Not everyone is broke, even if you are

Not everyone is broke, even if you are.









This Sunday, I have a top tip to help you make more money in your online business.

It’s about something that you are probably doing that pushes people away from doing business with you.

And it’s all about posture –  the way you present or project yourself to the online world.

Don’t Project A Low-Money Mindset

Like most people in this online space, I’ve been broke.

Below broke, in fact.

That’s why a lot of us end up here, it’s a common story among most of us.

Mine is nothing spectacular.

I lost my huge house, Jaguar sports saloon, and almost my sanity, when my bricks and mortar business crashed due to the effects of the 2008 recession / credit crunch.

Everything almost, apart from the things that really mattered which were my family and my health.

I came to the online industry out of necessity. I had no money, no job and little chance of finding one in my remote area.

Thankfully, these days are long behind me and my online career is flourishing.

In my desperation to make money, I made a lot of mistakes in the first couple of years and I don’t want you to do the same thing.

So don’t make the common mistake of assuming that everyone you speak to is actually broke, just because you are, right now.

And PLEASE don’t come across to others like you ARE broke! Even if it’s true…

People are attracted to inspiration, not desperation!

If you project your own money thoughts onto other people you will fail – unless you get your personal money mindset fixed first.

What about when people ask “How Much Is It?”

Okay, let’s be clear here.

The number one reason that someone asks you, “Well, how much is it to do your business.”

Is to rule it out.

It’s not that they are sitting with a kid’s piggy bank for Pete’s sake!broke

“Well, how much is it because I have recently saved a large amount of money and I’d like to know if I need to save more or if we’re ready to do this?”

They’re not asking for that reason. They’re asking to rule it out.

They’re probably someone who hasn’t watched a presentation, hasn’t been to an event, hasn’t watched your video…

Your answer should be:

“Well, there’s a few different options but the truth is it may not cost you anything because it may be a fit for you. And even though there are quite a few options, it might not cost you anything because it may not be a fit for you.”

By giving them an out, you are projecting a positive image of yourself as being someone who is different from the ‘desperate herd’ and someone who doesn’t need the sale so badly that they’ll try and knock a square peg into a round hole.

Do you see that?

Good! Now go out there this Sunday and be amazing!

Keep Smiling!

Robin Morton

Your Black Belt Success Coach

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