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What are you waiting for? That ‘perfect moment’ to take charge of your own destiny may NEVER HAPPEN. Big deal. Be fearless, just get on and go for it.
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We are original and we like to be different, maybe that’s what makes us so successful!
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A True Story and Illustrious History

This is a more unusual post for you today and I hope you enjoy this little peek into the history of my family name.

It is with great delight that I recount this tale of one of my most illustrious predecessors, Alexander Morton. Until recently I had been completely unaware of his importance to the history of Scotland and I had vainly assumed that I was one of the very few entrepreneurs of my family. My dad had been a very sensible banker but his father had run one of the very first health food shops in the country.

Alexander Morton 1844-1923But two generations before my grandfather, in 1844, was born Alexander Morton. He was of poor stock and his own father died when he was very young. At just 12 years old he became a hand loom weaver as was customary in the town of Darvel. It was there that the raw unbleached curtains were produced and sold to agents acting for Glasgow merchants.

Even as a youngster Alexander saw that there was little profit to be made and when a opportune moment arose, he took his chance. A relative who’d been an agent had died leaving his affairs in a mess. Young Alexander took it upon himself to sort things out and he found that there were several weaving orders unfulfilled.

He employed a number of weavers to help him execute this order and he took this opportunity to make a subtle alteration to the weaving process. This improved the quality and durability of the cloth. Very quickly the Glasgow merchants were clamouring for more and so he employed more weavers in Darvel. But he still was unhappy at the lack of profit when they were so dependent on the city of Glasgow. He knew his success would only come if he had a direct connection with the big English retailers down south.

So at the age of 24, the naive young Scot ventured to England with a suitcase full of his best samples. He was away touring for 2 years but such was his success that Darvel and the Irvine Valley quickly became what was described at the time as ‘the fountain-head of the industry.’

By the late 1860’s handloom weaving had become practically the sole industry of the three towns of the Irvine Valley and in Darvel alone there were 630 working looms.

But then, as in present times, technology and progress threatened the very existence of the handloom weaving industry. Alexander had heard that in England they had developed a machine loom which was far superior in speed and quality. He knew with the instinct of a true entrepreneur that this was where the future lay. He tried to get the townspeople to join with him in the purchase of one of the new and very expensive machines. But they would have none of it and they thought he’d finally lost his mind.

However, he had been right and very quickly the handloom weaving business was on its knees. The town of Darvel became a ghost town with the workers having to search for work in Glasgow and so after much thought Alexander and his family took the plunge and brought the first machine loom to Scotland. They were awed by it’s technical complexity and it took almost 3 months for them to find out how to use it effectively by which time my poor ancestor had lost 50 pounds in weight!

Within a short while Alexander had mastered it and developed it further and soon he had another one, then a small factory and then a bigger one and so all the workers were able to flock back to the Irvine Valley. By this time handloom weaving had all but become extinct.

But machines replace people and so Alexander realised that he could never help to employ all the former hand weavers just by building machines. On his travels he’d seen many things and he introduced a new development to the business with hand woven tapestries he’d seen which they then transformed into the weaving of Chenille. This spectacularly successful project saved the town of Darvel!

From there, Alexander went on from success to success. He developed an Axminster type of carpet which was so popular he had to build factories in England to cope with the demand!

He founded a carpet weaving business in Donegal, Ireland which saved the local workers from a life of poverty eking out an existence making Irish lace and knitting. ‘Donegal Carpets’ became famous and soon there were four large factories in the West of Ireland employing hundreds of workers.

When Queen Victoria visited Donegal in 1900 she ordered some carpets and soon they were in Buckingham Palace, Number 10 Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament!

By this time Alexander Morton and his sons were employing thousands and had made advancements in many areas. Their ‘Sundour’ materials had become a household name after they had improved the block printing and dyeing process so that materials didn’t fade as before.

Alexander Morton Memorial

By the time of his death at 80, Alexander was so popular that a memorial was built to him which was paid for by the people of the area.


The architect was Sir Robert Lorimer who designed the Scottish National War Memorial.

Bronze Bust of Alexander MortonBuilt of stone, the memorial surrounds a bronze bust in a recess in the centre of an angular wall. Panels carved in the stone walls depict an old handloom weaving on one side and on the other a modern lace machine.






Across the top of the wall are inscribed the words;

The wonder of the world, the beauty and the power,

the shapes of things, their colours, lights and shades;

These I saw: Look ye also while life lasts.’

Beneath the bronze bust are these words carved in stone;

‘Alexander Morton Who Led This Valley To Industrial Fame And Prosperity.’

So there it is!

I am so proud of this story that my own son has the middle name Alexander.

Hope you enjoyed this historical tale and that it inspires you to go out there and do something amazing yourself!

All the best!



Back To Basics #1


How are you all today! The sun is splitting the sky here in Scotland and I just got a season best on a downhill biking course close to my home. 44 mph might not sound fast to you guys but on a flimsy carbon-fibre racing bike it feels fast enough for me!

Okay! Lots of people have been asking me to explain the basics of selling something online like one of the affiliate products I use for example.

They said they didn’t want to go into too much detail about Clickbank accounts or Warrior forums and the like – they just wanted a one page ‘dummies’ type of article.

So, here it is!


How To Sell – The Basics

1. Find an already proven High Converting Offer – like PLS for example.

2. Drive Traffic to it.

3. Make sure you have a Capture Page in front of the offer. That means people have to give you their details (such as name and email address) BEFORE they see the offer.

