Take my 21 Day Challenge & Turn $10 a Day Into $000’s in 2019

22nd Century Gold 21 Day Challenge

Who is ready for a FINANCIAL WORKOUT!?

We just launched this 21 Day Challenge a few days back but at only 10 euros or dollars or pounds to play, you can soon catch up! It’s the starting that matters and then the sticking to it ….

I for one will be playing for a lot longer than 21 days!

21 Day Challenge


10 euros per day will work out at around 700 KBC asset coins per day

On Gold Independence Day 4th July 2019 100KBC will be exchangeable for a gram of real physical Gold. Right now Gold is valued at around $40,000 per kilo.

Let me do the maths for you:

700KBC = 7grams @ $40 per Gram = $280 nominal Gold Value

Do this for 21 Days = $280 x 21 = $5880 nominal Gold value in July 2019.

Start now & do this every Month until 4th July 2019 = $55,000 approx in Gold Assets.

JUST be consistent and forgo a Starbucks per day to make over $50 grand on 4th July.

CLICK HERE for a complete HOW-TO VIDEO! 

NOTE; KBC and Gold prices change daily. Only participate once you have applied your own due diligence. 

This business goes WAY beyond the usual MLM-style, chasing commissions all the time and starting each new month from scratch. This is an opportunity to create generational wealth with something we all need – safe and secure, future-proofed assets. Physical gold in digital form that could help you accelerate your wealth to a level almost unimaginable just a year or so ago.

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Keep Smiling!

Robin Morton

Your Black Belt Success Coach

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