Internet 3.0 and Gold – My Interview

Last week, I was lucky enough to interview Sean Moloney of Digital Business Masters and the incredible 50k a Month Club.

We had a great chat about the importance of financial education.

Internet 3.0

Things are always changing ever faster in our world. There is no doubt that we live in uncertain times both in politics and economics. Yet gold has held it’s value for hundreds, if not thousands of years and has been proven to always be a safe haven for wealth.

Famously, people talk about being able to buy today with a certain quantity of gold, what they could have bought several generations ago with the exact same amount. This is because gold has, unlike paper money, held it’s value. It is inflation-proof.

Internet 3.0

Imagine trying to buy a brand new pickup today with just $1,000…?

Recently, however, even gold saving has witnessed massive transformations.

The advent of Internet 3.0 or the ‘Internet of Money’ has changed everything.

Do you know what that means?

Internet 1.0 was email and the early internet.

Internet 2.0 was basically smartphone technology and how the internet suddenly became mobile.

Internet 3.0 is the latest phenomenon based on the fast developing Blockchain technology.

Internet 3.0

Now is a very good time to start saving in gold as the price has never been more affordable in real terms. On top of that, with Internet 3.0 the opportunities available to massively accelerate your wealth through tokenised-assets such as the KCB and KBC gold-backed coin have allowed ordinary people to achieve financial security in a way unimaginable a decade previously.

To underline that point further, this KBC coin is guaranteed to be exchangeable at a rate of 100 KBC for a gram of real physical gold on July 4th 2019, what is being dubbed, ‘Gold Independence Day.’

Internet 3.0

Right now, these coins are still priced at a few cents and so when you consider that a gram of gold is worth around $40, you can see the potential to make a significant wealth gain.

Watch our interview and then message me when you want to find out more about Internet 3.0 and gold.

Alternatively, if you want to grab your f.ree account today and start learning more, then go HERE.

I look forward to helping you achieve financial security with Internet 3.0 and gold.

Robin x

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Internet 3.0

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