This is how you Build Your List.


What Is ‘Building Your List?’

  • Most people do NOT want to buy your stuff – especially if it’s an MLM
  • So if you lead with your Primary Offer you will fail 99% of the time
  • That leads to loss of revenue, time and confidence
  • However – if you can collect leads legally, of all the people who are interested but not yet buying from you, you can continue to market to them until such time as they’re ready to buy from you.
  • What you market to them is NOT just your primary offer. Instead market tools and training to them and other resources that they can use in ANY business.


What Tools and Training?

  • Tools – I use PLS for my sales funnels, plus some great training like Facebook training. It is easy to use and completely customisable.
  • Training – Elite Marketing Pro is the one-stop-shop for all my training on all aspects of online business. I cannot recommend it highly enough.


How Do I Get Started With PLS?

1. Login

2. Click the ‘EASY’ button – You have 2 choices;

3. Choose ‘A’ for the 7 Day PLS Trial and to promote PLS

4. Choose ‘B’ to promote a business of your own

5. Grab your pre-made URL links and paste them into Facebook, your Blog etc.


That’s It!

Find PLS here –

Find EMP here –

For greater depth than this plus a strategic overview of your business or marketing to date why not consider investing in yourself and pick up my discounted Autumn Coaching package. Everyone should have a coach and mentor. I do and she’s the best!

Enjoy the rest of your day!



13 Simple Tips To Maximise Your Facebook Page

Top 13 Best Practices for Facebook Pages


Hope you are all having a wonderful day!

I get a lot of business from Facebook and whether you like Social Media or not, you’d be foolish to ignore such a huge marketplace.facebook logo

I am not going into massive detail here – I could help you in far greater depth than a single post would allow if you’d like some coaching from me – see my Autumn coaching offer if you’re interested –


#1. Be Engaging

Fan engagement should be your goal, such as; questions, fill-in-the-blanks, photos that ask questions.

You want them to Like, Comment and Share in ascending order of importance to you.

The more shares you get the greater your reach.


#2. Leverage Facebook Ads

You must spend money on ads nowadays with Facebook. Properly done you can generate a lot of business for free from Facebook but you still have to spend money on a regular basis to beef up your reach. Gone are the days when all your people saw all your posts.


#3. Have a Posting Strategy

Internet Flow Chart Red MarkerYou need to think long and hard about what you’re trying to do and who you are attempting to reach and what you want them to do.

What kind of identity and tone will your Page have?

What content gets you the best reaction?

Map out your posts in advance. This is something almost nobody does. Most people just post whatever on the day depending on how the are feeling at that moment! Try and build a momentum in the days prior to a launch or to build up sales.

Check out tools like Post Planner and Buffer, both of which I use.


#4. Be Human

Remember – people like doing business with people and after all, Facebook is a ‘Social Media’ not just a marketplace.

Always post in the 1st Person.

Don’t be boring and sterile! Imagine you are talking to a real live person, your ideal customer or ‘avatar’. If you haven’t got a detailed picture of your avatar then sit down and do this now! Hint: without this most of your advertising will be wasted.

Give your fans someone to connect with. Build your BRAND around you!

For example, I am your ‘Black Belt Success Coach!’ This doesn’t mean I walk around in a karate suit all day! It just makes me a little different and people can identify with this.


#5. Use Hashtags Intelligently

Careful and sparing use of hashtags can expand your reach considerably and is fantastic for crossing different social platforms.

Hashtags can help you amplify your brand.

They are also useful for promoting special offers and events and building that ‘tribe’ feeling amongst your fans.

A quick word of caution however! Research your hashtag first – BEFORE you use it. That way you’ll avoid using one that has been used before with embarrassing connotations. You can check easily by typing your own word at the end.

Remember to make your hashtag all one word and don’t worry about capitals.


#6. Monitor Page Insights

Insights have been recently updated and are far easier to understand than before.

You just HAVE to know which of your posts are outperforming the others.


#7. Post Lots of Photos

It’s well known that pictures get the highest engagement.Proud Moment - My 1st Dan Grading

They are 53% more likely to be ‘liked.’

Pictures get 104% more comments.

They get 84% more click-throughs.


#8. Run Contests

We all like to win stuff, don’t we? It’s human nature, end of story.

Make sure you use an approved App for this and don’t run foul of Facebook rules regarding contests. They do generate a ton of leads when done correctly!


#9. Upload a Great Profile Photo

You already know that images are important but easily the most important picture on Facebook is your profile picture.


#10. Leverage Your Cover Photo

Your Cover Photo must speak about your Brand but without overdoing it!

Don’t ask for their hand in marriage on the first date!

Preferably the image will be unique to you.

I would advise changing the photo every month or so to help with rankings although very few people do this.

Your picture MUST be of the highest quality you can get.


#11. Minimise the Number of Apps

Otherwise you’ll get a slow loading page, potential conflicts and various other malfunctions that dilute your Brand.


#12. Complete Your About Section

I cannot believe the number of people who fail to utilise this very important area of their page!

When people are short of time they’ll go to your About section first. So will search engines.

Always include the URL’s of your websites, (but leave out the http://).


#13. Have Fun

10305072_622854894455463_1434158376396164057_nMake people laugh and they’ll remember you for longer and tell their friends too!

Think back to why you first joined Facebook!



That’s it!

Hope you got some value from this post and please leave me a comment if you did.

All the best!




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