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So you see the vision but have more questions….

– Who owns the car?
– How does the insurance cover work and who pays for the excess?
– What member benefits do you get for the £50/$75 per month while you build for your car?
– How does PCC make its money and who is behind the business model?
– As club members how do we help each other?
– Do you need to personally build a team of 81? (Hint; No!)
– If you build a team of 3 and miss a payment one month do you have to start again?
​(Hint; No! – this is NOT an MLM business, it’s a Club)

Take an hour to carefully listen to this detailed overview, including a fully transparent Q&A with Andy Wall, the Owner of Privilege Car Club!

Welcome to the brave new world of crowdfunding, where people help people with their second largest monthly outgoing….if you run with us your only job is to help others help themselves….



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