What’s Your Excuse This Time?

So, what’s YOUR excuse this time?


Hey Happy Friday everyone!
This Friday, we’re going to talk about excuses, and as a coach, I hear more than my fair share of excuses, let me tell you!

So, are you having a ‘pity party’ with yourself because you just can’t get your online business off the ground? You’ve likely got plenty of excuses to justify watching those television reruns rather than getting off the couch and sitting at your computer to figure it out.

Whatever your excuse might be, I’m here to tell you that it’s bogus. 💥

Anyone can succeed in this business if they just make the effort to gain the knowledge and set aside the time they need to make it happen.

Even you!


Here are some of the crap stories / ‘excuses’ you might be using and why they’re just that – excuses:

1. I’m too old. Are you on your death bed? If not, you’re not too old to make a success of your online business.

I was in my fifties before I began my online ventures.👴🏻

Stop thinking of yourself as “old,” and replace that thought with “I’ve got the time and the wisdom to succeed.”

Success has nothing to do with age – but has everything to do with determination and faith in yourself. There are plenty of baby boomers like me and even older peeps who are online, cashing in big-time.💲

So don’t lie and say it has anything to do with the year you were born.

2. I don’t have time. Remind yourself that everyone has the same amount of time every day and many success stories have happened with people much busier than you. Author Danielle Steele, had three babies (two in nappies) and managed to write five novels before she had one accepted. 🎖️ Now, that’s determination.

3. The market is saturated. That’s likely the biggest excuse that I hear people say for them not succeeding in Internet marketing.

It’s a myth.

The market is nowhere near saturated and in fact, it’s desperate for new ideas and new marketing strategies from someone willing to take the time and effort to make it happen. There are literally millions of people using the internet for the first time, every single year.

Set yourself apart from other marketers and stop telling yourself you don’t have a chance. 🚫

People have different teaching styles and everyone has an audience who wants to learn in the way that you teach.

4. No one will help me. Then help yourself! There’s plenty of help out there if you simply take the time to find it. There are forums and blogs, websites and videos which can bolster your faith in yourself and help you overcome obstacles during the journey to success. Don’t wait for someone to help you. Just do it.

5. I don’t have the money. Perhaps one of the lamest of excuses. There’s plenty of freebies out there for those who are struggling to make ends meet while getting their businesses off the ground. This will give you a real business for the outlay of one dollar.

You don’t have to purchase every shiny new object out there.

That’s probably what you’ve been doing, if you’re honest with yourself. Confusion breeds consumption, right?

Instead, concentrate on what will help you most in your business endeavours and then go for it!

6. “They” tell me not to waste my time. You’re wasting time by giving “them” a second thought. If all the successful people in the world had listened to others tell them why “it” couldn’t be done, we’d still be in the Dark Ages.

So what’s your excuse for not succeeding?

Excuses are roadblocks you put in front of yourself to prevent you from achieving success. Analyse each “excuse,” and you’ll find that they really can’t prevent you from reaching your goals – only you can.

Keep Smiling!

Robin Morton

Your Black Belt Success Coach

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