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Hello from a wild and windswept Scottish island! 😜
We had ridiculous storms last night with power cuts and all kinds of mayhem.
But at least it blew all the rain away and I can see blue sky on the horizon, so we’re all good!  

And TODAY is a really special day anyway, as we proudly launch our new coaching program!  
3 Months To Positive Cash Flow
coaching plan

As long term 1-2-1 coaches, we know the value of mentorship and love the results our clients achieve.

But we also know that not everyone has the funds OR the confidence to sign up for expensive or long-term coaching.

You know what I mean, right?
All those ‘high ticket sales’ coaching courses that cost an arm and a leg.

We’re sick and tired of seeing people throw good m.oney after bad, month after month, year after year.

We hate the fact that 97% of online businesses fail.

We want to stop you from digging yourself deeper into a financial hole.

We know what it’s like to paint on a smile and pretend to ourselves and loved ones that our ‘internet thingy’ is actually working when we know deep down that it isn’t…

We’ve been there.

And we know it doesn’t have to be that way!

3 months coaching to cash flow
That’s exactly why we devised this short-term coaching where you get THREE COACHES for the price of one.  

Decades of experience, different perspectives, all taking you to the same place of POSITIVE CASHFLOW.  

Just you and your three coaches, every month for three months.  

With the sole purpose of building your positive cash flow machine.  

Here’s what we have in store for you from today onwards…  

Set Your Mind for Success
Allow our team of coaches to guide you away from overwhelm and onto your road map for success.
Unlock the key to positive cash flow and stop throwing money into a financial hole.
Learn exactly what to focus on to achieve the results that you have been looking for.

Build Your System
Tap into years of practical experience from up to 3 coaches who have found the success you want.
Utilize our training in mindset, skills and systems.
Find out the latest methods to accelerate cash flow income with tried and tested platforms.

Overcome Challenges
Discover what has been stopping you and learn how to confront and overcome your challenges.
Develop new skills through education and training to sharpen your axe.
Grow in confidence along with your increasing asset wealth.

Plan Your Future
Build a solid foundation for near-term cash flow and a strategy for longer-term income.
Deploy assets to produce a life-long blueprint for financial success.
Enjoy greater choices and freedom through positive cash flow.  

So, if you like the sound of that and you aren’t happy with how 2021 has panned out, then JOIN our COACHING program TODAY…! 
coaching journey starts here
Start Your Coaching Journey Today!

Coaching, Mindset & Adventure

Last week, I was lucky enough to interview one of the DBM Academy coaches, mindset specialist, Willemijn Wolters, and we had a fun-packed chat about online business, the importance of coaching, and the many passive-income opportunities afforded via the blockchain.

Oh yes, all that AND pirates too…!


So please join us for a high-spirited talk about life on the high seas and then learn about our unique collaboration with the Digital Business Masters Academy.

Find out how you could grab your discounted seat with our ‘3-month to Cashflow’ Coaching Program where you’ll benefit from the wisdom of up to FOUR different coaches for the price of one.

Imagine how powerful it would be to have the combined wisdom and experience of 4 successful blockchain entrepreneurs who have walked the walk and are happy to share their knowledge so as to help others escape from the current broken financial system.

3 month coaching to cashflow

The brainchild of Willemijn Wolters, our 3-month course is designed to move you into positive cashflow from the outset.

As experienced entrepreneurs, we’re sick and tired of seeing people throwing good money after bad into a financial hole, month after month, year after year, often with no financial success at the end of the process. We understand that cashflow is critical to your ongoing business success, so we help you access simple, proven passive income generators so you are ahead of the game as soon as possible.

So, if that’s of interest to you then visit the DBM Academy HERE…!

Alternatively, if you just want to hook up with me, Robin Morton and discover more about the exciting world of defi and blockchain, then click HERE or on the image below and come over to my FB group Defiantly Digital, where things are moving FAST…!.

There’s so much scope for improving your financial position via defi and the blockchain, so whatever you do, don’t just sit on your hands, and then six months from now, wonder what the heck happened.

Soccer lessons for business owners

I am almost hesitating to mention football, soccer for our US friends.

Our close neighbours England, have just qualified for the European Championship Finals on Sunday with poor Scotland failing once again to get beyond the knockout stages.

However, I believe sports like soccer, have many lessons for us online business owners.

So let’s kick off, shall we?

