The Opportunity Cost of Inaction

The Opportunity Cost of Inaction


In the coaching business, I have heard it ALL over the years.
Often in one-to-one situations, clients have told me all kinds of stuff that often they hadn’t even said to their spouse or loved ones.
It’s a bit like a confessional at times.
Weird, huh?
And you begin to see familiar patterns developing and often I know exactly what someone is going to say next.
And one of the biggest issues with people is, REGRET.

Regret, through living a life of inaction.

Hindsight is always 20/20 right?
And how many of us have wished we could turn the clock back a little, or A LOT?
But there is no going back in time.
And I never encourage people to look backwards or dwell in the past.
It doesn’t usually do any good and I much prefer to look forwards into the future.

The future is something you CAN change!

The fact that people often live a life of regret first impacted on me with my old dad.
He worked for the Bank of Scotland all his life, more than 40 years of service apart from when he served his National Service in the army.
It was a good job. Steady and well paid.
But nothing spectacular.
And I thought he was reasonably happy until he confided in me as a 60 year old.
He told me he respected my dreams of being an entrepreneur and that he had always wanted to open a market garden and sell plants and garden stuff.
In the Seventies, these businesses really took root (sorry…!) and flourished.
But my dad couldn’t give up the safety and security and the pension offered by the Bank.

He told me he had hated his job for the last 30 years…

In the end, when he retired relatively young with all his plans to travel etc, my mum got sick with cancer and died at 61. So his dreams were shattered.
So, my friends… don’t be like my dad.
Believe in YOU and take action towards your dreams.
The small cost of taking action is so much less than the ‘opportunity cost’ of inaction.
Be the person who can attract the lifestyle and rewards you dream about.
I promise you, it’s worth it!
And SO much better than living a life of regret…
So what are you waiting for?
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 See you on the other side!
Keep Smiling!

Robin Morton

Your Black Belt Success Coach

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