This is what Financial Freedom looks like

This is what Financial Freedom looks like!



IF YOU ARE READING THIS, YOU HAVE AN INSTINCT FOR YOUR FINANCIAL WELL BEING…you understand the need to secure you and your families financial present and future, even to create financial freedom.

You appreciate this will not happen by you watching and taking in information – at some point you need to take action.

What you will read next is exactly what Financial Freedom looks like…

This is where most STOP ✋ – they are left letting life just happen, living in hope something turns up.

We are, right now involved in a project that has the makings of providing a significant shift in the financial prospects of ALL – not just the wealthy, the insiders or the established but ALL who take the time to study HOW and WHY personal asset ownership is the ONLY route to security and financial freedom…. let me break it down…..

KARATBARS towards the end of 2018…. following its inception in 2011 and our own personal monitoring and positioning inside the project since 2016….

➡️ Here’s my take on what the guarantee announcement of 100 KBC = 1 Gram of gold on Independence Day, July 4, 2019 will do for the cryptocurrency market.

The crypto market will have its first coin that has a stable value that is tied to gold and easily exchangeable from KBC to gold through Karatbars’ KaratBit exchange.Because of the ease in exchangeability between the two there will be stability to the value of KBC. KBC will not vary far from the market price for gold. For instance, if the price of 1 gram of gold equals $50 on July 4, 2019, then each KBC coin will equal 50 cents. Should the market price for KBC drop below 50 cents a coin then people holding the coin will exchange it for gold and make a profit. On the other hand should the market price for KBC rise above 50 cents a coin then people will buy Cashgold from Karatbars and exchange it for KBC and STILL make a profit. So there will be stability for the KBC, it will be linked to the value of gold.

This means KBC will be a stable coin that can be relied upon in the growing cryptocurrency market. This is especially important when compared to say Bitcoin, which can (and does) fluctuate wildly in short periods of time as it has no true basis to its value (just like £/$/€ for that matter!).

The KBC will be stable to the price of gold at 100 KBC to 1 gram of gold on July 4, 2019. However, that doesn’t mean that this will always be the ratio of KBC to gold. Karatbars’ ecosystem is expanding rapidly and will continue to do so. The ecosystem already comprises of 2 gold mines, banks in Miami and Hong Kong, a crypto exchange opening November 1, upcoming new products like the blockchain phone and ATMs, the potential for a future stock exchange based on our blockchain, and on and on.

This ecosystem will increase the amount of gold available for the KBC. At certain points of time in the future the Karatbars leadership team will decide that the ratio of KBC to gold can be adjusted upward. For instance it may go to 75 KBC = 1 gram of gold in January 2020. If that happens the stability will still be there between KBC and gold, the only difference is the value of the KBC will have increased.

There could be a time that the stability that KBC will provide to the crypto currency market place will make it the preferred coin to use in crypto transactions, and it will eventually replace Bitcoin in the marketplace.
(This is the quest for many Blockchain based currencies – it’s clear Blockchain will form some basis for how humans “exchange value”…the question is what form will it take and how to be a part of it as an early adopter).

As mentioned above, the value of KBC will continue to increase in increments as the Karatbars ecosystem grows. This will provide long term value for people holding the coin.

➡️ All that being said, TODAY SUNDAY OCTOBER 31st, you can buy KBC for less than 2 cents a coin with the guarantee that on July 4, 2019 that coin will grow to somewhere around 40 cents (based on today’s Gold price in USD).

Thus there is, at this moment, an opportunity that may never come again in our lifetime, to greatly increase your financial position, wealth and financial stability. If you do not currently own any KBC I would strongly encourage you to setup a personal gold account with Karatbars and buy KBC.

➡️ Today you can buy multipacks of KCB, which comes with “gifted” KBC into the many thousands of coin…

For example;
€3000 = €750 worth of coins or 75 000KBC
100KBC = 1gram of Gold (€35 at today’s gold price) = 750grams of Gold
750grams = €26 200

That means you’ll get out almost NINE TIMES what you put in.

What if you owned 750 000 coins?

True Financial Freedom – how good would that feel…?

As I stated at the top, this is my take. It is based on research and a very close following of Karatbars over this past year or so. I believe in Karatbars and the vision of its founder Harald Seiz. I believe in the incredible team he has assembled. I am not a financial adviser or financial planner. I am just an affiliate and advocate of the project and passionate about waking people up to the need to create their OWN economy with Assets.

What to do next?

If I were you, I wouldn’t waste another minute – this deal runs out midnight October 31st European time.


Any questions? Email me or hit me up on Facebook.
Keep Smiling!

