13 Simple Tips To Maximise Your Facebook Page

Top 13 Best Practices for Facebook Pages


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I get a lot of business from Facebook and whether you like Social Media or not, you’d be foolish to ignore such a huge marketplace.facebook logo

I am not going into massive detail here – I could help you in far greater depth than a single post would allow if you’d like some coaching from me – see my Autumn coaching offer if you’re interested – http://bit.ly/1tSqeVG


#1. Be Engaging

Fan engagement should be your goal, such as; questions, fill-in-the-blanks, photos that ask questions.

You want them to Like, Comment and Share in ascending order of importance to you.

The more shares you get the greater your reach.


#2. Leverage Facebook Ads

You must spend money on ads nowadays with Facebook. Properly done you can generate a lot of business for free from Facebook but you still have to spend money on a regular basis to beef up your reach. Gone are the days when all your people saw all your posts.


#3. Have a Posting Strategy

Internet Flow Chart Red MarkerYou need to think long and hard about what you’re trying to do and who you are attempting to reach and what you want them to do.

What kind of identity and tone will your Page have?

What content gets you the best reaction?

Map out your posts in advance. This is something almost nobody does. Most people just post whatever on the day depending on how the are feeling at that moment! Try and build a momentum in the days prior to a launch or to build up sales.

Check out tools like Post Planner and Buffer, both of which I use.


#4. Be Human

Remember – people like doing business with people and after all, Facebook is a ‘Social Media’ not just a marketplace.

Always post in the 1st Person.

Don’t be boring and sterile! Imagine you are talking to a real live person, your ideal customer or ‘avatar’. If you haven’t got a detailed picture of your avatar then sit down and do this now! Hint: without this most of your advertising will be wasted.

Give your fans someone to connect with. Build your BRAND around you!

For example, I am your ‘Black Belt Success Coach!’ This doesn’t mean I walk around in a karate suit all day! It just makes me a little different and people can identify with this.


#5. Use Hashtags Intelligently

Careful and sparing use of hashtags can expand your reach considerably and is fantastic for crossing different social platforms.

Hashtags can help you amplify your brand.

They are also useful for promoting special offers and events and building that ‘tribe’ feeling amongst your fans.

A quick word of caution however! Research your hashtag first – BEFORE you use it. That way you’ll avoid using one that has been used before with embarrassing connotations. You can check easily by typing www.facebook.com/hashtag/then your own word at the end.

Remember to make your hashtag all one word and don’t worry about capitals.


#6. Monitor Page Insights

Insights have been recently updated and are far easier to understand than before.

You just HAVE to know which of your posts are outperforming the others.


#7. Post Lots of Photos

It’s well known that pictures get the highest engagement.Proud Moment - My 1st Dan Grading

They are 53% more likely to be ‘liked.’

Pictures get 104% more comments.

They get 84% more click-throughs.


#8. Run Contests

We all like to win stuff, don’t we? It’s human nature, end of story.

Make sure you use an approved App for this and don’t run foul of Facebook rules regarding contests. They do generate a ton of leads when done correctly!


#9. Upload a Great Profile Photo

You already know that images are important but easily the most important picture on Facebook is your profile picture.


#10. Leverage Your Cover Photo

Your Cover Photo must speak about your Brand but without overdoing it!

Don’t ask for their hand in marriage on the first date!

Preferably the image will be unique to you.

I would advise changing the photo every month or so to help with rankings although very few people do this.

Your picture MUST be of the highest quality you can get.


#11. Minimise the Number of Apps

Otherwise you’ll get a slow loading page, potential conflicts and various other malfunctions that dilute your Brand.


#12. Complete Your About Section

I cannot believe the number of people who fail to utilise this very important area of their page!

When people are short of time they’ll go to your About section first. So will search engines.

Always include the URL’s of your websites, (but leave out the http://).


#13. Have Fun

10305072_622854894455463_1434158376396164057_nMake people laugh and they’ll remember you for longer and tell their friends too!

Think back to why you first joined Facebook!



That’s it!

Hope you got some value from this post and please leave me a comment if you did.

All the best!




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