As we get ready for the Euro finals in a few days, I’d like to argue that the game has more relevance to the business world, especially startups, than many sports. Most competitive sports expect teamwork, commitment, endurance, and a can-do attitude.

But soccer, especially at an international level, goes way beyond that.

‘Dad, it’s football, not golf!’

My son, said this to me last night as we watched England beat Denmark in the semi-final after I had criticised the heavy tackles and, to my mind, generally loutish behaviour.

And he had a good point.

Fast-moving, constantly changing, and goal-oriented, soccer sounds very much like starting a new business venture, especially in the dynamic world of blockchain technology. And it’s the polar opposite of the uber-privileged, considered, and painfully pedestrian pace of our local golf course.

So, here are a few lessons that soccer can teach us about business

1. Keep it Simple

Defending and scoring goals is to soccer what expenses and revenues are to business. It’s fun to get creative with fancy footwork and elaborate set-pieces, but at the end of the day, it comes down to executing those two clear-cut but hard-to-achieve fundamentals.

2. Embrace the Contact

Being shy, scared of confrontation and reluctant to take risks don’t sound like great qualities in an entrepreneur. Sports like soccer, teach you to embrace the contact, being forceful if required. But also to be agile and flexible enough to work around obstacles that get in your way. Be faster than your competition and you will be more likely to win.

3. Be Flexible

A 90-minute game of soccer is a series of rapid adjustments, often it is a timely substitution that turns a game around. Like business, where we have to anticipate where things might go wrong and build strategies around those situations.

You never know what might happen to the weather during a game. It could be too hot or conversely, the heavens could open and it becomes freezing cold, especially in Scotland! So soccer teaches us that we have to be able to operate in different environments and where circumstances might not always be within our control.

4. Don’t overthink it!

This last one is a favourite of mine. Over the last few weeks, I have seen horrendous mistakes being made where soccer players have hesitated too much due to over-thinking what to do next. The teams which played best were the ones where their passing and running was fast, instinctive and relying on gut instinct.

In our online business space, we talk about ‘analysis paralysis.’ And in the fast-paced defi space, being agile and always looking six months ahead are key attributes for business success.

Right now, I am very busy helping my own team of star players build their asset-wealth passive-income positions within my inner circle group which we call our Round Table. If you’d like a seat at this table then email or message me and let’s talk okay!

Ditch the Fear, Do the Thing and Feel So Much Better!

Fear holds us back from the life we deserve.

It’s an instinctive emotion, designed to keep us safe, but boy does it send us mixed messages in today’s fast-paces and complex world.

And as my coaching and Inner Circle groups grow, I can see common threads emerging which prevent you from achieving your goals. And Fear is one of the biggies…!

I totally get it! Online business can be a scary place. But I promise you it’s nowhere near as bad as you think.

What’s that old acronym?


  • False
  • Expectations
  • Appearing
  • Real

Take my parachute jumping for example…

I overcame my fear to make a charity parachute jump

When I made my first parachute jump, I was terrified. I’d just started a new job and a bunch of guys were doing it and one had to pull out at the last moment due to injury.

In a moment of bravado, I had said in the staff canteen that it was a shame I hadn’t had any training or I would have happily stepped in [or out, as it happened..] to make up the numbers. The event was the upcoming weekend and this was a Thursday.

The other guys said it wouldn’t be an issue, they would make sure I got the training and a waiver to sign was in front of my face quicker than, well, than a plummeting Scotsman hopelessly out of his depth.

So off we went on the Saturday morning and enroute to the airfield, we discovered that a young woman had been killed at the same venue the previous month doing the exact same thing as us. She landed on the spinning rotors of a helicopter. We were assured that ‘things were different’ now and that could ‘never’ happen again.

To cut a long story short, my fear was real and on the actual jump, I was scared witless. It’s only when you are staring out of a tiny hole in a perfectly-serviceable aircraft at a patchwork of even smaller fields and towns far below and someone is screaming at you to jump out [the plane was small and incredibly noisy], that you understand what real fear is.

But guess what? Once I was actually airborne, I totally loved it! And the second I hit the ground, in a safely controlled manner, I wanted to go back up and do it all again.

And since that day, I have done lots of things that might sound scary to some. Driven racing cars, hitchhiked through LA, hidden from rebel bandits in a South American jungle, borrowed a million bucks to start a health business and become a published author.

All of which I probably wouldn’t have considered prior to my sky-diving due to being a slave to fear.

