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Of course, 20/20 hindsight is always a great thing… I am sure many of us would have invested in those unconventional Apple, Google or Facebook stocks back in 2005 if we had understood how these companies and systems would be routinely changing our world by 2018….

So it’s an interesting world when we are able to use the information we all now have access to, via the internet, to work hard on finding the next waves of influence on how people are going to live and work.

The blockchain is one such innovation, but is it enough on its own to actually act and participate in as an investment?

Maybe? However, when you marry up blockchain technology with the oldest and most conventional form of tangible Asset there has ever been, then that’s when things get interesting….

It is exactly why we work with Karatbars…. we understand the need to protect ourselves in Gold ownership AND we also under the need to create position in decentralised accounts away from the greedy and meddling Banks.

Lets take a look at how we are accelerating Assets we OWN using the Karatbars Eco System…

karatbars universe

🕔Think very carefully about this….

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