Online Marketing Tip #37 – Speed vs. Cadence

Speed versus Cadence

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Those who know me well will already be aware that I’m a cycling fanatic and when I’m not writing, coaching or with my family then out on my bike is where I’ll be!

Luckily, I live in a beautiful remote area with lots of traffic-free roads and lots and lots of hills.

The photo above is of me cycling down a mountain road on the West Coast of Scotland when I’d just clocked my fastest speed on a bike of 51 mph!

Now I know online marketing can be a tough (and lonely) old business and consequently, it can be stressful.

Many of you will de-stress by meditating or doing yoga, but for me, I relax best AND come up with my best ideas when I’m pedalling hard along a gorgeous coastal pathway.

You all know the slogan, “Success Loves Speed” right?

The basic idea is that if you work hard on a project initially, you’ll get to grips with it more quickly, building up a head of steam and then this momentum will be evident to others in the online space so you’ll find massive success more quickly.

Plus, it makes a great story when you can say, “I made $xxx in my first 14 days with my ‘wonder product,” right?

So, there I was cycling away and checking my onboard computer for my speed, distance and so on. The toughest thing for me is maintaining my CADENCE.

And this made me think about online marketing.

Now, cadence is the rate at which my pedals go round. NOT how fast I’m going.

If I select an easier gear ratio, then my feet will ‘spin’ faster.

In cycling, the aim is to find your optimum cadence and stick to it no matter if you’re going uphill or downhill, within reason.

When you hit that optimum then everything works better – your ‘system’ is working to its maximum efficiency.

But if you pick a gear that’s too easy and so your feet are flying round in a blur but your bike isn’t really moving very fast at all then you will never get anywhere.

In online marketing, I see people doing this all the time!

They ACT busy.

Running around doing unimportant activities in a rush all the time to appear successful.

But they avoid the tough jobs which are the ones that actually get the leads, conversions and sales.

They fiddle with their website header graphics, update their profiles on Social Media.

To the outside world, they are a blur of activity.

But their system is inefficient – if they even have one at all.

They don’t build their lists.

They forget to follow up.

They spend hours trying to ‘attract’ prospects using ‘free’ traffic methods.

I can offer you a way around ALL of that.

It’s a proven system.

You will move with real speed yet it will seem more effortless than anything you’ve tried before.

No more uphill slog.

Because you’ll have a system.

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But don’t take too long. I need fast action-takers and you know how it is – success loves speed!

Will a $1 trial make you take action faster? What about 100% refunds PLUS $100 cash just for wasting your time? You got it!

Keep Smiling!

Robin x

Your Black Belt Success Coach

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