Kick Your Fear To The Curb

Kick Your Fear To The Curb


It took me a while to learn that Fear and Opportunity go hand in hand.

As we are exposed to more opportunities in life, we see that there are risks or even dangers involved. We might be fearful of these risks.

But that’s okay, up to a point.

I read recently that we should get to know our fears better so that we can dance with them instead of fight with them and it reminded me of my early karate training.

I’m now a 1st Dan Black Belt and can laugh about the early days but for many years I used to be dizzy with fear every time I stepped out to ‘fight’ an opponent in the dojo.

To this day, my wife still mocks my karate and she calls it dancing without music!

For you, fear might be speaking on a stage in front  of a lot of people for the first time, or making the jump from a J.O.B. to becoming self-employed.

You might have heard of a popular acronym for fear which is used a lot in the online business space;



  • False
  • Expectations
  • Appearing
  • Real
But that doesn’t really help much when we are experiencing the fear, right?


Nowadays I know that I won’t get hurt in the karate dojo and for those of you who’ve spoken in public or started a business, it’s not nearly as scary once you get used to the idea.


So, I want you to stop feeling fear as much as humanly possible.


We are hard-wired by evolution to feel fear when presented with certain things. We respond in a certain way in order that we might live to fight another day and carry on our genetic line.


But fear changes the way we think about the world as well as ourselves.


Fear short-circuits our rationality, even shutting it down.


When we’re scared, we act first and think later.


If we think at all it’s about what could go wrong.


My strapping teenage son is like this with spiders – they terrify him…!


And by imagining a catastrophe, we amplify our fears and become even more reliant on acting out of instinct.


Now I’m not denying that instinct can be beneficial.


You hear a sudden bang and you instinctively duck. Sadly, even today that can often save your life.


But from a business perspective, fear forces us to steer clear of risk, experimentation and new ideas.


If we want to avoid losses, we should just stick to what has worked (kind of) in the past.


And in our fast-changing technological world, we have to be able to look at new and innovative approaches as well as the tried and tested ones.


Fear stops us doing that. Fear blinds us to opportunity.


When we’re afraid, the only opportunities we see are the ones that allow us to preserve the status-quo, keeping us ‘safe’ and avoiding any potential loss.


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Keep Smiling!

Robin Morton

Your Black Belt Success Coach

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