Robin Morton

Your Black Belt Success Coach

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How to Find Your Catalyst

How to Find Your Catalyst


It’s Friday already and so I hope you have time over the weekend to read this carefully as I think it will be a valuable few minutes.

The incredible lightning photo is of my nearest city during a recent storm. Talking of which, we’ve got another storm brewing so I’ll type fast before we lose power…

Too often I see people failing to get going with their business and ultimately feeling very down with their entire lives.

This morning I have helped so many motivated people to make huge amounts of m.oney and position themselves to have an absolutely amazing 2019.

Personally speaking, I made a month’s salary by 11 am. 🚀

Yet others around me continue to wallow in self-pity and lethargy.

This got me to thinking about what makes people do things.

I hope it helps YOU to galvanise you into action this weekend!


Finding Your Catalyst for Personal Motivation and Inspiration

A catalyst can be something that you experience – such as an event, or it can be words spoken by another person, or a book or a movie that causes you to alter your life in some way.

Some catalysts are simple – such as a man who gets fired because he’s always late. Losing the job can be a catalyst for that man to make sure he gets to his next job on time, or find a job that gives him so much personal satisfaction, he never wants to let his company down.

The event of getting fired, often at an inopportune time, caused him to make a change in how he acts in life. Change is hard. It’s easier to do what you’ve always done because there’s comfort in familiarity.

For me personally, it was losing my business and then my house.

Leaving your comfort zone thrusts you into new situations and forces you to deal with new ideas and new ways of handling various aspects of life. It’s scary and no one wants to go through it voluntarily.

If you were to take a survey of random strangers and ask them, “Are you happy with your life?” you would get more no answers than you would yes ones. There are a lot of people who aren’t happy with their lives.

They don’t like their personal life or their professional life – and they don’t like how they act sometimes. Yet day in and day out, they don’t do anything to change any of that.

Some people don’t know how to change it. They don’t understand how they can find a catalyst to motivate and inspire themselves toward the kind of life they want.

Sometimes a catalyst enters your life, and you’re too focused on the humdrum of ordinary life you miss it completely.

Change Begins and Ends with You

If you take the time to look over your life at this moment, what would you think about it? Think about the people in your life – those who you’re in an intimate relationship with.

Is it everything you wanted it to be and hoped it could be? What about where you are financially in life? Does where you stand right now with your finances make you wish things were different?

Does it create a hunger within you to have more? To be wiser about your finances? What about your job? This is an area where a lot of people are absolutely miserable.

Yet, they stay in that job year after year, getting older and even more miserable. If you dislike any area of your life because it simply isn’t satisfying, you but you stick with it anyway, it means that you’ve settled.

You’ve given up on the idea that there could be more – that you deserve more or that changing things is even worth the effort. If you dislike an area of your life now, but you don’t change anything about it, I promise you that you’ll still dislike that area of your life three months, six months or a year down the road.

By then you’ll have lost time and you will have missed the opportunity to make changes during that time-frame. If you want more out of life – if you feel that you should have more – and the unhappiness with your life sits like a rock in the pit of your stomach, then you need to take steps to make changes.

Physical signs like that are always indicators that something isn’t the way you want it to be – that it needs to be addressed. And ignoring these physical signs can lead to emotional complications as the stress of the matter weighs heavily on you.

Remaining where you are in a life you’re not happy with will lead to feelings of depression, sadness and resignation. That hole inside of you that aches for something more, for something better will never be filled.

That’s not what you deserve. It’s not what anyone deserves. Life is not meant to be something that’s just endured. It’s meant to be lived with excitement because it can be an amazing adventure if you decide that’s what it’s going to be.  catalyst

Roadblocks That Get in the Way of Your Motivation

Though people are all different, we all have one thing in common – roadblocks that get in the way of what we really want from life. Roadblocks stop some people from ever making a change, but they motivate others to keep on going to find a way to what they want, regardless of the roadblock.



You might have one of these roadblocks or you might experience more than one of them. A major roadblock to change is fear. When things change, it ushers in differences that can make us afraid.



We’re afraid to leave behind the bad job for fear we won’t like the new one – fear that we might not fit in as well. Remember though, that one of the acronyms for fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.

Your fears are usually based on what if myths – and they almost always never come to pass. Don’t let fear cause you to sit on the sidelines of change. Another roadblock that gets in the way is a lack of knowledge.

It’s hard to make changes when you’re not sure exactly how to go about those changes. You might be branching out into an area that’s completely beyond your scope of knowledge at the present time.

Remember that what you don’t know can be learned. Use educational resources as your catalyst for change and success. Strive for new levels of insight that you previously didn’t have.

