Can YOU say your business is a massive force for good?

Get Alkalizing today!


I was a fitness professional long before I became on online coach & entrepreneur. So, I was always looking out for a MLM company that espoused a high integrity, ethical approach to health & wellness in order that I might align myself with them in the online world.

Offline, and particularly at my award-winning health club, I’ve been hit on by countless so-called miracle breakthrough businesses promoting useless and often harmful rubbish. And just to get down on a totally personal level, many of my close family have succumbed to the scourge of cancer, including my mother at just 61.

So when I was introduced to Essante Organics by my awesome coach and friend Rebecca Woodhead, I can safely say that I was blown away by the power of their organic products.

Like much of the health and wellness message, it frustrates me that if only more people could be made aware of the importance of alkalizing and pH then many families could perhaps avoid becoming so ill in the future.

It’s worth thinking about Essante Organics then, not just as a genuine healthy living business opportunity but as a positive force for massive good in the world.

Think how good that would feel, being able to hold your head high and saying;

My business is a massive force for good in the world!


Thanks for reading this far, you rock!
Robin x

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