Stop being a slave to fear

Now very little scares me, apart from all the usual ‘family-type’ things.

And my life is far richer for that. In so many different ways.

So my message today is to go out there, confront your fears and DO THE THING…!

Here’s some additional inspiration from the amazing Susan Jeffers PhD from her best-seller, ‘Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

The Five Truths About Fear
by Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.


The fear will never go away as long as you continue to grow!
Every time you take a step into the unknown, you experience fear. There is no point in saying, “When I am no longer afraid, then I will do it.” You’ll be waiting for a long time. The fear is part of the package.


The only way to get rid of the fear of doing something is to go out and…do it!
When you do it often enough, you will no longer be afraid in that particular situation. You will have faced the unknown and you will have handled it. Then new challenges await you, which certainly add to the excitement in living.


The only way to feel better about yourself is to go out and…do it!
With each little step you take into unknown territory, a pattern of strength develops. You begin feeling stronger and stronger and stronger.


Not only are you afraid when facing the unknown, so is everyone else!
This should be a relief. You are not the only one out there feeling fear. Everyone feels fear when taking a step into the unknown. Yes, all those people who have succeeded in doing what they have wanted to do in life have felt the fear – and did it anyway. So can you!


Pushing through fear is less frightening than living with the bigger underlying fear that comes from a feeling of helplessness!
This is the one truth that some people have difficulty understanding. When you push through the fear, you will feel such a sense of relief as your feeling of helplessness subsides. You will wonder why you did not take action sooner. You will become more and more aware that you can truly handle anything that life hands you.

To Your Success!


Education is Your Key

Education is the key to taking confident empowered action in this dynamic space.

Let us help you to unlock your digital potential.

Friday at last, right?  
And what an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G week it has been!🚀  

Earlier in the week, we broke the internet with the launch of our new crowdfunding and AI trading platform!   It was insane…!   

The good news is that it has gone offline now for a couple of days while they beef up the site and open up a fresh set of smart contracts.  

In essence, they are moving from a single-track road to a seven-lane highway…  

Despite that, we had 55 000 sign-ups and many gazillions of income and that can’t be bad, right?  

Then when it opens up again, all the original launch benefits will be live for a second time!   So stay tuned for my announcement [probably Sunday or Monday] over on our Defiantly Digital FB Group and get ready to JUMP…!  

If you can’t wait that long to find out more, then check out this 2 min launch video or click on the image below, but don’t sign up until the new platform is ready and you get the go-ahead from me, okay?

And, in the meantime…. ⬇️⬇️⬇️   I have been a busy boy!!

I have started an entry-level Blockchain Basics workshop, designed to take away the fear that many people have about the crypto space.

Too many people get scammed or frightened off from getting into this dynamic space and so I wanted to cover the very basic elements of; What is the Blockchain, How to get crypto safely and securely then finally, What to do with it after that.

So, if you’re unsure about blockchain and the whole crypto space, come along next and every Wednesday at 11 am GMT / 6 am EST and also at 7 pm GMT / 2 pm EST.
Here’s the Zoom link for the 11 am and go HERE for the 7 pm and the password for both is crypto

It is quick and f.ree and the focus is on education so there’s nothing to buy etc. We have a Q & A at the end and there’s no such thing as a silly question!

To Your Success!


Take My 90 Day Action Plan

I think 2021 is going to be a pivotal year and totally MASSIVE in terms of personal and economic growth

It’s YOUR time to grow into the person you were meant to be.

My 90 Day Action Plan can help you transform your 2021

* To hold back is to never know what you are capable of.

* To fear the unknown is to live with the bitterness of regret.

* To fall victim to the misinformed opinions of others is to betray your own judgement.

* To stay in your comfort zone is to limit your life.

* To fear change and technology is to penalise future generations.

* To not embrace opportunities is to never understand your potential.

* To spend a life looking but not growing is to limit life’s chances….

I Invite You to Take My 90 Day Action Plan

As times are tough right now and most of Europe is in lockdown, I have decided to add a Bonus Personal Coaching Session to my 90 Day Action Plan offer.

You’ll never get the chance to book me for a 1-2-1 coaching session on Zoom for less than this EVER again.

This is YOUR chance to get 2021 sorted and never look back.

For half the cost of a decent bottle of champagne… which you’re going to need for your end of year success celebrations!

