Staying Power – Have YOU Got It?

Staying Power – And Why It’s So Important For Your Business Success

Staying Power

You’re probably wondering why I’ve uploaded a photo of a couple of old batteries, right?

Well, these little gems were taken out of the back light of my treasured old mountain bike yesterday. The clue here is in the word ‘old’ as I’ve had this bike for a very long time. It’s a Specialized hardtail which was top of the range when I bought it but would be unrecognisable alongside the current crop of mountain bikes.

In fact I bought it in 1993 for an epic 200 mile ride through The Outer Hebrides off the West Coast of Scotland. The bike was one of my first big online purchases and it came pre-fitted with a back light, batteries included.

The cycle ride was a huge success and kick-started my love of cycling. The upshot of that was that I then became a British Cycling Coach (remember all those gold medals…) and the founder of an award-winning health and fitness business. Through that I became an online entrepreneur and coach and this has ultimately led to this very post today.

Fair enough, you’re thinking, but what’s with the batteries?

Here’s the kicker.

I’ve NEVER had to replace these batteries before this weekend! They don’t even make them like this any more. And before you ask, I use all of my bikes A LOT!

That makes them 22 years old! Talk about staying power!

And it got me to thinking about online business success.

Staying power is a quality that very few people possess these days. We all want instant gratification and overnight results. We look enviously at the gooroo marketers who seem to live the rock-star lifestyle and we are quick to give up because we can’t emulate their success.

In my experience in business (I was also originally an accountant) both in the traditional arena and in the health and fitness field, there are very few ‘overnight’ successes.

Most successful business people and athletes I know have worked damn hard for a considerable period of time before anyone had even heard of them.

They were prepared to get up earlier than us, work harder and longer than us and when they got knocked down, they just picked themselves up and kept on slugging.

Most of what you’ve just read will not be new thinking to you, I’ll bet.

But what I want to say today is this –

Staying power is all very good – in fact it is essential – but I also know many online marketers who’ve struggled away for YEARS without any success, until they became my clients of course because my clients ALWAYS get results.

I am a firm believer in not giving up, but this has it’s limits for Pete’s sake!

So staying power won’t get you there on it’s own.

You HAVE to keep looking at what you are doing and be prepared to RECHARGE your batteries when the results are not evident. You know the definition of madness I guess – that of keeping doing the same old thing and expecting different results.

You need to keep FRESH and CHARGED in your life and your business.

If you’ve run out of juice and are just running on empty, going through the motions with your ‘hobby’ business then maybe it’s time to ELECTRIFY your outlook and get some new batteries – by that I mean new ideas, new ways of doing things and be prepared to take a few chances.

I know that ALL OF YOU will be struggling with getting enough people to look at your stuff.

It’s endemic in the industry.

And as more and more people get online it becomes harder to be noticed in an ocean of sameness. So you spend more and more on dodgy solo ads, SEO that doesn’t work any more and all the other outdated methods that just don’t cut it in today’s market.

But there is another way!

Start your own Traffic Business! Solve your traffic problems overnight, yes, I meant to say that, and then offer your solution to the other traffic starved marketers out there!

Staying Power Traffic Authority


So, what are you waiting for?

Robin x

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