Breathe Deep and Let Things Go

Let Go Of Things


At this time of year, I find it a useful exercise to take a deep breath and Let Things Go.

As we come to the end of another year I like to think about what has worked for me in the past year and what hasn’t. Often I will still be working through stuff and won’t have totally mastered whatever it is and that’s fine and dandy. You can’t expect everything to work for you immediately and I’m sure we’ve all got stuff sitting on our hard drive that we’ve meant to get to grips with in 2014 but we just ran out of time.

No, what I’m talking about is the things that you’ve been doing consistently throughout the year or longer in many cases.

There is no point hanging on to outmoded working methods that don’t yield you results. The phrase ‘Slow and steady wins the race…‘ has to be one of the worst myths that will kill your business if you don’t address WHY it is that your business is still slow and steady – or maybe just slow.

So, maybe you should ask yourself if you need to let things go?

Change can be painful and difficult but rarely will you instigate massive change in your business without it yielding massive results.

At this time of year you need to lift your head a little higher than normal and start thinking strategically instead of getting bogged down in the minutiae of everyday problems.

Look back over the whole year and see where you excelled and where you fell flat on your face.

Then look forward to 2015 and think about how you can not only avoid the same traps that you fell into this year but also maximise the positives and build on your success.

Often this can dent your ego somewhat. But the longer you are in denial about the challenges and problems that you refuse to do anything about, the harder it will be when you eventually are forced to let things go.

And taken to extremes, the things you might have to let go of if you don’t sort out your priorities might just ending up being; your house, your car, your marriage…

So, time to take a deep breath, my friends!

Take care!


Robin Robin


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