But… this Offer is valid for January ONLY and it will be a case of first come, first served.

So be QUICK!

To Your Success

Robin Morton

Defiantly Digital and Win With Robin

What Winning Really Entails…

This post comes from a rain-lashed Scottish island and so we hope you’re having a better time of it! Apart from that we’re all fine and healthy, so stay safe and use your judgement when absorbing the tsunami of media information about this crazy situation… 

This bad weather has given me more time to think…

It’s my belief that when we struggle with our online businesses, aside from skipping the really basic fundamentals, it’s often because we are focusing too much on a particular tactic or process. We’re taking our attention off the people we serve or aspire to serve.

People are the constant…and in many ways, they’re really predictable.

They want convenience.

At the start of the 20th century, travelling by horse was a common thing. 

Trains were how we covered longer distances. But cars and airplanes quickly superseded them.

Then cars and airplanes got faster and faster. Roads turned into motorways.

Propeller planes gave way to jets. Because whatever is the latest convenience today soon becomes inconvenient…and people want more.

Did you know, the dishwasher was invented in 1886…?

So the pursuit of convenience isn’t exactly new and it’s not going away anytime soon.

People also want status and improved self-image.

Perhaps you’re familiar with John Caples…arguably the greatest copywriter of all time.
In 1925 he wrote one of the greatest headlines (and ads) ever.

“They Laughed When I Sat Down At The Piano – But When I Started To Play”

Increased status, right?

In fact, looking through my hard drive and doing a few online searches yielded dozens of ads dating back to the 1850’s for things that improved how people felt.
It became obvious to me that people have always wanted better self-esteem.

I won’t bore you with any more history lessons…but if you want to WIN in a sustainable way, you’ve got to start with the person.

So Robin, what does that mean in a practical way?

Okay, with whatever business you’re running, ask yourself, what result do your customers want?

In my humble opinion…more often than not, it’s that they want to be happy.

Maybe they think / hope that makes lots of moolah online will make them happy.

Feeling more self-confident.
Having less stress.

All of it is linked to their perception that solving the problem they feel they have will make their life better.

And yes, it might make them happier…but if that was universally the case, I’m pretty sure that fewer people would blow all their lotto winnings within a few years of getting it.

So, perhaps we need to help them be happier…today.

From my business perspective, it might even be the way that they can continue to preserve their increased income or reach whatever financial goal they have.
But, make no mistake…if people dislike the process, the likelihood of them sticking with it for years is very, very low…no matter what.

Don’t believe me?

Well, we know that compound interest is like magic…yet getting people to invest more when it’s kind of uncomfortable and might prevent them from enjoying today as much, can be tough.

In fact, I’d go as far as to say it has to be automated for most people to have any degree of ongoing, consistent success. That’s why our gold business has an auto-save facility – set and forget – so you can build wealth weekly / monthly without even noticing…!

If we reduce the friction of things, make progress or small wins more readily achievable and don’t make people feel like what they’re getting isn’t worth what they’re giving up…we’ve got a good shot at success.

So how about a few quick thoughts…
•    Make people feel important. That alone will make them happy.
•    Create situations where they feel like they win as often as possible. Accentuate the positives.
•    Provide accountability.
•    Get personal and try to solve their individual challenges…not just providing general ideas.
•    Create ways to connect your customers with each other. Like our private Facebook Group.

Think about things from their perspective.
Don’t be the cheapest in the market. You shouldn’t be in the middle. Be the BEST!
Deliver something different and better…and make sure you do it profitably.

Here’s another thing most of you don’t do…

And if you truly want to WIN moving forward, this is an area you’re going to need to excel.
Once you have someone’s attention initially, you’ve got to FOLLOW UP.

  • You have to educate them.
  • You need to motivate them.
  • You need to help them see how you’re different and how you’re better.
  • Let your message weed out the bad fits and build value with the good fits.

