So you work 167 years, CEO works a year…

So you work 167 years, CEO works a year…



In the UK where I live, they’ve just published research into CEO and executive salaries compared to those of ‘average’ workers.

Joe Average saw pay rises of just under 2% in 2017 whereas the pay for chief executives sky-rocketed by 11% over the same period.

If that doesn’t worry you enough then what about this? Your average worker would have to work 167 years to earn what his CEO boss takes home in a single year.

Yes, you read that right…!

All this, despite the firm pledge of government to reduce the pay gap.

In fact, the gap is rising faster than ever.

And the story is the same all over the Western world.

The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

Now, asides from the obvious social, moral and political issues this might throw up, it also makes it blindingly obvious for an entrepreneur like me, where I want to be in this equation.

CEOWe all know the famous Robert Kiyosaki ‘Cash Flow Quadrant.’

This latest news is further evidence that we need to get over to the right hand side of the quadrant and FAST!

Why? Because that’s where the money is!


The situation with the economy isn’t likely to help you sleep better at night either.

Interest rates are on the rise and all the ‘smart’ money know that inflation is going to become a huge problem very soon.

The property sector is seen as being in a bubble and that bubble is about to burst.

Governments are printing money like there’s no tomorrow and two of the biggest economic powerhouses, namely the US and China are squaring up for an all-out currency war which will further devalue fiat or paper money.

So where does all of that leave us?

Well, again it points to the urgent need for CEOpeople to educate themselves and then get positioned AHEAD of the money by investing in gold. In fact it would make total sense right now to sell property and switch it into gold.

And for the ordinary man in the street, there is now the opportunity to turn the tables for the first time ever.

Gold can now be purchased in tiny amounts and then put to work.

Harnessing the power of crypto, particularly when you have a stake in the world’s first ever licensed crypto bank, like I do and you can too, then gives the chance to turbo-charge your gold wealth into amounts previously unimaginable to ordinary people and maybe even give some of those CEO types a run for their money.

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Keep Smiling!

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