Relax! Just Stop And Take In The View!

relax and take in the view

Having just spent the last three weeks on vacation, it wasn’t too hard to get me to relax and take in the view!

But with the Tour de France sadly over, and now back to my beautiful island, I’d been asked by one of my clients to share some more photos of my remote Scottish location on Facebook.

That got me thinking and so first I put together a little video slide show which you’ll soon see over on my page or my YouTube channel but secondly it reminded me of why we take a holiday and the importance of learning how to relax and appreciate what we have.

Stop and smell the coffee

‘Hang on,’ you might say, ‘Hang on just a cotton picking minute, isn’t this just ‘stop and smell the coffee’ from a different angle?’

Fair question, and here’s a fair answer – yep, it sure is, but that doesn’t make it any less valid!

We all know about ‘stop and smell the coffee,’ because we can relate to the idea of being too busy to appreciate things. We all know about it, and yet we rarely do anything about it!
That’s why I thought was well worth this little nudge, a wee reminder not only about the value of relaxation, but also the value of appreciation.

In our fast-paced and cynical world, these things are often thought of as luxuries, a frivolous waste of time.
In fact, not only are they NOT a waste of time, in my view they are essentials that we need to schedule time for.

Stop moaning and striving

It could be argued, (and I do), that the reason we don’t schedule time to relax, and we don’t fully appreciate what we have, is a double edged reason – firstly we are too busy moaning, and secondly we are too busy striving to get things done.

Striving is all well and good, but only up to a point, right?
If we are striving towards a goal, somewhere at the base of that goal will be a motivation of
freedom of some sort, but if the striving takes us away from soaking up and appreciating our abundance, isn’t that counter productive?

Moaning? Well, that’s not so good either, because moaning is just a mental way that we tell ourselves will make things different instead of taking action!

Wouldn’t it be better to do a lot less moaning, and combine that with deliberately setting time aside to relax, take a step back, slow down and fully look around to see what we already have around us right now?

Look at what you have

It could be a trip to the coast to watch the sunset paint colours across the sky as in my photo or it could be done right where you are – in fact – why not do it, do it right now…!

If you’re reading this, you’ll probably be online on a device of some sort.
That means you have the use of electricity and access to the internet, which is a wealth of knowledge unimaginable just a few short years ago.

  • Do you have good health?
  • Do you have a roof over your head?
  • Do you have food on the table?
  • Do you have the opportunity to earn?
  • Do you have clothes to keep you warm?

We often take these things for granted, and although it’s easy to do, we really should be aware of the abundance it all adds up to.

Live a life of abundance

If we tap into this idea, and start to view things in a more appreciative way, then the ripples
will, well, ripple, out across our life.
We’ll view other people differently, we’ll view our actions differently.

It really can be a game changer, because attitude change drives change of action,
and that’s what drives change of results.

So, that’s why I say we should relax sometimes and take in the view.
If you really have to schedule a specific time slot for it, then go ahead and schedule!
Don’t feel guilty about it, it’s not a guilty pleasure but an important ingredient to a fulfilled life.

Get outside

It can be done by taking a little trip outside – to the seaside, or the park, or the woods, to go somewhere to calmly soak up some joy. No matter how big a deadline I have, I always make time for a short walk along my wild Scottish beach. It’s great for calming everything down and for getting things in perspective.

If your circumstances don’t easily allow little trips out though, does that mean you can’t follow this idea?

No, not by a long shot.
It can also be done at any time, at any place, simply by opening up our mind to what is right in front of us right now. I can tell you it really works, and it feels great.

Go on. Try it. Relax and experience that feeling of abundance.

Keep Smiling!

Robin x

Your Black Belt Success Coach

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PS:Having been away on vacation I haven’t missed getting cold called by telemarketers who pretend that they’re making ‘customer service’ calls trying sell me another TV or internet package. As I’m now into marketing myself, I shouldn’t be bothered by this and I do applaud their effort at times, but as a consumer, it’s usually just super annoying.

And that’s how many of your prospects feel who are constantly being harassed by network marketers about their “groundbreaking” opportunity.
Yes, harassed! And as I’m often on the receiving end of cold prospecting calls, I can totally relate to it. Which is why I LOVE attraction marketing. As a consumer, I’d much rather answer an ad, be the first one to initiate contact and see a sales presentation that I WANT to hear, instead of being bothered by something I may have no interest in.
Wouldn’t you? That pretty much sums up your prospects too.
Makes sense right? Good. You can relax!
Grab This and start getting prospects who WANT to see what you’ve got.