Thinking that you simply can’t add another thing to your already full life keeps many people stuck where they are. Making changes requires work. So many people see the effort as not worth the payoff – and that’s a mistake. catalyst

This belief is what keeps you rooted to that job that you hate, to those messy finances, or to that relationship that’s sucking the life right out of you. Learning better time management skills can be a catalyst for a better life as you clear out things that are a waste of time and make room for what offers the most benefits.

Being just comfortable enough where you are can be a roadblock to motivate you to change. You’re not 100% happy, but you’re “happy enough.” All this means is that you settled for a life that keeps you locked in your comfort zone.

You’re trading a full life for one that’s half empty – because if you’re not 100% satisfied, then something is missing. That something may be the very thing that you always wanted, but because you were “happy enough,” you’ll never reach it.

Visualisation can be a catalyst for the changes you need to make. Picture the next level of success in every area of your life – finances, career satisfaction, relationships, health – everything that matters most to you.

Focus on how it could be improved and then make a game plan to get you there. If you block out those thoughts in an effort to stay content, you’ll never know what you could have made out of your life if you’d give it a chance.

Wanting everything to be perfect is a huge roadblock to motivation. It’s here where people stall out. They want the new situation to be perfect before they attempt any changes.

They want the new job to have everything in place. They don’t want to take the chance that they’ll make a switch and find it’s not what they wanted. These are people who wait for the “perfect” relationship before getting into one.

Perfectionism is the killer of change because what you see in your mind as perfection doesn’t translate that way in life. That’s because there are no perfect scenarios in a life that’s lived to the fullest.

There are experiences to encounter – and not one of them will be perfect. That’s okay. Perfectionism kills progress. You don’t want to be sitting on the sidelines waiting to get into the game of life.


The number one roadblock that keeps too many people from letting a catalyst be their motivation is the fear of failure.

They falsely believe that they haven’t failed yet because they haven’t even tried – so they’re safe.


But whether they realise it or not, they have already failed. They’re choosing to stay stagnant in a lesser life than what they dreamed of. That, in itself, is a form of failure.

Another roadblock happens when people wait for change rather than seeking change. They wait for the perfect joint venture partner to come to them instead of seeking one out, because that requires putting themselves on the line.

They wait to see if the person they’re in a relationship with is going to treat them better, rather than speaking up about what they want and deserve. They avoid tough situations and tough conversations because they’re waiting for everything to work out on its own.

Change isn’t something that happens on a whim. It’s something that you make happen. You have to find the motivation within yourself to make that change. And it’s uncomfortable at first.

That’s okay. Take that sign of discomfort as a compliment. It’s proving to you that you’re taking action and bettering your life, even in the face of fear or uneasiness.

Your Mind Can Be a Catalyst

You get the life that you think you deserve.

Your mind or your thought patterns lead you to make changes – to take action that alters the life you currently have. What usually happens when someone’s mind leads them to take action is they become so upset with their current situation, helping them realise leaving it where it’s at, is no longer an option.

Their emotions will often reach a point that they must make a change. This drive can often start out backed by an emotion. For example, if someone is in a relationship with a person who didn’t treat them that well, they’ll often stick with the relationship until a catalyst fuelled by emotion causes a change.

Your subconscious knows what you truly want. What happens is this true desire becomes buried deep under what we’re willing to settle for. This is why so many people aren’t living a life full of passion.

You can tell if you’re living a life full of passion by asking yourself this question. Do I love getting out of bed in the morning? If you’re not excited about what you get to do when you get out of bed, that’s a warning sign that you need to find your catalyst.

Whatever it is that motivates you is what will drive you to wake up, ready to start and excel throughout your day. It will drive you to keep going in the face of obstacles.

You’ll continue on – even if you’re the only one who believes in you, or your idea or your change. That’s why it’s vital to your success – to your ability to thrive – that you get in a business that you have a strong emotional attachment to – something you are proud of and believe in strongly.

Face the Hard Truth About What’s Keeping You Stuck

Did you ever hear of someone who had a terrible health scare because they made bad choices in life that led to the issue? It shook them up – and for awhile, they strictly followed the doctor’s orders.

They ate right. They exercised. They got the amount of sleep that they needed. They quit smoking. They quit drinking. Yet before several months were out, they slipped right back into their old habits.

The catalyst, which was the health scare, came face to face with personal responsibility – and lost. The hard truth is that in order for your catalyst to motivate you, you’re going to have to accept personal responsibility.

The choices that you make in life are your choices. You made them because you thought they were the best option at the time. You might have received bad advice that led you to a decision – but in the end, you were the one that made that choice.

