Crazy Naked? Yes, It’s All True…


People do crazy things to get our attention in business these days, right?


Hot air balloons, funny commercials, crazy give-aways, naked pictures…

Yes! You read that correctly!

What’s the most crazy thing you’ve ever done in your business?

For me – it flat out HAS to be when I agreed for my award-winning gym business to be the first month in a naked calendar shoot to raise money for local charities!

We were a brand new virtually unknown business at that time and struggling to make our presence felt in the town. There had been nothing quite like us for 100 miles in any direction and I knew that the publicity gained by doing the calendar would be extremely valuable.

But by being the month of January, we would be the first shocking picture that the poor people of the town would see. Our picture would have the greatest impact and get talked about the most.

Most of my female staff had been too embarrassed (read sensible…) to take part but luckily a couple of members agreed to help us out and together with two of my guys we had enough people to make an interesting picture. To show willing of course, as the CEO, I had to also be in the picture.

Looking back, we were lucky for a number of reasons:


  • We had a few weeks to get buffed and (fake) tanned – this was Scotland in the winter remember
  • It was just before the advent of Social Media so no internet evidence exists
  • It was cold so there wasn’t much to see…


All in all it was a huge success and many businesses responded enthusiastically to the cause and our local charities benefited enormously.

And for my business?

Well we increased our membership tremendously and it wasn’t too long before we were voted Business of the Year!


So – Would I do the same again today?

Ha! With the advent of Social Media and the power of the internet in all our lives, it’s obvious that a crazy stunt can have a huge impact on the success of a business.

As a  prime example look at the stories surround the Kardashian girl who reputedly ‘broke’ the internet due to the viral traffic caused by her posting nude photos of her *ss!

So it’s much easier to make a splash these days, right?

Yes and no. ( A typical Scottish reply!)

The problem today is that yes it’s easy to do but the downside is that everyone is doing it.

Being crazy on Social Media is just a daily occurrence these days.

And what’s REALLY CRAZY is that many marketers are still

running their businesses like it’s 2008!


The world is a hugely different place since I bared my all on a calendar shoot!



crazy smile girl


If your business isn’t harnessing the enormous power of the social media platforms and all the internet technology available today then it will not thrive or even survive.

I was lucky one more time because as I began my online adventures I was quick to find the awesome marketers who helped propel me to the top of leaderboards and the first page of Google in my first year of trying.

Lat year I bought my wife her dream ocean-side house and we paid for it in cash.

So stop wasting precious time and money with out-of-date marketing tactics and let the internet work for you not against you.

You’d have to be crazy not to try this – butt-naked crazy!


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Keep smiling!

Robin x

Your Black Belt Success Coach

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