Your Addiction – Is it Time to Let Go?


Now just you wait a cotton-pickin’ minute!


I can hear you – all over the world, people are getting agitated because they think I’m accusing them of some type of drug problem or something!


But lean in a little – because I may just have hit on something here, and it’s only loosely connected with the kind of drugs you’re thinking about.


The addiction that I’m talking about is your addiction to your feeling of failure.


Okay – I can sense you’re getting all riled up a second time but let me explain, because this is pure gold, I promise you…


So, you’re an online entrepreneur, right?


And there’s A TON of new stuff to learn. In fact – it seems that there’s ALWAYS something new and tricky to learn.


And you’ve already tried to master ‘this thing’ and it didn’t work out.


So you know that you need to sit down and think a bit harder, to see if you can solve the problem.


And you feel anxious. You’ve got those butterflies in your stomach and you feel tense and irritable.


Then you decide to shelve your idea.


  •  It can wait
  •  Who needs it anyways?


 And guess what?


You immediately feel better. WAY better in fact! addiction


You get a massive shot of that feel-good hormone, dopamine, or whatever it’s called.



All that anxiety has gone away and life is good again!


But the problem with all of that my friends, is you have become




It’s true!


And it can happen to ALL of us from time to time.


We put off doing the ‘difficult thing’.


The next thing that we have to do to keep us on the path to success and wealth.


And when we dodge it, we feel let off. All the pressure has evaporated.


But this is FAILURE…


You’ve got an addiction to your own failure!


But don’t worry!


If you can acknowledge the anxiety then you can control it – and even turn it around to your advantage. Reverse engineer it.


Even the most successful people go through this feeling of anxiety.


The important thing is not to let it stop you from taking action.




It’s time to STOP going through your life on auto-pilot… addiction


…taking shot after shot of that feel-good stuff,


…like some kind of addict.


Instead – break down that difficult job into smaller chunks.


And celebrate the small wins.


Make them milestones on the road to your success.


And when you come to that fork in the road.


Where you have to make a choice between an uncomfortable path or an easy path…


Don’t take the comfortable road!


Stay uncomfortable and KEEP moving forwards with your online business.


So remember, if you still feel anxious – then you KNOW you’re on the right road!


Keep Smiling!


Robin Morton

Your Black Belt Success Coach

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[ Thanks to my heroes Ace and Rich for the inspiration for this post ]               

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