecting your wealth!

Paper bills are not real money. They are currency. They are not a safe store of value.

So why would you want to be turning your gold assets back into rapidly devaluing paper money?

Of course, we ALL need some cash to live, to pay our daily living.


But the wise move, instead of thinking first about how to liquidate from gold into paper money, would be to keep your wealth in gold and just switch as little as possible back into paper.

Doesn’t it make sense to have your money working harder for you?

Stop chasing currency income that is falling in value every year and start accumulating MONEY that grows in value in year…. 

Oh and incidentally, it is as easy to liquidate some of your gold back into cash as it is to click on this link HERE to start your own f.ree Gold Account TODAY.


Robin x

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