If the value grows high enough in the eyes of the prospect, m.oney becomes much less of an issue.
If you convince them that you can solve the problem no one else could solve, it’s far more valuable to them than any run of the mill cookie-cutter system could ever be.
But you’ve got to do the work.
Not only do you need to follow up until that person is ready…and understand that people are ready for things on their own timeline…
…but you need to be authentic.
No bland follow up.You can’t maintain someone’s attention with general content.
You need to say things that really speak to the people you want…and if it drives away the rest, oh well.
He’s a tip…unsubscribes are your friend. If you aren’t repelling anyone, you’re not attracting anyone either. We get unsubscribes every week.
Now we obviously use email newsletters to follow up, most days, but we also use:
· Podcasts
· FB posts
· Twitter posts
· Some retargeted ads with social proof
With all of them, we’re trying to not only share valuable education, but also being ourselves and sharing our approach and philosophy so that someone can decide if we’re a fit for them or not.
Then, we make offers.
We often have a wee P.S. at the end of almost every email so that when someone is ready, they can act right then and there.
Sometimes we send direct offers…short emails or multi-day launches.
But if we follow up daily and make offers frequently, those who want help will engage when they’re ready.

Now I don’t know that you need to do what we do exactly, but again, people are people and they need to know why you’re better and different…or else they have no reason to choose you.  But to be a destination, you need to be special.
And people are going to decide when they’re ready…so you need to keep offers in front of them.
And if you commit to follow up, you’ll have more than enough business because your competition won’t. Fact.

As regards ads, sadly the days of running ads directly to sales offers on Facebook are not what they once were.
Do you go on Facebook to shop? Didn’t think so. But have you bought anything thru FB lately…? I have.
With that in mind, we need to treat those ads like we treat commercials on any other medium. 
See, ads are an interruption…so it seems safe to think that someone doesn’t see an ad and think to themselves: ‘I’m just going to get my credit card out and rearrange my life since I stumbled across this offer while I was scrolling and killing time.’
You need to be prepared to connect with someone and get their attention first, permission to follow up second and continued attention third.

How do you do that?
For a start, STOP trying to ask them to marry you when you first meet them.

See, online or offline…people are people and relationships are a step by step process.
The first step is giving them something valuable to get their attention and ongoing interest.
It might be your book or guide.
It could be a gift card for $100 worth of your services.
Maybe it’s a checklist or cheatsheet that they find interesting or solves a problem they have.
Ideally, they’ve give you their contact information in exchange for this item…but even if it’s just them clicking to go watch your video or download your gift, you can pixel them so you now can follow up.
But let’s back up a step.

Where do you find those nice people who might eventually become customers?
Well, think about your current customers.
Where do they live?
Where do they spend their time?
What businesses do they frequent?
What sites are they going to?

If someone wanted to reach me, yes they could run ads on FB…but you could also: 
•    Run ads on google.
•    Run ads on the various other sites I visit…Twitter and a few sports sites.
•    Ads on Amazon.
•    I listen to podcasts…someone could reach me there. If I’m not listening to that or a book on audible. Someone could run an ad there for sure.
•    Someone could certainly send me direct mail.
•    Under normal circumstances, I get my haircut, go to my bank, visit the grocery store, see my dentist, pop into the coffee shop, buy at the local deli, go to the local bookstore and visit a few other local businesses on a semi-regular basis. Someone could easily form a strategic alliance with any of those businesses.
•    And, finally, someone could get friends of mine to share things with me…so if I have a friend who is a customer, a book or a gift card could easily be passed along.
So, if you are one of these people acting as if the sky is falling when FB ads slow down or other avenues run their course…stop it. 

The people you want to reach still live in the same homes, shop at the same places and do much of the same stuff…there’s always a way to connect with them…but you need to do it in a fashion that puts you in control of the opportunity to follow up. 

Summing All This Up To Help You Win

Yes, this isn’t as sexy as marketing free stuff that isn’t free…but it’s more sustainable…and frankly, it has a hint more integrity mixed in for good measure.

But if you stop thinking about a tactic or channel and commit to:
•    Adding a set number of leads to your database every month (30+).
•    Following up in a few different ways and adding value to those contacts’ lives…all the while showing them why you’re different.
•    Consistently making offers so that when they’re ready, they can act.
•    Tracking your numbers to see what’s working and where you have the most room for improvement.
•    And delivering a dream come true result through an enjoyable experience…so your customers can help you feed the top of that funnel.

You’ll be unbeatable!

Robin x

Create Pillar Content BEFORE You Do Anything

Create Pillar Content BEFORE You Do Anything

Today is a special day for us here.

It’s our annual ‘World Stone Skimming Championships’ and my entire island looks more like a car park than anything.pillar content

My island is built mainly of slate and until a tidal wave about 150 years ago, it was one of the leading sources for slate used to tile roofs. The slate quarries were completely flooded and the industry was finished overnight.