You have to accept personal responsibility for what you want to see changed in your life before it can change. People who place the blame on others for their lot in life don’t ever reach a place where they’re truly happy – regardless of the changes.

That’s because they see life as happening to them rather than them making life happen. Accept the responsibility for your mistakes, for your poor choices, for that awful job you shouldn’t have taken, or for that relationship that was a mess from the start that you wasted too much time on.

Once you accept it, you can move on. You can free yourself to finally accept the catalyst for change. Don’t let where you were be a stone around your neck that anchors you to the place where you currently are.

Let the mistakes you made in the past become part of your motivation – part of your growing experience. While growth is hard, all good things happen with the evolution to a different place in life.


5 Ways You Can Find Your Catalyst

Knowing that you want your life to change requires that you take stock of your life. It means that you have to examine every area and look at what’s not been working to give you the feeling of inner satisfaction that you’d like to have.

The first way that you can find your catalyst is to understand the things in your life that matter to you. Your catalyst for motivation won’t be the same as someone else’s.

While what matters to one person may be an expensive house, that might not matter to you. Your priority might be financial security for your retirement, or more time to spend with your loved ones.

If having time to do what you want to do with creative work is what matters to you, then your catalyst will be whatever action gives you the chance to free your inner artist.

This may be something as simple as cutting back on hours with work or finding a different job. It might be the catalyst of taking an art or a writing class. Whatever it is should be something that you truly desire – something that you feel your life would be lacking if you didn’t have it.

The second way is to accept that you’re going to have to change things in order to get what matters to you. Many people are willing to acknowledge what matters to them, but then they baulk at the thought of making a change.

You won’t get what matters to you without change. It’s like losing weight. You can’t shed pounds if you stay sedentary, eating copious amounts of calories. You have to be mindful of your movement and intake.

The third way to find your catalyst is to give it the opportunity to happen.

For example, if you want to start your own business, but your personal and professional life doesn’t leave you with room to learn about business development or to increase your skill sets, then something has to give.

You have to make room to let the change in. Maybe that means spending a little time after work on the weekdays or on the weekends to educate yourself. It’s a temporary sacrifice for a long-term benefit.

The fourth way to find your catalyst is to make it concrete. Write it down. Share it with others. Find a mentor. Don’t allow this change you want to remain nothing more than a desire.

By naming it, you’re taking a step toward making it your future reality. Claim what it is that you want for your life. Then make a formidable plan to go after it, step-by-step.

The fifth way is to not let the size of the change throw you off your goal. Some changes that people want to make really are pretty big. Changes like moving from your home to live in another country because it’s what you’ve always wanted is a huge change.

You wouldn’t want to pack up overnight and head out the next morning. You can’t throw away personal responsibility when a catalyst happens. What you have to do is focus on the things you need to do in order to reach that change sensibly.

If your goal is moving to another country, you would want to find a place to live and secure a way to support yourself financially before taking the leap. Those are action steps that you can take that lead to the big change.

Small change is what equals big change and it gets you closer to where you want to be in life. Think about how often you’ve just accepted your fate – your lot in life.

Have you ever made an action plan to get to a better place? To have more peaceful relationships by setting boundaries? To feel the thrill of waking up each morning, ready to lead a niche that excites you?

If you’ve been watching time pass by, waiting for a bolt of lightning, and you didn’t win that huge lottery prize during the week, then consider this day your wake up call.

Maybe it’s time to embrace every catalyst you encounter so that years down the road, you’re not still stuck in the mud wondering why life passed you by.

Keep Smiling!

Robin Morton

Your Black Belt Success Coach

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Action, Timing and Results

Action, Timing and Results


If you know me, you’ll know that I don’t get involved with too many different business ventures.

I much prefer to stay focused and adopt the ‘oak tree’ philosophy rather than be a ‘fruit fly’ who jumps from one ‘thing’ to another.

So I am fairly patient and when people say they are going to roll out an extensive development plan over a period of a year or two, I don’t expect every little detail to pan out perfectly. Let’s face it… how often does life work like that?


When you bring together the very best in personal Gold Asset and Blockchain Ownership – things DO get done!

Everything they promised, right on the button…!

What have we done in the past 99 days to get ahead of the curve….

🚀Opened an account in a fully-licenced gold-backed bank.
🚀Positioned in a digital coin based on the banks activity secured on the Blockchain.
🚀Become established on coinmarketcap.
🚀Secured 135kg of vaulted Gold Bullion backing the first coin (KBC) in real gold.
🚀Bought a gold mine extracting Gold weekly and trades accelerating Gold ownership.
🚀Offered gold prices to below market price for comparable weights.
🚀Seen a 300% increase in the Gold coin (KBC).
🚀Acquired a Digital Stock Exchange.

