Create Pillar Content BEFORE You Do Anything

Create Pillar Content BEFORE You Do Anything

Today is a special day for us here.

It’s our annual ‘World Stone Skimming Championships’ and my entire island looks more like a car park than anything.pillar content

My island is built mainly of slate and until a tidal wave about 150 years ago, it was one of the leading sources for slate used to tile roofs. The slate quarries were completely flooded and the industry was finished overnight.

There is Easdale slate on rooftops all over the world.

Nowadays, it’s normally just a peaceful and idyllic haven.

But not today!

With some neat marketing, the organisers have managed to draw in hundreds of people from all over the world, just to watch people skimming tiny slate stones over the flat water of one of the disused quarries.

In 1997, I was fourth [in the entire world…!] but really it’s mainly for the tourists.

Anyways, today I want to teach you about an important and simple way to vastly increase your lead generation, engagement AND build your AUTHORITY.


Some of you might know it better as;

• Flagship
• Anchor
• Cornerstone
• Redwood / Evergreen / Perennial

But do you know what it is exactly?

And how to use it?

We’re mostly talking about your blog here, but Pillar Content could equally be a YouTube video or a podcast. For me, it works best as a blog post.

Pillar Content is content that you have taken considerable time and care to create.

It’s thorough, relevant to your niche and therefore valuable.

The name Pillar Content comes from the fact that content like this is strong enough to carry the weight of your entire blog.

pillar content

If you’re being strategic about your online business, you’d want to create Pillar Content first, before any other.

You might spend time creating it but you’ll spend far more time promoting it again and again and again.

That’s why people call it Evergreen, because you refer people back to it over and over again over a long period of time.

Done right, your Pillar Content becomes the ‘go-to’ resource for that chosen topic in your niche.

It supports your brand promise, establishes trust and credibility AND pre-sells your prospects.

It creates the desired result of long-term ongoing traffic.

It creates goodwill, establishes your BRAND, builds authority and powerful engagement.

My top tip is to keep going back to your Pillar Content and updating it. Keep adding more and more quality content to build more authority, get more social sharing and back-links.

So go back to your blogs and create some ‘Killer Pillar’ content today.

If you already have some blog posts that you are particularly proud of, or that have been well-received, then make them your pillar content by adding even more valuable content. Then keep adding more over time.

pillar content


If you want to quickly learn how to sky-rocket your engagement, lead-flow traffic, authority  AND sales then click the image.



The Google bots love Pillar Content because they see it as being popular because it get’s tons of visitors, lots of engagement and gets shared a lot.

Still unsure?

Here’s an example:

You name your blog post ‘The Top SEO Tricks of 2018.’

You might start with 10 tricks.

After a while you could add 5 more.

Then in 2019 you could rename the title [ but NOT the URL…!] to the Top SEO Tricks of 2019.

You’d keep ALL of the content already there in the blog post but add fresh content above it.

Then add some more new tricks.

Then add some other relevant content that people interested in SEO would find useful.

Then add more SEO tricks as you find them.

Then in 2020 you could add even more content and re-title it as Top SEO Tricks of 2020.

Get it?

What you end up having is a fantastic resource which basically OWNS the niche topic of SEO Tricks. It will contain everything there is to know about SEO and consequently it will get a flood of leads every single day!

NOW you get it…., right?

That’s it for today!

If you want more help with this or you don’t understand any of these things, then I seriously urge you to check out this free training TODAY!

Keep Smiling!

Robin Morton

Your Black Belt Success Coach

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pillar content

Me and Misha Wilson

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