Reciprocity – Why We Hate Being Sold To, But We LOVE To Buy.

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Is Reciprocity The ‘Secret’ To Your Business Success?

One of the most potent of the weapons of influence around us is the rule for reciprocation. The rule says that we should try to repay, in kind, what another person has provided us.”  Robert B. Cialdini, author of The Psychology of Persuasion (William Morrow, 1993)

It will be no secret to those that read my blog often that I am a huge fan of Attraction Marketing as a way to conduct my online businesses. In a nutshell, those of us who advocate Attraction Marketing don’t try to sell our products or services to people we don’t know or who don’t know us. We focus on building a relationship with people over time so they begin to know, like and trust us before becoming long-term customers of us as actual people rather than just pushers of product.

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One of the best ways to do this is to give away valuable content or resources for free. Your prospects will see that you provide factually accurate up-to-date advice on a consistent basis and so they begin to trust your advice and like you in return.

It is called Reciprocity.

You’ll find lots of fancy jargon and pseudo-science about reciprocity but it’s basically just a natural hard-wired human response that says if you do something for me then I’ll return the favour.

So, do you do this? Or do you bombard your market with pushy sales cliches? Are you effectively putting up barriers to people doing business with you? People like to buy from people and in the online world, business has become like speed-dating – you only have the briefest of moments to make someone like you. So, are you an instant turn off?

But how can I make money giving everything away for free?

This is a valid question and one I get asked a lot. In fact I used to worry about this too when I had set up my online fitness business and had been giving away my valuable time and resources for almost a year. There must always come a time when you have the confidence and experience to ask for something in return – when the time is right.

I have had many clients who openly scoff at the notion of reciprocity or attraction marketing.

Let me give you an example which I recently found in a great book over here in the UK called The Naked Leader Experience by David Taylor.

You will all have seen storefronts with this type message taped to the door:

‘No change given, for any reason, unless purchase is made.’

Contrast that with another sign on another storefront:


We give change for anything and everything.

And you do not have to buy anything.

Now, this was an extremely clever move. You might be thinking that the store would just get people trooping in and wasting the staff’s time. You’d be half right! They did get more than three times as many people into the store and because they were under no pressure to buy something, most of them did!

So, are YOU creating the right kind of environment for your people to buy from you?

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I hope you like it!


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