Know Your Numbers

Welcome to our Spreadsheets 101 Course!

As a DBM Coach, I speak to a LOT of aspiring entrepreneurs!

And it’s become very obvious that knowing your numbers is one of the most critical elements to success in any business context. Yet so few people have an accurate handle on this.

And one of the main reasons is a lack of confidence with Spreadsheets.

So that is why I have created this Spreadsheets 101 course. ✅
A series of easy-to-follow videos that you can work through in your own time.

But we don’t leave you lost at sea. There is a monthly LIVE Q & A on Zoom with me, Robin, where you can ask me ANY questions or get me to explain how to fix whatever issues you are having with your spreadsheets. ✅

Soon you too will have the same confidence to accurately chart your progress and go on to plan the growth of your online business faster.

Learn to master Excel spreadsheets quickly and start flexing your financial muscles! 💪

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