Top Tips To Save Your Business (Part 2)

Here’s the second in a short series of Top Tips To Save YOUR Business!

It’s been motivated by seeing so much nonsense advice flying about this month and I don’t want new or struggling business owners to be hoodwinked into parting with more money than they can afford. It can be tough enough, right?

So here is my Top Tip Number 2

Don’t get confused between Passive and Active Marketing!

Passive Marketing is how we’d ALL like to be able to operate our businesses.

It’s the Holy Grail.

Post a couple of updates across your Social Media platforms, set a Facebook Campaign running and maybe automate a couple of Webinars. There is nothing wrong with this activity.

But – here’s the kicker – this is a LONG TERM Strategy!

It WILL build up your business but normally it will take a lot longer than you really want. And if you’re just STARTING out in business you probably want results, like NOW!

Passive Marketing is also what all the ‘shiny object’ marketers try and sell you every day and it always sounds like an no-brainer. Press a few buttons at your desktop screen and wait for the money or team members to come rolling in.

Have YOU fallen for this before? We all have at some time!

Network Marketing business is still a REAL business. And with a real business you still need to TALK to people. You’ve heard the industry mantra I’m sure;

‘People like to do business with PEOPLE…’

Eventually, after wasting months and getting discouraged, you realise that you’re still not making money or building a big enough team. This is when most people give up when instead, all you need to do is GET ACTIVE!

Active Marketing is not so sexy sounding. It involves work.

You need to pick up the phone (shock, horror…!) and speak to people.

Establish a relationship with prospects. Find out what their pain is – and solve it for them.

Act like a consultant – a problem solver – not a salesman.

Follow up social media contacts by email or phone in person.

Give people a business card.

Ask for referrals.

Challenge yourself to speak to 10 people every day without hounding or being weird about it!

Does any of this resonate with you?

Are you guilty of doing everything possible to avoid picking up the phone? Sure, you’ll get rejections. But if you keep doing it, you’ll get better at it and soon you’ll get more positives than negatives PLUS you’ll learn invaluable lessons about what your prospects actually want!

So, go out there and get Active!

Hope you got some value from that. If so, please leave a comment or share with friends.

Keep Smiling!

Robin x

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Think about this carefully – but not for too long!

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Top Tips To Save Your Business (Part 1)

Here’s the very first in a short series of Top Tips To Save YOUR Business!

It’s been motivated by seeing so much nonsense advice flying about this month and I don’t want new or struggling business owners to be hoodwinked into parting with more money than they can afford. It can be tough enough, right?

So here is Top Tip Number 1

Listen to people who have demonstrated REAL success, NOT the people who simply pass on recycled 3rd hand ‘wisdom’ as if they were the ones who thought it up.

Don’t waste your time AND money chasing every new bright shiny object that JV Zoo and Warrior Forum dangle in front of your face every time you open your inbox.

You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

Online business is not that different to offline business. Many of the online superstars were already successful BEFORE the Internet or they would have been even if the Internet hadn’t come about.

That’s not to say you should ignore cutting edge techniques like those highlighted in What’s Working Now – these guys are genuine leaders who always have value to give.

I have founded an award-winning business that made millions in sales and so you can trust my real-world advice apart from the fact that I’ve topped leader boards online too.

Rant over – feeling much better now, thanks!

Hope you got some value from that. If so, please leave a comment or share with friends.

Keep Smiling!

Robin xRobin

PS: If you want real solid help from people who have done it themselves then grab Attraction Marketing Formula from Elite Marketing Pro and take advantage of their loony offer of FREE COACHING to everyone who buys it. This is real VALUE as the coaches are all industry leaders. Think about this carefully – but not for too long!

Here is the link again – Attraction Marketing Formula

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Getting What You Want – Here’s How

Getting What You Want

Getting What You Want – How to Ask for (and Get) Everything You Want

Whilst it would be great to get exactly what you wanted in life, most people fail and live their lives in a paler unfulfilled version of what they might have had.
I read this interesting article in Success magazine and thought these tips might help YOU in getting what you want!
I have set out the article below or if you prefer you can read it here –
In it  Mark Victor Hansen outlines his 6 strategies to overcome the obstacles of requests

The best way of getting what you want is thinking about your request before you actually make it.

The big reason many people fail to get what they want is that they are too afraid to ask or they view their requests as all-or-nothing gambits—instead of a series of negotiations and compromises.But there is a middle ground. Here are strategies to help you begin the “asking” process and avoid becoming upset if things don’t go exactly as planned.

6 Steps to Success

1. Tell yourself there is nothing to fear except fear itself. Fear of punishment or rejection is why most people hesitate to ask for what they want. They are afraid that going out on an emotional limb will result in humiliation if they fail.