There is Easdale slate on rooftops all over the world.

Nowadays, it’s normally just a peaceful and idyllic haven.

But not today!

With some neat marketing, the organisers have managed to draw in hundreds of people from all over the world, just to watch people skimming tiny slate stones over the flat water of one of the disused quarries.

In 1997, I was fourth [in the entire world…!] but really it’s mainly for the tourists.

Anyways, today I want to teach you about an important and simple way to vastly increase your lead generation, engagement AND build your AUTHORITY.


Some of you might know it better as;

• Flagship
• Anchor
• Cornerstone
• Redwood / Evergreen / Perennial

But do you know what it is exactly?

And how to use it?

We’re mostly talking about your blog here, but Pillar Content could equally be a YouTube video or a podcast. For me, it works best as a blog post.

Pillar Content is content that you have taken considerable time and care to create.

It’s thorough, relevant to your niche and therefore valuable.

The name Pillar Content comes from the fact that content like this is strong enough to carry the weight of your entire blog.

pillar content

If you’re being strategic about your online business, you’d want to create Pillar Content first, before any other.

You might spend time creating it but you’ll spend far more time promoting it again and again and again.

That’s why people call it Evergreen, because you refer people back to it over and over again over a long period of time.

Done right, your Pillar Content becomes the ‘go-to’ resource for that chosen topic in your niche.

It supports your brand promise, establishes trust and credibility AND pre-sells your prospects.

It creates the desired result of long-term ongoing traffic.

It creates goodwill, establishes your BRAND, builds authority and powerful engagement.

My top tip is to keep going back to your Pillar Content and updating it. Keep adding more and more quality content to build more authority, get more social sharing and back-links.

So go back to your blogs and create some ‘Killer Pillar’ content today.

If you already have some blog posts that you are particularly proud of, or that have been well-received, then make them your pillar content by adding even more valuable content. Then keep adding more over time.

pillar content


If you want to quickly learn how to sky-rocket your engagement, lead-flow traffic, authority  AND sales then click the image.



The Google bots love Pillar Content because they see it as being popular because it get’s tons of visitors, lots of engagement and gets shared a lot.

Still unsure?

Here’s an example:

You name your blog post ‘The Top SEO Tricks of 2018.’

You might start with 10 tricks.

After a while you could add 5 more.

Then in 2019 you could rename the title [ but NOT the URL…!] to the Top SEO Tricks of 2019.

You’d keep ALL of the content already there in the blog post but add fresh content above it.

Then add some more new tricks.

Then add some other relevant content that people interested in SEO would find useful.

Then add more SEO tricks as you find them.

Then in 2020 you could add even more content and re-title it as Top SEO Tricks of 2020.

Get it?

What you end up having is a fantastic resource which basically OWNS the niche topic of SEO Tricks. It will contain everything there is to know about SEO and consequently it will get a flood of leads every single day!

NOW you get it…., right?

That’s it for today!

If you want more help with this or you don’t understand any of these things, then I seriously urge you to check out this free training TODAY!

Keep Smiling!

Robin Morton

Your Black Belt Success Coach

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pillar content

Me and Misha Wilson

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Not everyone is broke, even if you are

Not everyone is broke, even if you are.









This Sunday, I have a top tip to help you make more money in your online business.

It’s about something that you are probably doing that pushes people away from doing business with you.

And it’s all about posture –  the way you present or project yourself to the online world.

Don’t Project A Low-Money Mindset

Like most people in this online space, I’ve been broke.

Below broke, in fact.

That’s why a lot of us end up here, it’s a common story among most of us.

Mine is nothing spectacular.

I lost my huge house, Jaguar sports saloon, and almost my sanity, when my bricks and mortar business crashed due to the effects of the 2008 recession / credit crunch.

Everything almost, apart from the things that really mattered which were my family and my health.

I came to the online industry out of necessity. I had no money, no job and little chance of finding one in my remote area.

Thankfully, these days are long behind me and my online career is flourishing.

In my desperation to make money, I made a lot of mistakes in the first couple of years and I don’t want you to do the same thing.

So don’t make the common mistake of assuming that everyone you speak to is actually broke, just because you are, right now.

And PLEASE don’t come across to others like you ARE broke! Even if it’s true…

People are attracted to inspiration, not desperation!

If you project your own money thoughts onto other people you will fail – unless you get your personal money mindset fixed first.