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I Hate Monday – Is That Your Crowd?

If You Follow The ‘I Hate Mondays’ Crowd, You’re Following The Wrong Crowd!

I Hate Monday

Happy Monday to you all!

Like the picture? We get a lot of beautiful sunsets where I live!

The photo was taken on a Sunday evening. But even though I’m still on the third week of my summer vacation but it did have me thinking about the Monday morning feeling that follows Sundays for so many people.

We all get it, right?

That feeling of our shoulders sagging as we knuckle down to the trudge back into a new week, leaving the relaxation of the weekend behind. The media uses it, commuters use it, and you see it all over social media.

There’s a knowing smile of resignation as we all share the same bad feeling, that we’re all in it together.

So, we all get it, right?

Well, no actually…

There are many reasons why following this crowd mentality is bad for you, and equally there are good reasons for you thinking in different, better ways.

Think Different

We fall into joining in with the negativity, more often than not because we think it’s easier! What’s the point in being positive and cheerful when everyone else is moody and miserable? No-one wants to see that do they!

In fact, they do. Seeing someone cheerful makes you look at yourself being miserable, and ask why. It pushes the idea that you too can be cheerful – it offers a new crowd to follow!

The Monday morning blues are normally work related, and that’s because it’s a routine, a routine that may have been the same for *years*. It is understandable to develop a feeling of boredom, maybe even resentment, towards the Monday morning return to work, but this can be diminished by looking at it with a viewpoint of abundance.

If you get to go to work, how lucky are you! Think of all the people around the world that would give their right arm to be in your position. You probably have decent health, a comfortable home, clean clothes, food on the table, all things not available to millions upon millions.

Once you start to focus on that, your view of Monday morning changes.

Change Is Possible

If your Monday work trip is to do something you don’t like, or even hate, then change it! Obviously, that may not be as simple as it sounds, it could be really difficult, you may feel tied-in to your current situation but change *is* possible. I know – I’ve done it.

Once you start doing work that moves you towards your goal, your passions, your joys, then Monday mornings are welcomed – as it happens, Monday morning will stop being a ‘thing’ anyway once you are moving towards such goals.

So am I saying you need to turn into a happy clappy smiler on Monday morning, to get everyone else joining in..?

No, I’m not! Although you’re following the wrong crowd, you don’t need to be the start of a new crowd. Actually, that new crowd already exists, it just may be new to you, and you can just switch from the Monday morning crowd to the crowd that is moving towards goals that bring passion.

To tap into *that* crowd can be a revelation , and in fact, once you do it, the people around you will notice, and you may find them switching along with you. That’s great, the more the merrier, but convincing other people is not your priority here.

Your priority is to switch things for *you*.


I call it the ‘Monday morning’ feeling, but actually it could be called the Sunday evening feeling, because for many people, Monday starts to loom ever larger as Sunday wears on – how about even calling it the Sunday afternoon feeling!

You can see how the downbeat mood grows and takes over more and more of your life. You may think that the resigned smile on Monday is just the way it has to be, but it isn’t. It really isn’t. It’s bad for you, and it can be different.

You do it by switching your thought patterns around it, and backing that up with action.

Take Action

I took action several years ago and now I don’t ever work a traditional Monday to Friday routine. But often I actually enjoy a Monday because it’s the day I get to start a new project or really get my sleeves rolled up and get something done.

So feed off that energy and positivity around you – the internet allows us access to so many groups or books or videos that can not only set you on a positive path, but give you that lift when you need it. Even reading *this* blog post again when you feel the Monday morning feeling start, can be a gentle nudge to look at things differently.

Have a look at another blog link below and you’ll find a different crowd to follow. They’re such a positive, supportive and  fun bunch of marketers and Monday morning won’t ever look so bad again.

So, try it. Buckle up and get ready to leave that ‘I Hate Mondays’ crowd behind!

Keep Smiling!


Robin x

Your Black Belt Success Coach

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Enjoy Monday

PS:So we know that Success is rarely a straight line right? 

But getting your business off the ground in the first place is the greatest challenge…there are so many forces weighing you down and keeping you from gaining upward momentum.
Even when you’re picking up speed and finally have enough lift to start climbing higher, there will be various challenges pulling and pushing you left and right, making it difficult to keep everything balanced and on track.
But…once you’ve reached “cruising altitude,” things get MUCH easier.
THIS will help you get to those dizzy heights…


Plus I stilHate Monday Morningl have a couple of summer spaces for my Guaranteed Results Coaching – Be Quick!





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