Strategy: Before making your request, take plenty of time to remind yourself of the importance of what you are asking for. Tell yourself the only thing that matters is whether or not you are making good and well-articulated points. By focusing on the merits of your request, not on how you will appear to others, many of your initial fears will fade away.

2. Before you try to sell others, sell yourself. Two of the most important elements involved in asking for what you want—and-getting it—are self-confidence and determination. Unless you believe in your heart that you will eventually win over the other side, you will likely falter or become troubled at the first sign of resistance.

Strategy: An extreme emotional reaction to any hurdle will almost certainly doom your mission, causing the other side to take you and your points less seriously.Tell yourself from the outset that you may not immediately get what you want. The statement is not the same as saying that you will never succeed, which could hurt your morale and determination. Instead, you are merely facing reality—accepting the fact that you may face a setback. By acknowledging this possibility, you will not be surprised or upset if you are turned down.

3. Organize your thoughts. You can’t expect to get the results you want if the other side doesn’t understand your request.

Strategy: Write out exactly what you want. Then redraft your points until your reasoning is clear, ordered and can be easily related. Practice in front of a mirror, or discuss the points with friends to be sure they make sense and you didn’t leave anything out.

4. When you ask, ask from your heart. Important requests are always better received when those making them are passionate, friendly, polite and firm. Such a stance is difficult to resist. It increases your odds of success… or at least minimizes the chance that your personality or attitude will sabotage your request.

Strategy: Ask in an enthusiastic manner and voice. Maintain steady eye contact to show that you mean business, but also exhibit respect and admiration for the person to whom you are speaking. In general, you stand a much better chance of getting what you want when you make people feel at ease and show them that you are truly excited about what you are requesting.

5. Prepare to deal with resistance. Even if you do everything right, you might still meet resistance. The person you are asking might want to confer with someone else before he/she makes a final decision… or he may want to table his answer, hoping that you’ll retreat from your position once you have had some time to think about it… or he might just say no.

Strategy: If someone resists or challenges your request, be polite and gracious. Do not lose your temper or become discouraged. Instead of seeing the other person’s resistance as a dead end, view it as part of a continuing conversation. Translate every no into a next. Realize a no doesn’t mean stop—it simply means not yet.

6. Learn the art of saying thank you. Whether or not you get what you want, say thank you. Gratitude will leave the other person open to giving you what you want—or more of what you want—sometime in the future.

Strategy: Say thank you directly to the person and follow up with a written note. In some cases, flowers or a gift may be appropriate.

Learning the art of expressing gratitude will force you to focus on the positive. It will also keep you from holding a grudge, which is difficult to hide and only works against you in the long run.

It’s back to Robin now! I am a huge believer in expressing Gratitude and all of my team members and I in Essante Organics regularly practice living in what we call an ‘Attitude of Gratitude.’

Of course with ‘Attraction Marketing‘ which is the principle underpinning ALL my business interests, the idea is not to have to ‘sell’ to people but rather just wait for them to come to you based on your position as an expert.

That’s exactly what I do.

I’m an expert with my online fitness membership business – Simple Steps To Fitness – where I won some big awards including Fit Pro of the Year and Club of the Year.

I’m an expert with my organics business – Essante Organics – where I can use my nutritional management, weight loss and health living knowledge to help people live healthier lives and also make a living out of it.

I’m an expert with my online business – Win With Robin – where I can use my accountancy, economics and marketing qualifications along with my continuing investments in online business training to help people just like you!

One of the very best tips I could give you TODAY would be to pick up a very inexpensive but complete gold-mine called Attraction Marketing Formula. It will show you everything you need to build a hugely successful business online PLUS right now you can get FREE COACHING from some of the top marketers on the planet!

All for the price of an average lunch! 

Isn’t it TIME that YOU started to get what you want out of life?

Go for It!


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Getting What You Want  - Win With Robin

Unbeatable is a word I don’t use every day

win with robin attraction marketing formula

Unbeatable is one of those words you shouldn’t overuse


The moment that my son was born was unbeatable…my son




The day that I took my wife for her first flying lesson was unbeatable… flying lesson - cessna

These are the sort of days that you remember for the rest of your life.

In a way they are game-changers because afterwards  nothing will ever be the same again.


Well that’s what I’m posting about today!

An unbeatable deal and a total game-changer to get YOUR business flying in 2015!

First off is the awesome Attraction Marketing Formula from Elite Marketing Pro
Can I ask you – Are you fed up making Cold Calls and getting Rejections?
Well, it’s time to forget all that Old School MLM stuff…

– Making a list of the 100 people you know best
– Inviting them to see “The Plan”
– Doing home meetings
– Trying to recruit everyone you met
– Meeting people for lunch and drawing circles on napkins
– And getting rejected over and over again…

With the Attraction Marketing Formula you will learn how to recruit completely online and so stop wasting your time chasing up endless dead leads.