What about when people ask “How Much Is It?”

Okay, let’s be clear here.

The number one reason that someone asks you, “Well, how much is it to do your business.”

Is to rule it out.

It’s not that they are sitting with a kid’s piggy bank for Pete’s sake!broke

“Well, how much is it because I have recently saved a large amount of money and I’d like to know if I need to save more or if we’re ready to do this?”

They’re not asking for that reason. They’re asking to rule it out.

They’re probably someone who hasn’t watched a presentation, hasn’t been to an event, hasn’t watched your video…

Your answer should be:

“Well, there’s a few different options but the truth is it may not cost you anything because it may be a fit for you. And even though there are quite a few options, it might not cost you anything because it may not be a fit for you.”

By giving them an out, you are projecting a positive image of yourself as being someone who is different from the ‘desperate herd’ and someone who doesn’t need the sale so badly that they’ll try and knock a square peg into a round hole.

Do you see that?

Good! Now go out there this Sunday and be amazing!

Keep Smiling!

Robin Morton

Your Black Belt Success Coach

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Me and Misha Wilson

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What’s Your Excuse This Time?

So, what’s YOUR excuse this time?


Hey Happy Friday everyone!
This Friday, we’re going to talk about excuses, and as a coach, I hear more than my fair share of excuses, let me tell you!

So, are you having a ‘pity party’ with yourself because you just can’t get your online business off the ground? You’ve likely got plenty of excuses to justify watching those television reruns rather than getting off the couch and sitting at your computer to figure it out.

Whatever your excuse might be, I’m here to tell you that it’s bogus. 💥

Anyone can succeed in this business if they just make the effort to gain the knowledge and set aside the time they need to make it happen.

Even you!


Here are some of the crap stories / ‘excuses’ you might be using and why they’re just that – excuses:

1. I’m too old. Are you on your death bed? If not, you’re not too old to make a success of your online business.

I was in my fifties before I began my online ventures.👴🏻

Stop thinking of yourself as “old,” and replace that thought with “I’ve got the time and the wisdom to succeed.”

Success has nothing to do with age – but has everything to do with determination and faith in yourself. There are plenty of baby boomers like me and even older peeps who are online, cashing in big-time.💲

So don’t lie and say it has anything to do with the year you were born.

2. I don’t have time. Remind yourself that everyone has the same amount of time every day and many success stories have happened with people much busier than you. Author Danielle Steele, had three babies (two in nappies) and managed to write five novels before she had one accepted. 🎖️ Now, that’s determination.

3. The market is saturated. That’s likely the biggest excuse that I hear people say for them not succeeding in Internet marketing.

It’s a myth.

The market is nowhere near saturated and in fact, it’s desperate for new ideas and new marketing strategies from someone willing to take the time and effort to make it happen. There are literally millions of people using the internet for the first time, every single year.

Set yourself apart from other marketers and stop telling yourself you don’t have a chance. 🚫

People have different teaching styles and everyone has an audience who wants to learn in the way that you teach.

4. No one will help me. Then help yourself! There’s plenty of help out there if you simply take the time to find it. There are forums and blogs, websites and videos which can bolster your faith in yourself and help you overcome obstacles during the journey to success. Don’t wait for someone to help you. Just do it.

5. I don’t have the money. Perhaps one of the lamest of excuses. There’s plenty of freebies out there for those who are struggling to make ends meet while getting their businesses off the ground. This will give you a real business for the outlay of one dollar.

You don’t have to purchase every shiny new object out there.

That’s probably what you’ve been doing, if you’re honest with yourself. Confusion breeds consumption, right?

Instead, concentrate on what will help you most in your business endeavours and then go for it!

6. “They” tell me not to waste my time. You’re wasting time by giving “them” a second thought. If all the successful people in the world had listened to others tell them why “it” couldn’t be done, we’d still be in the Dark Ages.

So what’s your excuse for not succeeding?

Excuses are roadblocks you put in front of yourself to prevent you from achieving success. Analyse each “excuse,” and you’ll find that they really can’t prevent you from reaching your goals – only you can.

Keep Smiling!

Robin Morton

Your Black Belt Success Coach

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Me and Misha Wilson

PS: If you are still struggling to find success with your network or affiliate marketing opportunity then THIS is working for ALL KINDS of people! You can use it to win affiliate contests, drive traffic to ANY type of business or just use it to recruit massive amounts of people into your team.

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