Focus – Why it’s SO important!



Focus – why it’s so important

Often when my clients come to me looking to improve the health of their poorly performing businesses they are looking for me to hand them over a ‘magic’ prescription that will cure all their ills and then everything will be just fine and dandy.

But then when I ask them some simple questions about themselves and what they are trying to do then the whole situation becomes wholly different.

Why does this happen, time and time again?

Because they have no FOCUS.

‘Yeah, yeah,’ I hear you saying. We all know the old acronym about F.O.C.U.S. don’t we!

Follow One Course Until Successful

Focus -Follow one course until successful

And that’s certainly important. Too often we jump around from one ‘tactic’ to the next, giving up when instant results aren’t forthcoming and never spending enough time on any one thing to ever become proficient at it never mind achieving mastery. It’s what my coach and mentor Rebecca Woodhead calls ‘fruit fly’ behaviour. Check out her site here.

The online business industry is rife with ‘bright shiny objects’ and to those of us who lack focus, these new things are hopelessly attractive and we keep buying into their hype, time after time. A favourite quote of mine is –

‘confusion breeds consumption’

Because you don’t know WHAT you should be doing, you keep buying more and more useless junk. And the industry knows this only too well!

But when I talk about focus, I mean so much more than that!

Do you have focus in your life?

To be successful in life and in business we need to have a very clear idea of exactly what we are about. We need to know the answers to the fundamental questions.

For example;

  • is this a hobby
  • is it for life
  • how big do I want to get
  • why do I want to do it
  • do I have a passion for it
  • am I any good at it
  • does anyone actually want what I am offering
  • who and where are they


What I’ve found over the years is that the successful people I’ve met implicitly know the answers to all these questions.

To use another well worn phrase – they are ‘laser targeted‘ in their approach to life.

They know exactly where they are going and why they want to go there. What’s more they know how they are going to get there too.

I am writing this post on a Sunday. I could be out racing my bike, but instead I am here doing this because I know that the weekend is the best time to grab the attention of people like you.



Super successful people don’t waste their weekends. They have too much focus. They might goof around like everyone at times, but they know when and where to apply their focus for the maximum results.


Another vital aspect of success and focus is knowing what works and what doesn’t. I’m an ex-accountant and so am used to analysing data. High performing marketers are very good at analysing their ‘metrics.’ Yet so many people I talk to have only a ‘gut feeling’ about how their business methods are working. If you can’t measure it then you can’t control it. The top online business people perform what I would term as forensic analysis on their businesses, particularly when looking at marketing.

It’s no coincidence that clients who come to me with poor results have no idea why.

I don’t claim to have all the answers. But I do know where I’m going. To the top. Offline, I’ve won awards in the past for my client’s results and I’m going to be just as successful online too.

I often point my clients to Elite Marketing Pro.

Not only do they have the best business tools and training on the planet, they are all real people who walk the walk and talk the talk. They embody focus better than anyone.

Right now for example they are offering one-to-one coaching for FREE to all of their customers who only have to take one of their amazing products.

They call it IGNITION COACHING and you will get a 12 module coaching from some of the best coaches in the business, including Rebecca Woodhead who normally costs thousands of dollars – I know because I am one of her clients – and it was money well spent.

But right now – you could get her expertise and strategic vision for nothing!

The EMP products are not expensive either. For the price of a cheap Sunday lunch you could turn around your business and your life.

I recommend Attraction Marketing Formula which is aimed at network marketers who are struggling with branding themselves and recruiting their own tribe. Grab it HERE.

So this weekend I want you to be courageous about your goals and focus hard on what you want to achieve. Then once you have that clear vision then you will see that it would be foolish to miss out on this amazing coaching opportunity.

So, there you have it!

Go and strike out boldly and find the success you deserve.

And if you get a little lost then you know where to find me!

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Keep Smiling!

Robin x

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Think about this carefully – but not for too long!

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