It’s time to become your own Bank

Traditionally, when you wanted to liquidate some crypto into fiat currency to live your life, pay bills etc, you usually had to sell on a digital exchange.

But now Nexo allows you to collateralise your crypto assets and borrow against your holdings – so you never need to sell your crypto.

Now you can borrow at advantageous rates without the need for a grasping bank middle-man.

Even better – you can stake your crypto, often for more than the cost of borrowing against your crypto and so your borrowing effectively becomes free or you even get PAID to borrow. This is a great facility for those who are trying to bootstrap their new blockchain business.

The Nexo platform is all online and fully automatic.

And because you are borrowing rather than selling, there is no tax implication either.

So go ahead, it’s time to become your OWN Bank…!