Eat To Lose Weight By Adding The Right Foods

With all the turmoil that’s going on around the globe with the Covid-19 virus and many of us in some form of lockdown or perhaps now emerging from lockdown and not quite in as good shape as when we went in, I thought it would be useful to offer you some health advice, seeing as I used to be a Fit Pro of the Year.

And, it’s always been a tenet of mine that in order to be truly successful in life, you need to ensure that you have a healthy mind and a healthy body as well as looking after your wallet.

So, this is another book I just HAD to include this book in my selection as I found the topic to be SO important during my years as the owner of my own health and wellness business.

I actually won awards for helping my clients to lose weight, quickly and safely. One of the awards was from the enormous amounts of votes from our raving fan clients, not through any fancy marketing.

The topic is about how much or how little you should eat.

In this short but value-packed book I will, amongst other things;

  1. Disprove The Lie That You Must Eat Less To Lose Weight
  2. Show You 5 Secret Foods To Help You Lose Weight and
  3. Tell You The 5 Surprising Foods To Help You Lose Weight

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