World First Blockchain Phone

I’ll be in Dubai March 30th for the Launch of the World’s 1st Blockchain Phone

Blockchain Phone

It’s going to be an incredible event and the very first in a Gold Independence World Tour series as we roll ever closer to July 4th Golden Independence Day where you can exchange 100 KBC gold-backed asset coins for a gram of real physical gold.

What’s more, I am flying from my wee island in Scotland all the way to Dubai ‘Scot-free’ if you excuse the pun!

My super-generous gold saving business has paid ALL my travel and hotel expenses and the hotel is out of this world. It has nine restaurants!

Why did they reward me so generously? Just for helping people. That’s it!

I’ll be in London too on April 6th for the second event, a little closer to home thankfully.

The K1 IMpulse phone is going to be a real game-changer because it will work thru the Blockchain and this means it will be un-hackable and totally private.

No longer will you have to depend on broadband and wi-fi and for me in the wilds of the Scottish Highlands, that is a BIG DEAL! Think also of the continent of Africa where large parts have still to be connected to the internet – it will literally open up 21st Century technology to millions of people.

What’s more, because Blockchain is peer-to-peer decentralised technology it will be far cheaper and more reliable to operate – no pesky middlemen!

Think how popular this will be. Don’t YOU want to be one of the first people to be able to offer this to others?

Blockchain Phone

This is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and standing at over 2,700 feet it’s the tallest building in the world.

That’s not the only revolutionary new business to be launched at the Dubai event.

The Karat Merchant System will allow businesses to accept payment in cryptocurrency and gold and it will be a totally risk-less transaction medium.

Imagine being able to offer small and medium sized business owners the chance to accept payment like that and in doing so, also earn a little real gold in the process. How many coffee-shop owners do you know who work their socks off every day but don’t have any assets to show for their efforts. They rent their premises, lease their equipment and are chasing income every day. Now they can build an asset with every cup of coffee sold.

Blockchain Phone

Are you starting to see the VALUE here?

Now, obviously people ARE getting more excited about my gold business and the KBC coin in particular. When I first got involved a year ago, the original exchange prices were around half a cent. Now it’s around 12 TIMES that! Not too shabby, right?

But you’ve still got plenty time to join us and grab some first mover advantage. The KBC and KCB coins still offer enormous value and the business is throwing f.ree coins and other bonuses and incentives at affiliates in the run up to July 4th. Hence my luxury weekend in Dubai in a few days. So get started with a gold and crypto account today!

To help new affiliates make the most of the incredible offers available and to show them all the features we have to accelerate their wealth, we’re having a #100daygoldchallenge program which starts on Monday March 25th which is, you guessed it, exactly 100 days before July 4th.

So get in touch and join our program – it costs nothing – all we ask is you register as a f.ree affiliate and agree to take our advice each day, small steps, a few minutes per day, to grow your own treasure vault of real physical gold by Gold Independence Day July 4th 2019

Robin x

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