Is the V999 Stablecoin Your Way to Residual Income?

V999 Stable Coin

In our gold business, we are used to the constant technological innovation and steady drip of golden nuggets into our gold based wealth portfolios.

But until recently, the concept of a Stablecoin was unknown to us. Our advice is to do some research online but here’s a quick explanation:

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies designed to minimize the volatility of the price of the stablecoin, relative to some “stable” asset or basket of assets. A stablecoin can be pegged to a cryptocurrency, fiat (paper) money, or to exchange-traded commodities such as precious metals or industrial metals.

In our case, the V999 stablecoin is pegged to 24 karat gold.

And as part of our gold ecosystem, the V999 digital stablecoin now gives us a new way to generate a passive residual income stream – the Holy Grail of most online business.

What is the V999 stablecoin?

This story analogy will help to make it clearer.

Imagine when you were 7 years old and you got your first £5/$5 (or any equivalent currency note) as pocket money. You took it to the sweet shop. You bought some sweets. Now the sweet shop owner owns your £5. You own the sweets. You had made a transaction.

Then the sweet shop owner took the same £5 to the wholesaler to buy more sweets to put in his shop. He used the £5 you gave him to pay the wholesaler. Now the wholesaler owns the £5 you once had.

Your £5 left your hand and passed through two sets of hands. Imagine that today you are 50 years old. Imagine how many hands your £5 has passed through in those 43 years.

Now ignore the fact that new bank notes are being issued in that time. It just means your £5 looks different. It still says £5 on the new design, right? Just imagine your £5 travelled far and wide all across the globe. It changed from GBP pounds to US dollars. Then USD to YEN. Then YEN to Euros and back to pounds again.

How many transactions happened in its lifetime from 7 years old to 50 years old?

Imagine if your bank had given you a 0.02% fee every time your £5 changed hands over those 43 years. That’s a lot of fees because you earn fees for the giver and the receiver (buyer and seller).

That’s what V999 offers

Each V999 stablecoin represents a real and tangible physical 0.1 g Cashgold that you took to the sweet shop at age 7. And every time the digital version of that Cashgold (V999) changed hands on the blockchain (digital transactions/shops), you received a fee of 0.02%. Twice. Once for the giving and once for the receiving.

The V999 stablecoin system will know who first owned the Cashgold (V999) and took it to the sweet shop (blockchain) because each V999 will be digitally stamped/coded with your identity. The system then knows who to award the fees to. Fees are paid to infinity, for the life of the blockchain as long as that original V999 stablecoin is in circulation.

You are now ‘the money supply’.

The V999 Stablecoin Makes You the Money Supply

Until now it has always been the banks. They collected those fees. They still do. That’s why your paper currency is ‘worth less’ and ‘worthless’.

The current pandemic situation is only making things worse. The central banks are currently involved in the greatest wealth transfer in history – but most of it is not coming to us everyday folks – instead it’s going to the people closest to the money supply. The banks, corporations, hedge funds and pension companies.

But now, thanks to blockchain technology, ‘people power’ is taking over. Ordinary people are realising they were cheated all those years from age 7 to age 50.

That’s why the blockchain exists. It’s decentralised finance and peer to peer transactions. No banks in the middle creating debt, poverty and hunger.

Imagine how much you would have earned just from the fee-based income from your £5 pocket money over those 43 years?

That’s what the V999 stablecoin offers.

That’s what we can set up for ourselves and our bloodline. V999 is just the digital representation of physical audited gold in a Swiss Bank. Gold you can hold if you no longer want to own V999.

V999 is an opportunity if you missed your seat for a Masternode. Each V999 is an income stream.

And all you have to do is MESSAGE US to register your interest in taking part by the deadline of 31 July 2020.
Then start stacking up on Cashgold in your gold account ready to exchange it into V999 on the partner platform.

‘Partner’ just means a business partner of our gold business who will run that project for our gold account holders only. Just like FedEx runs the delivery of our gold.The more Cashgold you own, the more fees you earn to infinity, and beyond.

I hope this helps someone to understand the power of our Cashgold, the power of gold ownership, the power of multiple income streams from just 0.1 g Cashgold, and our incredible ecosystem.

We are creating the debt free global communities we want to see. We are part of the solution. We are the Pioneers. We are the ‘First Adopters’. We are tomorrow’s history books.

Good luck everyone 💕

To Your Success

Robin x