K1 Impulse – The Smartphone That Pays You!

K1 Impulse

You read that right. A Mobile Phone That Pays You

Hey everyone and a HUGE WELCOME to all my new team mates! ✅

The last 2 weeks have been amazing with Karatbars and if you had told me last year
that I would be flying to places like Frankfurt, Dubai and London all expenses paid, then I would have called you crazy. 
But, seriously, I am just an ordinary guy from Scotland who didn’t have a clue about gold or gold-backed digital coins back then.
And little by little, with the help of the Karatbars system that anyone can use, I have
amassed a nice treasure trove of gold and coins.
But the GOOD NEWS is that we’re only getting started. 

Before I flew to Dubai I was already excited. But now my inbox is exploding!  

First we had gold, then we introduced gold-backed coins and NOW we have the K1 Impulse blockchain smartphone!

K1 Impulse

The new K1 Impulse smartphone is going to change everything!

Think of it like this 🤔   

How much has technology changed in the past 10 years ??  

1️⃣ In 2007, the iPhone was launched
2️⃣ Then we had the launch of Wifi hot spots
3️⃣ Social media channels appeared like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc
4️⃣ Next we had Live streaming  

🎉NOW in 2019 we have the launch of the K1 Impulse Blockchain smartphone – 
✅Unlimited Data Storage – no more extra charges
✅Zero Roaming Charges
✅100% Secure – military grade encryption makes them un-hackable

The K1 Impulse from Karatbars International

Did you know that you can get your phone as a gift when you acquire some of our KCB asset coins?

Plus, as a launch incentive, we’ll give you an extra 200% bonus coins if you take action soon. This means you will have tripled your outlay and be into massive profit from Day One!

On top of that you can be rewarded further with a VIP affiliate status, able to earn healthy commissions and get paid every Friday. I am a VIP but I had to pay to get that.

Still not sure? Let me explain a little further in this video I made for you.

K1 Impulse

So, who wants one?  
You do!
Good… now I hear you asking – Robin just HOW do I get started…?

EASY! Register HERE as a f.ree affiliate, plug in to the system and
SHARE a video.
💥BOOM!💥 That’s it!   

Sound good?  See you on the other side…✅  

And remember – I am here to help you every step of the way.  

I’m more than happy to jump onto a Skype call to explain anything or just to talk you
through the setting up details etc.  

My Skype name is riddewalker7

Robin x

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