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News Just In! I am moving to a new Robin Morton Black Belt Success Coach Facebook Page AND I’ve just bought a new house too!

So why go to the hassle of a new Facebook Page?

Well, sometimes Facebook will restrict the growth of your business if they feel you are contravening their terms and conditions. As an online coach I am fully aware of their rules and we have never had any problems until recently. Obviously you can’t post offensive, racist, sexist content but Facebook also doesn’t like Pages that are too close to the MLM or network marketing sphere.

If you’re an online marketer you should know that using phrases like ‘MLM’, ‘get rich quick’ are strictly a no-no. But did you realise that terms such as ‘home business’ or ‘working from home’ can get you red flagged?

I have never had my page shut down, the dreaded ‘Facebook Slap,’ like many have but recently I have noticed they didn’t like my advert campaigns no matter what my wording said.

After much hair pulling I eventually discovered that they had taken a dislike to my page name, or more specifically the ‘WIN’ in Win With Robin.

Now seeing as this is my business name, this could have become a real problem especially as they were fine with me using it for the past two years.

Hence I have a new Page => Robin Morton – Your Black Belt Success Coach <= which is entirely congruent with my Website and reflects what I do most of anyway which is coaching. Please pop over and give me a Like if you want to continue getting my tips and support. You rock!

Not content with just moving Facebook pages, I also bought a new house on Monday! We have lived on our little island idyll for many years now and it seemed crazy to live on a small island without actually overlooking the sea.

So for the first time in my life I was actually able to purchase a new home in cash, no mortgage thank you very much. And now my wife has what she always dreamed of – a beautiful little house overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. There WILL be pictures to follow but the weather is atrocious right now!

Here is one I took earlier of our famous ‘Bridge Over The Atlantic’  black belt success coach

So, it’s true what they say. Success isn’t always a straight line. But that makes it all the sweeter when you find yourself there.

I hope this personal post shows that we can ALL have problems with our business from time to time but what makes the difference is how we react to them.

If you found some value and motivation from this please share!

Keep smiling!

Robin x

Your Black Belt Success Coach

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Black Belt Success Coach

PS:So we know that Success is rarely a straight line right? 

But getting your business off the ground in the first place is the greatest challenge…there are so many forces weighing you down and keeping you from gaining upward momentum.
Even when you’re picking up speed and finally have enough lift to start climbing higher, there will be various challenges pulling and pushing you left and right, making it difficult to keep everything balanced and on track.
But…once you’ve reached “cruising altitude,” things get MUCH easier.
Find out more in this value-packed blog post.


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