Breaks In Integrity Don’t Matter, Right?


Small breaks in integrity don’t matter, right? Er, wrong.

Ah integrity..

In my mind, even the word itself sounds good. For me it brings up thoughts of ‘doing the right thing’, which has me nodding my head, thinking how much better everything is when we act that way.

There are various definitions of ‘integrity’ – for me it boils down to treating other people properly. Being considerate to others, allowing them to have their own opinion, to do their own things.

It means talking about them from a position of respect, saying nothing behind someone’s back for example that you wouldn’t say to their face. It means not harming others, or their property, or their rights.

It means working hard at what you do, even when no-one’s watching. If you have an online business, as I do, then someone is ALWAYS watching! And yet so many people act scammy online and have no integrity whatsoever.

I also believe that a key angle when thinking about integrity, is acting with integrity towards ourselves. If we look after our own opinions, our own goals, if we treat ourselves properly, we are acting with integrity.

All sounds great doesn’t it, all well and good! That’s because I think it IS great! When we act with integrity, we not only make the world a better place for ourselves, we make it a better place for others too.

If that’s the case then, why do so many online people act without integrity..?

That’s a good question, and it forms the basis of the point I’m making in this blog post.
We act without integrity when we don’t know any better, when it becomes difficult, when we get lazy and most of all online – when we get greedy..

Sometimes we don’t have the time, or life in general is shoving a load of stress our way. We see ‘overnight success‘ online every day and we feel we should have a piece of that pie too. At those times, thinking with integrity is not quite so easy!

There is no doubt, acting with integrity can be hard! That’s why we slip, that’s why we have those breaks in integrity. The small breaks, they don’t matter though, right?

Er, wrong!


The small breaks DO matter, for two reasons.

Firstly, it sometimes only needs a small break in integrity to have a big impact, either on ourselves or on others.

The wrong words at the wrong time, the wrong action at the wrong time – the power of these is not to be dismissed. It can take a long time to put right the damage that can be caused by these small breaks.

Online your reputation can be destroyed in minutes if your audience lose trust in you. Trust is a precious commodity and without it you’ll never prosper for long online.

The second reason that the small breaks matter, is that they are the little cracks in the dam. If we get used to the little breaks being acceptable, then the little breaks become the norm, so we can add new little breaks to them.

It doesn’t take too long before the breaks come together, and the whole dam of integrity collapses, and we just do away with the whole idea.

That’s not good, to put it mildly. When we do away with integrity altogether, the world becomes a worse place, a worse place for ourselves, and a worse place for those around us, and it’s fatal for our online ventures!

But I have the solution!

You’ll know by now that I choose to take the positive way of looking at life, so here’s what I think we should do about the small breaks in integrity…

In an ideal world, we shouldn’t have any breaks in integrity at all, but I know that none of us live in cloud cuckoo land, so we have to accept that breaks in integrity could happen.

The first way to deal with it, is to simply accept that fact, that the breaks will happen. The good side of the breaks happening, is that we see them as breaks, because that means that the break in integrity is not the norm, it’s integrity that’s the norm!

Once we accept that, we can then deal with it by getting annoyed with ourselves! I get really annoyed with myself if I think I’ve acted without integrity, either towards myself or others. I can find it quite upsetting.

However, I use that annoyance and frustration with myself to close the break! If we take responsibility for our thoughts and actions, we can decide to not accept the integrity break as the norm, but to decide to do our very best to not let it happen again.

That involves work, because it means we have to analyse what happened, and prepare ourselves to act differently next time. It can be an effort, but of course, to put in that effort is, in itself, to act with integrity!

I find this whole idea a key business and lifestyle issue. It may sound cheesy to talk about acting with integrity. But luckily I’m not alone in thinking like this.

My good friend, coach and mentor Rebecca Bardess has recently launched her Indiepreneur Academy which is founded on the principles of integrity and ethics.


But don’t be fooled in thinking that this way of thinking will mean you lose out in terms of success or money in the bank. Quite the opposite!

Home Business Authority Blueprint integrity

So now you can be part of making the internet a better place. You can be part of the conversation.

Just yesterday she released an epic training on ethics which you can access for FREE.

And once you realise that integrity and ethics are not just SEXY but CRUCIAL from 2017 onwards for your online business you’ll see the VALUE in her amazing Home Business Authority Blueprint course.

Get the inner game used by countless online niche superstars that is the key to unstoppable momentum and seemingly magical results!

I hope you found some value in this post. If so please share the love.

Keep Smiling!

Robin x

Your Black Belt Success Coach

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Home Business authority Blueprint integrity


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