Are YOU An Online Orphan?


Are You An Online Orphan Or Feeling Abandoned By Your Upline?


online orphan

I live in a remote area of Scotland by choice.

There are probably more sheep on my tiny island than people. And that’s just the way my family and I like it.

In the past, I’ve lived in many huge cities including a glorious year in San Francisco. I’ve also worked for a multi-national oil company in the hectic chaos of London and spent a lovely summer working in the heat of Madrid, Spain.

But now I love the space and freedom of the rural countryside.

But it’s not for everyone.

Most years, people move up from the busy cities in the spring and dream of spending the rest of their lives in a country idyll. Then the winter sets in. They usually leave shortly after. The locals call them ‘daffodils’ as they come up in spring…

The other problem is they get lonely.

And this is a huge issue in online business.

I see it ALL THE TIME with clients.

They get sucked into the latest Network Marketing or MLM opportunity in a wave of excitement and hype only to be quickly left to their own devices by an amateur sponsor or a lazy upline.

So, are YOU an Online Orphan?

Did you invest in that amazing High Ticket Affiliate program only for it to fall short on delivering or to leave you completely abandoned and overwhelmed?

I know…. I see it all the time. Is it your fault? Probably not.

Has your need or desire to earn extra income gone away? Probably not either.

So what next?

Another leap of faith investing in more stuff/training and crossing your fingers to see what happens?

OR, why not instead use a proven stepping stone approach that ensures one-on-one Support as you get into a REAL business via MINDSET –> SKILLS –> SYSTEMS –> INCOME –> WEALTH.

An approach that works, whatever your chosen income vehicle is.

To try and shortcut this is futile and so most people fail before they have even begun. Skills and Systems are CRUCIAL. To work a proven, step by step process with the support of like-minded people towards your goal is a way for you to stop feeling lonely or abandoned.

Finally, stop being that home business or online orphan.

It’s absolutely a fact that you will only be successful online if you work alongside other like-minded people. You cannot go it alone.

So click here to see what we do and for FREE access to our extremely successful approach.

And no get rich quick brigade or tyre-kickers, please. Or sheep…

Thanks to Sean Moloney for the inspiration for this post. #smarthomebusiness

Keep Smiling!

Robin x

Your Black Belt Success Coach

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online orphan


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