Attraction Tips – See How Big Mine Is

galaxy 500

This is a Ford Galaxy 500 that I used to own.

She was a giant of a car and I once drove her from Cleveland Ohio to San Diego California in 3 days straight!  That was around 3,000 miles if I remember correctly!

It had a 5-litre engine and the back seat was so wide I could easily stretch right across without touching either side and I am 6’2″ tall. Don’t ask how I know that I can do this! 😉

Nowadays I live on a remote and beautiful Scottish island and my wee car could probably park in the trunk of this baby. My engine today is tiny. But it’s all I need. I don’t need to prove anything. I don’t need to attract pretty girls as I’ve been married to one for 20 years!

But back then I had just arrived in America and I wanted to attract the right girl. Then the two of us raced across the country like we were on fire! It was fun but I didn’t remember much about the journey and luckily I’ve had the chance to see the States at a more leisurely pace since then. Funnily enough I am planning to do a real race across America again one day – but this time it’ll be on a racing bike – for charity. And the only engine will be my heart and lungs!

In business as in life you will want to attract the right people at the right time. It’s simple when you know the right formula for success.

I have a great FREE 10 Day Attraction Marketing Formula Bootcamp to give away.

I know the guy who produced it and he’s made millions of dollars online for himself and other people like myself. You could benefit from this too. No cost. No catch.

Call it my Thanksgiving present to you!

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Have a great weekend and remember sometimes the journey is as important as the destination.

Robin Robin

PS: You don’t have to break any speed limits but grab this BEFORE he puts a price on it’s head –

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It’s challenge time for me! What about YOU?

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It’s Time To Leave Your Comfort Zone!


Okay my friends, it’s Challenge time for me! Goodbye Comfort Zone!
Today – I am publicly declaring that I will be a Platinum Executive with Essante Organics by March 7th which just happens to be my birthday!

You are most welcome to join me, for free, at this beautiful resort hotel for an action packed weekend full of networking and fun!

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What’s not to love?

Let’s rock this! Come join the REAL ‘green party!’

Robin x

Can YOU say your business is a massive force for good?

Get Alkalizing today!


I was a fitness professional long before I became on online coach & entrepreneur. So, I was always looking out for a MLM company that espoused a high integrity, ethical approach to health & wellness in order that I might align myself with them in the online world.

Offline, and particularly at my award-winning health club, I’ve been hit on by countless so-called miracle breakthrough businesses promoting useless and often harmful rubbish. And just to get down on a totally personal level, many of my close family have succumbed to the scourge of cancer, including my mother at just 61.

So when I was introduced to Essante Organics by my awesome coach and friend Rebecca Woodhead, I can safely say that I was blown away by the power of their organic products.

Like much of the health and wellness message, it frustrates me that if only more people could be made aware of the importance of alkalizing and pH then many families could perhaps avoid becoming so ill in the future.

It’s worth thinking about Essante Organics then, not just as a genuine healthy living business opportunity but as a positive force for massive good in the world.

Think how good that would feel, being able to hold your head high and saying;

My business is a massive force for good in the world!


Thanks for reading this far, you rock!
Robin x

Six Short Success Strategies

Essante Organics

Six Short Success Strategies

Wow! Try saying that quickly!

Here are Six Quick Tips that will take you a couple of minutes to read but they might save you a ton of money and heartache when you are starting out or struggling in your business.

I originally heard this from the mighty Alwyn Cosgrove who was giving a talk to fitness industry leaders but it applies equally to online marketers.

1. Have A Positive Mindset

You may know the story of the two shoe salesmen sent to Africa.

One messaged back –

“No-one here wears shoes; will be back shortly.”

The other messaged back –

“No-one here wears shoes; send the complete inventory!”

Same situation – different perspective.

2. Remove The Risk

Offer a Guarantee. If you believe in your product or service why shouldn’t you feel comfortable giving some kind of guarantee?

Offer lots of Social Proof. People love to interact with people whom they perceive to be popular or successful.

3. Understand The Mindset Of The Client

Put yourself in their shoes.

Alwyn often quotes the story of The Invisible Seed.

Imagine you have an invisible seed. You claim that with this seed you can grow a money tree which will be worth millions and millions of dollars. If you tried to give it away or to sell it off cheaply, no-one would believe that it worked. But, if you priced it at $100,000 then people would buy it for sure.

4. System

Have a System for Everything.

Save Yourself Some Time Energy Money

5. Practice The Principle Of The Slight Edge

Be relentless on the Basics.

One Idea can make your business. Don’t complicate that idea. Start with a penny and double it every day.

6. Focus

Don’t try too many different things.

Follow One Course Until Successful


I hope this quick to read list has helped you think more about what you are doing.

You’re welcome!


Until next time!


Your Black Belt Success Coach