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How To Add Ready-To-Buy Leads To Your Email List In Just 7 Minutes

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Do you need to generate leads for your business? Of course you do. We ALL do!

But I’m not talking about someone who hesitantly enters their email (or puts a fake one in.)

But leads that are top QUALITY.

As in… people who are ready-to-buy.

And what if I could show you how you could generate leads like these at a profit?

My friend Tim Erway just recorded a brand new list-building crash course that will show you how to add ready-to-buy leads to your email list RIGHT NOW.

You know I’m big on Traffic and I’ve done very well over the last few months with my own traffic business, doubling my list in fact.

I’ve been doing so well that last week I bought my wife her dream house by the ocean and I paid CASH. But I don’t mean to brag here I just want you to know that I know a good thing when I see it when it comes to traffic.

BUT – You may have experienced another problem – I know I have in the past!

There is only one thing that’s worse than getting NO TRAFFIC after launching a new ad campaign.

And that’s getting visitors that come to your page, look around, and immediately leave.

You stare at your ad manager and see clicks.

But then you log into your auto-responder, and hear the sound of crickets and tumble-weed blowing through.

The reason is simple.

Your capture page is incongruent with your ad.

In other words…

The people who get to your website, don’t want what you’re offering.

And what’s really disappointing, is you’re spending your hard earned cash to generate leads to your page, just to see them bounce off in mere seconds.

This is a big time problem with many capture pages.

I own a traffic business and I know that throwing more traffic at your page is hardly the answer.

It would make just as much sense as trying to fill up a bucket full of holes with water.

Bottom line is…

If your page is not converting, it’s got big gaping holes that are leaking traffic.

The only solution is to patch up these holes by offering your visitors what they want.

A lead magnet that is so compelling, that your prospect will say – I want this now.

So, I’ve got your back.

In this new list-building crash course, Tim Erway will show you the missing ingredient to creating that perfect lead magnet.

As well as the secret sauce to making your lead-generation campaigns profitable.

Here’s how to patch your leaky capture page and start getting leads RIGHT NOW.


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Keep smiling!

Robin x

Your Black Belt Success Coach

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generate leads at a profit

PS:So we know that Success is rarely a straight line right? 

But getting your business off the ground in the first place is the greatest challenge…there are so many forces weighing you down and keeping you from gaining upward momentum.
Even when you’re picking up speed and finally have enough lift to start climbing higher, there will be various challenges pulling and pushing you left and right, making it difficult to keep everything balanced and on track.
But…once you’ve reached “cruising altitude,” things get MUCH easier.
Find out more in this value-packed blog post.



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