You’ll learn the 5 Lies you’ve been told about Network Marketing that are keeping YOU stuck and struggling… PLUS you’ll know how to Break Out of this mode and create a Never Ending Stream of Red-Hot Prospects Ready To Join Your Business TODAY.

All this for the price of an average lunch!


If that wasn’t enough  I have ALSO got a personal one-to-one coaching program to give you for FREE when you purchase AMF.

It’s called IGNITION!


ignition coaching from emp


With Ignition Coaching YOU will get DIRECT COACHING from a top industry expert who will work with you and guide you to success! Remember – this is at NO COST TO YOU!

My own coach and mentor Rebecca Woodhead, a top coach, #1 Enroller, Amazon Bestseller and magazine columnist is one of these coaches!

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Cutting Edge Tips – Pure Gold Not Fools Gold

Cutting Edge Tips from January 2015

Cutting Edge Tips From The Top

At this time of year, I see so many emails about the ‘latest’ software gimmick or ‘secret’ techniques to boost your business automagically and if I was to fall for them I’d be shelling out thousands of dollars needlessly.
Case in point – Webinars which spew out exactly the same outdated verbiage as they did this same week LAST YEAR.

That’s Fool’s Gold my friends. Online business moves faster than that these days.

There is no secret.

But if you work hard and keep UP TO DATE with current practice then you will have a MASSIVE advantage over everyone else.

But you don’t need to buy expensive courses.
Get a coach – fine and good – everyone should have a mentor.

I recommend Rebecca Woodhead – she is the best by far.

Then grab What’s Working Now magazine – it gives you the cutting edge tips and strategies that are working TODAY and from the people who are actually making the money right now.
Grab this special $1 trial from me today – PURE GOLD

Not only will you get this month’s edition but ALL the back issues plus webinars, videos, trainings and other valuable resources.

Don’t pin your hopes on other people’s jaded histories – build your golden future on today’s laser sharp tips from the top.


I hope you found this of value and if so, please share or leave a comment and visit my Facebook Page – Win With Robin – and tell your friends!

To Your Success!

RobinCutting edge tips from What's Working Now magazine


Boost Your Networking Skills

Win With Robin Networking people

Boost Your Networking Skills with These 7 Tips from Success Magazine

How to develop valuable, lasting business relationships.

Here’s an interesting little article I read today from Success Magazine which offers some great suggestions how to increase your networking hit rate, especially if you are new or unknown. This was put together by a networking expert James Nelson of Massey Knakal Realty Services in New York

1. Get to know two to three people well at industry events instead of merely fattening your stack of business cards by talking to everybody. Find shared personal interests to create a stronger bond.

2. Fly solo at events. Converse with folks you haven’t met. Tips: Walk up to someone you know who’s speaking to people you don’t know and become part of their conversation, or sit by strangers at meals.

3. Run a group. Help run a trade association or networking group. You’ll get to know the stakeholders well, and they’ll introduce you to others.

4. Speak on a panel. Become a thought leader and an expert in your field. Offer to speak at trade association events (some are “pay to play” but might still be wise investments).

5. Use social media. If you produce quality content about your expertise via a blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, an e-newsletter or video, the content can serve as an icebreaker with others.

6. Keep a Top 100 list. A tip from sales coach Rod Santomassimo of the Massimo Group: List the top people in various fields in your industry whom you want to get to know and then regularly reach out to them. Some will be clients; others could lead you to clients.

7. Follow up. Share a meal or coffee with someone you’ve just met to deepen the relationship.

 So there you have it!

I would like to add to this with a couple of my own top tips:

Be a Good Listener – often all that is required to make a strong connection with someone is to stop talking and start listening to what they are actually saying. Find out what drives them, where their pain is and how you can help them solve that pain.

Be Yourself – Be natural and genuine. You can fool some of the people and so on but if you’re just being yourself and being honest then any friendships of business contacts you make a much more likely to stick.

I hope you found that valuable, if so please share and tell your friends about Win With Robin.

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Next Level Of Leadership

Are YOU Ready For The Next Level Of Leadership?

If so — Doors are about to swing open for you!

But only if you TAKE ACTION!

I am looking for some outstanding people to join me in Essante Organics because we are about to blow the doors off in 2015!

The world is going Green and you could be part of it. Whether you’re experienced in online marketing or network marketing or just have a strong desire to jump up to the next level – a step up in your life – I want to hear from you today!

Go Green And Earn Gold

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