Action, Timing and Results

Action, Timing and Results


If you know me, you’ll know that I don’t get involved with too many different business ventures.

I much prefer to stay focused and adopt the ‘oak tree’ philosophy rather than be a ‘fruit fly’ who jumps from one ‘thing’ to another.

So I am fairly patient and when people say they are going to roll out an extensive development plan over a period of a year or two, I don’t expect every little detail to pan out perfectly. Let’s face it… how often does life work like that?


When you bring together the very best in personal Gold Asset and Blockchain Ownership – things DO get done!

Everything they promised, right on the button…!

What have we done in the past 99 days to get ahead of the curve….

🚀Opened an account in a fully-licenced gold-backed bank.
🚀Positioned in a digital coin based on the banks activity secured on the Blockchain.
🚀Become established on coinmarketcap.
🚀Secured 135kg of vaulted Gold Bullion backing the first coin (KBC) in real gold.
🚀Bought a gold mine extracting Gold weekly and trades accelerating Gold ownership.
🚀Offered gold prices to below market price for comparable weights.
🚀Seen a 300% increase in the Gold coin (KBC).
🚀Acquired a Digital Stock Exchange.

And now…..Starting Nov 1st – launching the Karatbit Crypto-Exchange.

Just imagine…!  Low Fees, so YOU can trade in paper currencies, Crypto AND Gold from the one account!

Best news of all is during their 🚀Launch Promotion YOU can deposit $500 into your new account and get a $500 f.ree KCB coins to match!



Action, Timing and Results are everything and world-renowned experts are all saying the ‘party is over’ for the petro-dollar economy.



So all you have to do this weekend is to create your F.ree Gold and Crypto Account and prepare to diversify ahead of the curve for a change.

Keep Smiling!

Robin Morton

Your Black Belt Success Coach

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