And now…..Starting Nov 1st – launching the Karatbit Crypto-Exchange.

Just imagine…!  Low Fees, so YOU can trade in paper currencies, Crypto AND Gold from the one account!

Best news of all is during their 🚀Launch Promotion YOU can deposit $500 into your new account and get a $500 f.ree KCB coins to match!



Action, Timing and Results are everything and world-renowned experts are all saying the ‘party is over’ for the petro-dollar economy.



So all you have to do this weekend is to create your F.ree Gold and Crypto Account and prepare to diversify ahead of the curve for a change.

Keep Smiling!

Robin Morton

Your Black Belt Success Coach

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Me and Misha Wilson

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Have you checked out my latest Podcast Show episode yet? I am very excited and proud to announce that I recently hit the 100,000 downloads mark!

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Another Crash? Don’t Get Fooled Again!

Another Financial Crash On The Way? Don’t Get Fooled Again!

stock market crash in 2008

Interesting reading in the Guardian newspaper recently.

The world economy is at risk of another financial crash, following the failure of governments and regulators to push through all the reforms needed to protect the system from reckless behaviour, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned.

With global debt levels well above those at the time of the last crash in 2008, the risk remains that unregulated parts of the financial system could trigger a global panic, the Washington-based lender of last resort said.

Speaking this week before the IMF’s annual meeting – taking place next week on the  island of Bali – the IMF’s head, Christine Lagarde, said she was concerned that the total value of global debt, in both the public and private sectors, has rocketed by 60% in the decade since the financial crisis to reach an all-time high of $182 trillion.

Former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has challenged the international financial community not to ‘sleepwalk into a future crisis.’

Read the entire Guardian  article here –

Meanwhile, as per usual, the rich are getting richer and the poorer are getting poorer and the gulf is only increasing year after year.

Governments have been printing money like there’s no tomorrow so as to fool us that everything is still okay.


Let’s look at the UK for example:

From way back to the time when the Bank of England was formed in 1694, it took over 300 years for banks to create the first trillion pounds.

… it took only 8 years for banks to create the second trillion.


Today cash accounts for just 3% of the total “money” in the economy, yet all our pensions, savings, bonds, annuities and “our” own cash in the bank are based on the other 97%, which are, in case you didn’t know, mainly based on derivatives.

Source: Positive Money

The IMF has gone as far as to warn that we are possibly entering a second “Great Depression”.

It said the huge rise in borrowing by business and governments at cheap interest rates had not shown up in higher levels of research and development or more general investment in infrastructure.

And the ‘smart’ money is already moving into gold and precious metals.

Central Banks around the world are hoarding gold due to fears of global volatility and a potential financial downturn.

They’ve snapped up almost 300 tonnes, yes that’s TONNES in 2018.

The big boys like China and Russia have been well documented.

But did you know that countries that hardly ever buy gold, are jumping on the bandwagon?

India bought 8 tonnes

Poland bought 9 tonnes

Egypt bought it’s first gold since 1978

So overall, that’s 8% more than last year which was also up and amounts to more than $16 billion, yes that’s with a ‘b’.

Our banks are putting your money into gold and making 10% a year on it and at the same time giving you back a measly 1% or so interest – Best scam on earth, right? 😡

Central Banks now own over 1 trillion dollars of gold!

The World Gold Council Managing Director, Natalie Dempster, recently said:

‘Gold is the only reserve asset that’s completely free from political risk…’

Of course, nobody wants a crash which will adversely affect millions of people, but it seems highly likely there is one around the corner…

I don’t want to sound like a doom and gloom merchant but to me it seems obvious that the banks, financial institutions and the rich are preparing so that we lose out and they don’t….

You should too. 

But what are most people doing? Burying their heads in the sand, sadly.

Look at this – crash

The average American only saves 2.2% of their income.

In other words, it would take them over 45 years to save up one year’s worth of living expenses…



If there’s going to be a crash soon, then the time for taking action has to be now.

Luckily, there are ways and means of mitigating your losses and if you move sooner than later, you may well even benefit from the huge changes that are taking place.

I’m not a financial adviser by any means, just a canny Scot, however I can see how new technology working in tandem with the oldest true store of value on the planet can allow ordinary people to build assets to a level of wealth that they could never have imagined even just a few short years ago.

Have a look at what these people are doing. It might feel like a crash-course but that’s got to be better than the other sort of crash, right?

Keep Smiling!

Robin Morton

Your Black Belt Success Coach

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Me and Misha Wilson

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Have you checked out my latest Podcast Show episode yet? I am very excited and proud to announce that I recently hit the 100,000 downloads mark!

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