This is what Financial Freedom looks like

This is what Financial Freedom looks like!



IF YOU ARE READING THIS, YOU HAVE AN INSTINCT FOR YOUR FINANCIAL WELL BEING…you understand the need to secure you and your families financial present and future, even to create financial freedom.

You appreciate this will not happen by you watching and taking in information – at some point you need to take action.

What you will read next is exactly what Financial Freedom looks like…

This is where most STOP ✋ – they are left letting life just happen, living in hope something turns up.

We are, right now involved in a project that has the makings of providing a significant shift in the financial prospects of ALL – not just the wealthy, the insiders or the established but ALL who take the time to study HOW and WHY personal asset ownership is the ONLY route to security and financial freedom…. let me break it down…..

KARATBARS towards the end of 2018…. following its inception in 2011 and our own personal monitoring and positioning inside the project since 2016….

➡️ Here’s my take on what the guarantee announcement of 100 KBC = 1 Gram of gold on Independence Day, July 4, 2019 will do for the cryptocurrency market.

The crypto market will have its first coin that has a stable value that is tied to gold and easily exchangeable from KBC to gold through Karatbars’ KaratBit exchange.Because of the ease in exchangeability between the two there will be stability to the value of KBC. KBC will not vary far from the market price for gold. For instance, if the price of 1 gram of gold equals $50 on July 4, 2019, then each KBC coin will equal 50 cents. Should the market price for KBC drop below 50 cents a coin then people holding the coin will exchange it for gold and make a profit. On the other hand should the market price for KBC rise above 50 cents a coin then people will buy Cashgold from Karatbars and exchange it for KBC and STILL make a profit. So there will be stability for the KBC, it will be linked to the value of gold.

This means KBC will be a stable coin that can be relied upon in the growing cryptocurrency market. This is especially important when compared to say Bitcoin, which can (and does) fluctuate wildly in short periods of time as it has no true basis to its value (just like £/$/€ for that matter!).

The KBC will be stable to the price of gold at 100 KBC to 1 gram of gold on July 4, 2019. However, that doesn’t mean that this will always be the ratio of KBC to gold. Karatbars’ ecosystem is expanding rapidly and will continue to do so. The ecosystem already comprises of 2 gold mines, banks in Miami and Hong Kong, a crypto exchange opening November 1, upcoming new products like the blockchain phone and ATMs, the potential for a future stock exchange based on our blockchain, and on and on.

This ecosystem will increase the amount of gold available for the KBC. At certain points of time in the future the Karatbars leadership team will decide that the ratio of KBC to gold can be adjusted upward. For instance it may go to 75 KBC = 1 gram of gold in January 2020. If that happens the stability will still be there between KBC and gold, the only difference is the value of the KBC will have increased.

There could be a time that the stability that KBC will provide to the crypto currency market place will make it the preferred coin to use in crypto transactions, and it will eventually replace Bitcoin in the marketplace.
(This is the quest for many Blockchain based currencies – it’s clear Blockchain will form some basis for how humans “exchange value”…the question is what form will it take and how to be a part of it as an early adopter).

As mentioned above, the value of KBC will continue to increase in increments as the Karatbars ecosystem grows. This will provide long term value for people holding the coin.

➡️ All that being said, TODAY SUNDAY OCTOBER 31st, you can buy KBC for less than 2 cents a coin with the guarantee that on July 4, 2019 that coin will grow to somewhere around 40 cents (based on today’s Gold price in USD).

Thus there is, at this moment, an opportunity that may never come again in our lifetime, to greatly increase your financial position, wealth and financial stability. If you do not currently own any KBC I would strongly encourage you to setup a personal gold account with Karatbars and buy KBC.

➡️ Today you can buy multipacks of KCB, which comes with “gifted” KBC into the many thousands of coin…

For example;
€3000 = €750 worth of coins or 75 000KBC
100KBC = 1gram of Gold (€35 at today’s gold price) = 750grams of Gold
750grams = €26 200

That means you’ll get out almost NINE TIMES what you put in.

What if you owned 750 000 coins?

True Financial Freedom – how good would that feel…?

As I stated at the top, this is my take. It is based on research and a very close following of Karatbars over this past year or so. I believe in Karatbars and the vision of its founder Harald Seiz. I believe in the incredible team he has assembled. I am not a financial adviser or financial planner. I am just an affiliate and advocate of the project and passionate about waking people up to the need to create their OWN economy with Assets.

What to do next?

If I were you, I wouldn’t waste another minute – this deal runs out midnight October 31st European time.


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Keep Smiling!

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